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Not available The Leading Platform for Tracking and Optimizing Ad Campaigns – is an innovative platform designed to track and optimize advertising campaigns, providing marketers and affiliates with the ability to effectively manage their traffic and maximize ROI.

Main features of the platform

  • Precise traffic tracking and analysis with deep granularity.
  • Instant reports and analytics for fast decision making.
  • Integration with various affiliate networks and advertising sources.
  • Automated optimization tools and A/B testing.

Binom features

  • Advanced tracking system with all campaign details taken into account.
  • Built-in tools for automation and traffic optimization.
  • Fast and reliable interface for maximum user experience.
  • Deep integration with various affiliate programs and networks.

Who will benefit from the platform

  • Affiliates seeking to maximize profits from their campaigns.
  • Business owners optimizing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Marketing agencies working with multiple clients and projects.
  • Media advertising professionals requiring accurate tracking and analytics.

How to use the platform

  • Register on the platform and create your account.
  • Add your ad campaigns and customize tracking parameters.
  • Use reports and analytics to evaluate performance.
  • Actively apply optimization tools to maximize ROI.

Prices provides a flexible pricing system with various tariffs and options. Details about the tariffs are available on the official website.


The pros of the platform

  • Accurate tracking and in-depth analytics to make informed decisions.
  • Optimization tools to automate processes.
  • Professional support and constant updates.

Minuses of the platform

  • Difficulty for beginners in tracking and analytics.
  • Need for careful documentation and training. receives positive reviews for its accuracy, reliability and efficiency in optimizing advertising campaigns. Users praise the flexible tracking and automation capabilities, making the preferred choice for experienced marketers and affiliates.

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