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Gambeat is a CPA network that provides access to 200+ gambling and betting offers. The affiliate program is built on the basis of internal media buying, which has been operating in a closed mode for a long time. Now the team positions itself as an iGaming Marketing Agency and consists of two units: in-house MediaBuying and Affiliate Network.

The in-house buying team drives PPC, ASO, and UAC traffic and tests all products before they are made publicly available to partners. You can be sure that if you see a product in the Gambeat PPC offer catalog, it has been tested and is ready to be bought.

Registration and terms of work with the Gambeat affiliate program

Anyone can sign up for the Gambeat affiliate program, as the affiliate program has an open registration form. In order to get access to your personal account, you do not need to provide confirmation of statistics or pass an interview with the manager. It is enough to enter your email, password, nickname in the messenger and choose the basic account currency.

But to get traffic, you will need to send a request for each individual product. The fastest way is to contact a manager who will help you choose the most relevant offer for your traffic source.

On average, the response from managers during business hours is up to 15 minutes. You can also get a response on weekends, but keep in mind that the feedback time may be a little longer.

Tools and opportunities of the Gambeat personal account

The Gambeat affiliate program has its own self-service platform. We would like to note the user-friendly UI/UX design: informative dashboards, convenient catalogs, and the structure of the SSP platform. The interface is fast, which makes using the system comfortable.

The tools include Postback and domain parking. Also, a section for mobile applications will soon appear right in the middle of the affiliate program, which is currently under development.

Offers and payment models in Gambeat

The Gambeat affiliate program offers affiliates more than 200 iGaming offers from well-known brands around the world. Currently, the CPA network works exclusively on the CPA model.

Due to the fact that all products are initially tested by in-house media buying, partners receive already tested offers and can claim good conditions even before the start of the launch.

The manager advised to fill up on the following products:

  • 205 | Casinia IT with a 10 EUR minimum deposit. Payout: 120-280 EUR, depending on the type of traffic;

  • 282 | Spinanga ES with a 10 EUR minimum deposit and 110 EUR payout.

  • 86 | Blaze BR with a 1-40BRL minimum and a payout of 30 EUR.

Important! Offers are relevant at the time of writing. To get the latest offers for your traffic, please contact the manager(s)

Advantages of Gambeat affiliate

Pros of working with Gambeat affiliate program:

  • internal media buying – the affiliate program is built on the basis of an in-house team with extensive experience, so it understands exactly what affiliates need and can provide the best conditions for partners;
  • a wide range of offers – more than 200 products of well-known brands around the world
  • expert approach to traffic analysis and quality – the team always defends the quality of your traffic to advertisers
  • exclusive offers for different traffic sources – the best conditions and unique products for individual traffic sorts;
  • fast payouts from $1 – withdrawal time is no more than 30 minutes.

How to drive traffic to Gambeat: allowed and prohibited sources

The Gambeat affiliate program does not accept motivated traffic. All other traffic sources depend on the product. In the card of each offer, you will find a detailed description of KPIs, prohibited traffic sources and information on which players you will not receive funds.

Gambeat Referral Program and Affiliate Loyalty Program

As of April 2024, Gambeat does not have a referral program. However, there is already such a section in the personal account, so it will soon be available for partners. As soon as this changes, we will update the information in this section.

How to withdraw money from Gambeat: available payment methods

The minimum payout amount is $1. The holding period for new partners depends on the offer. Payments to USDT are made within 30 minutes.

Money can be withdrawn to:

  • Visa / MasterCard;
  • Crypto.

If you have not found a convenient payment method, please contact the manager(s), the team is ready to find personalized solutions for each individual affiliate.

Register with Gambeat and earn money on gambling and betting with professionals!

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