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Adverten: A CPA affiliate network with many opportunities for successful earnings.

Adverten is a CPA network that uses smart links to maximize the monetization of traffic with a focus on adalt deeting. The service is especially valuable for those who want to automate the monetization process and get the most out of their traffic.


Main features of the Adverten affiliate program:

  • Use smart links to optimize conversions.
  • Automatically directing traffic to the most profitable offers.
  • Personalized analytics and reporting.

Special features of the Adverten affiliate program:

  • Great opportunities for testing traffic and optimizing campaigns.
  • The ability to get the most profitable traffic by using modern analytical tools and technologies.

Who will benefit from the Adverten affiliate program:

  • Webmasters and arbitrageurs looking for new sources of income and optimization of their campaigns.
  • Website and mobile app owners who want to maximize their traffic and profits.
  • Game, app, and mobile production and development studios looking for new users and ways to monetize.


The pros of the Adverten affiliate program:

  • Large selection of offers with different themes and geographies.
  • A wide range of methods of attracting traffic.
  • Campaign testing and optimization capabilities.
  • Proven bundles for high performance
  • Self-written preloads for different types of traffic.
  • Automated preloads for different types of traffic.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic optimization.
  • Help in creating creatives.
  • Personal manager.
  • Weekly payments.

Minuses of the Adverten affiliate program:

  • The possibility of risks associated with traffic arbitrage and monetization.
  • The need for constant monitoring and data analysis to optimize campaigns.

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