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Grantoro: A Platform for Online Investing and Trading

Grantoro offers affiliates a wide range of exclusive offers in major categories such as Sweepstakes, Dating, Astro and Home Improvement. The network’s main traffic sources include FB, UAC, social, display, email and native, giving affiliates ample opportunity to promote their offserts and earn significant commissions.

Main features of the Grantoro service

  • Grantoro – is a popular platform for online investing and trading on financial markets.
  • The service provides access to various financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices.


Features of Grantoro

  • Intuitive interface and easy account registration and verification process.
  • The ability to copy trades of successful traders and get income from their trading (CopyTrading function).
  • Overwhelming analytical tools and statistics for informed investment decisions.
  • Mobile app for anytime, anywhere trading.

Who will benefit from the Grantoro service

  • Experienced traders who are looking for an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and expand their investment opportunities.
  • Newcomers to investing who want to start their way in financial markets with minimal risks.
  • Investors seeking to increase their capital and get passive income from successful trading strategies of other participants.


The pros of the Grantoro service

  • A wide selection of assets for investing and trading.
  • The ability to copy trades of experienced traders and get profit without the need to analyze the market independently.
  • Customer support and educational materials to improve trading skills.
  • Direct Advertisers – Grantoro’s partnership with direct advertisers gives affiliates a distinct advantage. Affiliates receive higher payouts and more favorable offers.
  • High EPC and CR – Grantoro’s commitment to optimizing campaigns and maximizing affiliate revenue is reflected in high EPC and CR rates.
  • Weekly Payouts – Another benefit of working as a Grantoro publisher is the weekly payouts for Dating, Astro and Home Improvement offers. Publishers can withdraw their commissions every week, making it easier for them to manage their finances. Grantoro offers a variety of payment options including PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum and bank transfer.
  • Wide selection of GEOs – By providing a diverse selection of GEOs, Grantoro targets affiliates with different target audiences and niche markets. Whether you’re interested in promoting offers in Europe, LATAM, TIER1 or other regions, Grantoro’s extensive GEO coverage ensures that you can find the right offers and maximize your earning potential.

Minuses of the Grantoro service

  • Possibility of losing your investment in case of unsuccessful trades or wrong choice of strategy.
  • The need for constant market monitoring and asset analysis for successful trading.

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