How to make money on Instagram through traffic arbitrage?

How to make money on Instagram through traffic arbitrage?

How to make money on Instagram through traffic arbitrage?

Instagram is considered one of the most effective platforms to promote your brand. Wondering how you can generate income from the social network, how to make money on Instagram, and whether you should start now? The answer is simple: it’s never too late! This platform offers extensive opportunities to monetize your projects.

In Ukraine alone, this social network is actively used by more than 11 million people, and worldwide there are currently more than a billion users registered on Instagram.

Statistics show that the majority of active Instagram users are young people between the ages of 20 and 35. This is an adult and working audience with different hobbies, which in turn helps in attracting paying customers to the platform.

Engaging Instagram Traffic

There are several ways to attract traffic, some of them are free, and others require a small cost. Let’s discuss each of them.

Free engagement methods

  1. Email newsletters. Using email newsletters can be an effective method, although it is time-consuming.
  2. Video blogging. Creating video content can attract attention, but it requires effort and time commitment too.

Paid engagement methods

  1. Buying traffic on different sites. You can buy traffic and earn on the difference.
  2. Advertising on Instagram. It is important to follow Instagram’s rules, as posting links incorrectly can lead to blocking.

The fastest way to attract traffic is mass liking! This method allows you to quickly flood traffic by installing likes on photos of users who are part of your target audience.

Another effective method is mass following when you subscribe to all the Instagram profiles that fit your target audience.

Benefits of Instagram Traffic Arbitrage

  1. Gain traffic with little or no cost.
  2. Huge audience reach.
  3. Utilize marketing tools such as hashtags to ensure greater reach.

Effective Instagram traffic arbitrage strategies

  1. Buy promotional posts in the feed.
  2. Buying ads on exchanges.
  3. Purchasing advertising posts from opinion leaders (Influencers).
  4. Developing a personal account and using it as a platform for advertising and attracting traffic.
  5. Buying ads on Instagram and managing them through the Facebook platform.

How to make money from Instagram arbitrage?

  1. Choose an offer that is in high demand online. Combine the offer and your Instagram profile by choosing a unique product or service that seems to appeal to your audience.
  2. Create an Instagram profile for a specific offer. A ready-made, promoted profile linked to Facebook or email is recommended.
  3. Buy a proxy server. This will help hide your IP address and make actions look like they are performed by different people.
  4. Create quality content. Quality photos and videos are key to engaging today’s buyers.
  5. Insert a link to the site in your profile and start making money. Don’t forget to analyze the advertising campaign and make adjustments.


Instagram is a powerful platform with a large audience, and therefore it is ideal for traffic arbitrage and making money. The key is to practice creating relevant content, using the right hashtags, and understanding how the software works.

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