How to effectively work with traffic in Asia

How to effectively work with traffic in Asia

Asia is not only an amazing natural beauty and historical heritage. It is also a huge economic arena offering inexhaustible opportunities for trade transactions.


Wide coverage

The Asian region accounts for more than half of the world’s internet audience, making it an attractive target for ad arbitrage specialists.

Diverse market conditions

Unique traits and preferences characterize each Asian state, requiring customized strategies and offers in line with local cultural nuances.

Specific payment systems

Payment methods that differ from the usual payment methods are common in many Asian countries, emphasizing the need to tailor offerings to the preferences of local audiences.

Barriers and Rivalry

The Asian arbitrage sector is highly competitive, hence the need to prepare for intense competition to attract users.

Regulatory Constraints

Several Asian nations have strict regulations regarding internet marketing and gaming industries, making compliance with these regulations critical.

The best sources of traffic are

  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
  • Mobile marketing networks: AdMob, Unity Ads, Vungle
  • Native advertising software: Taboola, Outbrain
  • Search advertising services: Google ADS, Baidu

Number of Internet users

  • China: 1.032 billion.
  • India: 860 mln.
  • Indonesia: 202 million.
  • Japan: 115 million.
  • South Korea: 52 million.

GEO breakdown


Singapore is a small but wealthy Asian country, ranked 11th in the world in terms of standard of living, known as one of the “Asian Tigers”. The region is characterized by high bids for offers, but the average price per click can also reach several dozens of dollars. Let’s take a look at how best to work with this country.

How to arbitrage

When targeting, we recommend creating creatives emphasizing the following benefits:

Maintaining healthy skin and rejuvenation will bring great results, for men you can use the motivation of being the best for your partner (for the gut).

Singapore is a challenging geographical destination with a high cost-per-click, so we recommend targeting it if you are already an experienced arbitrageur and have a suitable budget for this country. Otherwise, you risk wasting money on advertising.

Basic mistakes

Strive to offer Singaporeans truly unique products and avoid clichés – locals are tired of old patterns and will respond poorly to them. Show imagination and choose an offerer with an interesting product.

When targeting gambling or other verticals such as cryptocurrency, try not to present these offerers as a solution to all problems and a way to an easy life – although Singaporeans want a better life, they have good financial literacy and will not fall for simple promises of “win a million and buy a new car”. They are used to working harder than they need to, but they also like to relax, so describing gambling as an enjoyable way to pass the time can lead to good conversions.

Four languages have been legalized in the country, with Chinese and English being the most common, spoken by the majority of the population. Creatives in all four languages can be expensive to create, but focusing on the two mentioned earlier may be the best solution.


Indonesia is a country with affordable traffic, which makes it attractive for arbitrage. A lot of new offers fit this market. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the country and its people to find out how to best capitalize on this potential.

How to arbitrage

Indonesia has a good track record for health-related offsets such as parasite remedies, joint and varicose veins, and skin rejuvenation products.

Low-income levels, interest in affordable treatments, and high incidence of disease make Indonesia an attractive market for promoting various nutritional supplements and dietary supplements.

When creating promotional materials, be sure to translate them into Indonesian – 94% of the population uses them in their daily lives.

The online audience in Indonesia is mostly young, so it makes sense to experiment with approaches that will attract the attention of young people. In addition, Indonesians are not yet suffering from banner blindness.

Basic mistakes

When creating creatives and running ad campaigns, it’s important to follow certain rules to avoid getting banned for violating Indonesia’s laws or the rules of social platforms like Facebook:

  • Avoid comparisons of products with their counterparts.
  • Do not use images of children, celebrities, royalty, or government officials.
  • Avoid references to medical personnel or institutions.
  • Do not show nude female bodies, as Islam has been prevalent in the country since the 12th century, and women are not always in a high position in society.
  • Do not make promises of 100% cure or use other such language.


The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia where the majority of the population lives on islands. The average income of residents does not exceed 700 dollars per month.

Earlier this destination was popular among arbitrage teams, but due to quarantine, it lost its appeal. Let’s take a look at how things are currently.

How to arbitrage

Offers in the gut-verticals related to health – remedies for joints, parasites, prostatitis – work well in the Philippines. For accurate information, we recommend doing your research and finding out what queries are currently popular in the Philippines.

In creatives, photos of local celebrities such as doctors and bloggers give a good envelope. But be sure to check with your manager if the use of these images is allowed, as in some cases it may not be allowed on this GEO.

Don’t forget to update creatives as needed – many Philippine users are young and quickly get saturated with the same ads.

Basic mistakes

When launching your ad campaign and creating creatives, don’t use state symbols or images of royalty. Also, if you plan to promote offers in the gut-vertical, take into account that mentioning specific clinics or medical institutions is prohibited on this GEO.

When creating creatives, separate by language – use Filipino for the older generation and English for the younger audience. For example, if you promote a joint remedy in English, the conversion rate from it may be lower than a native language ad for Filipinos aged 40+.

Asia is an untapped GEO, so both standard methods and new approaches can work here. There are both Dash-1 countries in this region, as well as states with more affordable traffic, which opens up a lot of opportunities to make money from traffic arbitrage.

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