How to choose an offer from which you will make profit for sure

How to choose an offer from which you will make profit for sure

Do not try to find the “perfect” offer

One of the most common mistakes made by newbies and even experienced arbitrageurs is the desire to find the perfect offer that is available only to a select few. Although such offers may indeed exist on some affiliate programs, you should not look for them because they are intended for large teams that are ready to spend large sums of money on testing. Managers usually do not offer such offers to newcomers with a limited budget.

A more productive approach would be to work with offers already available on the market, as they have already been tested by other arbitrageurs and it has been found out which one brings the highest conversion rate. To do this, it is recommended to analyze the market and competitors to find the offer that suits you.

Ways to analyze the market using SPY services

When conducting market analysis, it is useful to use specialized services to track current trends. For example, you can study creatives that have been gaining popularity over the past 7-30 days. This will allow you to identify relevant creatives and offers that are currently attracting the attention of the audience. It is also important to pay attention to the keywords of UTM tags, which are most often used by arbitrageurs rather than ordinary advertisers. In addition, to effectively analyze different traffic sources, such as Facebook, TikTok, and push and teaser ads, there are special SPY services that provide information on current trends and successful strategies.

The connection of the offer with the traffic source determines its conversion

When choosing an offer, it is important to consider the traffic source. Not every source is suitable for all offers. For example, Facebook can be used to promote any product, including gambling. Push notifications are most often used for de-duplication and ad targeting, while teaser networks are best suited for news sites, gutters, and wap clicks.

Is it worth pursuing trends in traffic arbitrage? What strategies are effective?

In addition to studying competitors, you need to take into account seasonal factors and trends. For example, events in the gambling industry, such as major sporting events, can significantly increase traffic from search engines as users actively search for information and register on betting websites. In their turn, betting companies increase their advertising budgets and intensify brand mentions. This creates favorable conditions for arbitrageurs who work with brands in their advertising campaigns or attract branded SEO traffic. Opportunities for trend-chasing exist in other industries as well.

The widely known and free Google Trends tool can be used to track these trends.

In addition, audience interest also depends on seasonal factors, such as seasons and major holidays. For example, garden and outdoor products can become popular in the summer, while during the holidays, the audience’s attention is focused on gifts and credits for their purchase.

How to choose the right offer in an affiliate program? What should you pay attention to when studying the description of an offer in an affiliate program?

  1. When evaluating an offer, we pay attention not only to the offered rate but also to the limits;
  2. It is also important to take into account the time of holding or traffic verification. The faster the verification is, the better;
  3. It is necessary to check whether the offer is available in other affiliate programs. Sometimes similar offers may have different conditions in different affiliate programs. This may depend, for example, on the speed of call center operators;
  4. You should also take into account the conditions offered by the advertiser to users. The more convenient and friendly the website or landing page is, the higher the final income can be.


A common mistake in the world of traffic arbitrage is trying to find the “perfect” offer. However, for beginners and those with a limited budget, it is better to work with offers already available on the market that have already been tested by other arbitrageurs. To analyze the market, it is useful to use specialized services that track current trends and tendencies. When choosing an offer in an affiliate program, pay attention to such parameters as limits, hold time, traffic reconciliation, availability of the offer in other programs, and conditions offered by the advertiser to users. Good luck!

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