How to become a top specialist in the field of performance marketing

How to become a top specialist in the field of performance marketing

How to become a top specialist in the field of performance marketing?

Iryna Koshova, Head of Project at Paxle Academy, will speak about this today


Paxle Academy is a platform that allows you to start a career in performance marketing and brings together professionals for professional and career growth.


  • What does Paxle Academy teach and where do its graduates work?

Students come to us from different niches and graduate as top specialists in their fields. Moreover, the students of our academy are already working as Affiliate managers in foreign/Ukrainian companies


  • How many professions can be mastered in this project?

At the moment, we have two positions: Affiliate manager and Account manager. Since they are quite relevant at the moment, our direction allows us to produce the right specialists for various companies. We are also actively working on expanding our future positions. We are also developing a course on traffic arbitrage


  • Why did you decide to create a course on affiliate marketing?

Performance marketing is a global industry with billions of dollars. There is also a rapid development of various available resources in this area, but few effective ones that provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. That is why we are creating training that will provide not only knowledge but also the possibility of further employment. We want to help people gain a deep understanding of the industry, learn how to analyze and use practical tools, and most importantly, achieve students’ goals in performance marketing


  • Who is the project for?

Both qualified professionals who have been working in the niche for a long time to structure their knowledge and beginners whose knowledge ended with the definition of the term “arbitration” have repeatedly taken our project. We have a convenient format for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge, and our team actively assists students at all stages of their studies


  • What do students get after graduation?


  • A high-quality base of practical knowledge
  • Employment: we recommend our students to top Ukrainian companies and our partners
  • Paid internships
  • Consultations from top industry experts
  • Certificate of completion of the course


  • Do you provide your students with information on which vertical is better to develop in?

Our students choose their niche on their own. Of course, we give our recommendations, but one of the main verticals chosen by students is dating. We also have cases from this niche to analyze and formulate further strategies for the future

Today, our YouTube channel has posted an interview with our specialist in which he talks about the Dating vertical, so we recommend watching it


  • What bonus can you offer our subscribers?

Write to us on Instagram to get a consultation with our manager on the stages of training and get a personalized discount on training.

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