How to boost Instagram reach: 10 Steps

How to boost Instagram reach: 10 Steps

How to boost Instagram reach: 10 Steps

Getting to the top of Instagram attracts the attention of users who are looking to quickly increase the number of subscribers and expand the reach of their content. This is especially true for those who use the social network for business purposes, as getting to the top of Instagram helps to attract new customers and followers. One of the ways to achieve such popularity is through the effective use of hashtags, which can push posts to the top of the recommended content feed.

Being on top of Instagram means significantly increasing your visibility. In this article, we will look at what steps you need to take to quickly and effectively get to the top of Instagram.

What content ends up at the top of Instagram

Content that makes it to the top of Instagram is the one that quickly gains activity: views, shares, and comments from subscribers immediately after it is published. The exact criteria, such as the time and amount of activity required, are unknown, as Instagram does not disclose this data. However, it is known that there are two main ways to get to the top:

  1. Have a large number of subscribers who actively interact with the publication.
  2. Create quality content with the right hashtag and/or geometry.

To see popular posts, you can use the search function by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the page and entering the query of interest. It is important to remember that the top is a selection of popular posts, not accounts. Therefore, to succeed, it is important to focus on creating high-quality content or effectively use current trends and newsworthy events.

Why strive to get into the list of TOP Instagram recommendations?

First of all, you need to understand what the “Interesting” section on Instagram is. Previously, access to it was possible only for popular accounts, but with the change in the algorithm for generating the feed, the principles of selection for this section have also changed.

Now, Interesting offers a personalized selection of posts, which gives several advantages:

  • You will see posts from accounts you are not subscribed to, which can be considered a kind of advertising for other blogs.
  • You have a chance to reach your target audience, because users with certain interests look into this section, forming a feed based on personal preferences.
  • You get additional recognition and advertising in your niche. For example, when searching for cosmetics, you will see different accounts that match your tastes.
  • The engagement of users interested in your topic increases.

Instagram is constantly improving its algorithms, using data on subscriptions, comments, and likes to generate relevant recommendations.

In addition, Instagram’s algorithms select content from a variety of blogs, taking into account the user’s interests, and present the most relevant ones.

An interesting feature is that the social network usually shows only one post from an account, which makes it unlikely that your post will reappear in the “Interesting” section.

How to get to the top of Instagram with a photo or video

How to get your video or photo to the top of Instagram? Here are the key aspects to consider, applicable to both individual posts and the account as a whole:

  1. Focus on creating high-quality content. This is the basis of success on Instagram. Nowadays, methods of boosting popularity, such as buying likes and subscriptions, no longer work. The main thing is engagement and audience reach, which are possible only through interesting and high-quality content. Every element is important here – the quality of images, the depth, and significance of the post, as well as the uniqueness of the blogger’s personality.
  2. Publish posts regularly. It is important to constantly remind your subscribers about yourself. Even if you’re already a well-known personality or your content is unique, regularity of posts is critical for most accounts. Try to post new posts at least 2-3 times a week, and preferably every day. Treat account management as a job and keep your audience interested.
  3. Use geotags and hashtags. They will help your posts appear in the recommendations of users who are interested in these locations and topics. However, it is important to avoid overloading your posts with a large number of hashtags, as this can lead to a shadow ban. Choose 3-5 relevant hashtags that are relevant to the content of the post.
  4. Organize live broadcasts. Although they rarely make it to the TOP, if they do, you can expect a significant increase in new viewers.
  5. Create content that people will want to save. This can be useful information, beautiful or unusual photos. Publications that are often saved include life hacks, recipes, selections, and checklists. Your content must be valuable or unique enough to make users want to come back to it in the future.
  6. Stimulate user activity. Create content that engages and encourages commenting. Organize interactive games, sweepstakes, posts, and Q&As to increase audience engagement.
  7. Be active in communicating with subscribers. Respond to comments regularly, as this helps to increase the reach of the post and increases the chances of getting into the TOP. Interaction with the audience – a key point to maintain interest in your account.
  8. Interact with other bloggers. Exchanging PR or ordering advertising from popular bloggers can increase your popularity. Recommendations from influencers will significantly increase interest in your account. You can also host a joint livestream with other bloggers to increase your reach.
  9. Publish content during periods of peak activity of your audience. This can be determined through business account statistics. During these hours, the likelihood of quickly gaining likes and comments increases, which helps you get into the TOP.
  10. Remove bots from subscribers. They can negatively affect the reach. Use audience analysis services, such as InstaHero, to improve the quality of your followers.


In 2024, there is no universal way to get to the top of recommended and interesting posts on Instagram. The main focus should be on creating unique and high-quality content that attracts and engages your target audience. It is extremely important to maintain uniqueness: copying other users’ content found through hashtags will not lead to success.

Using relevant hashtags geotags, regular interaction with the audience, as well as collaborating with other bloggers, and using different publication formats, including live broadcasts and stories, can increase your chances of getting to the top.

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