How to choose a Facebook account for traffic arbitrage

How to choose a Facebook account for traffic arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage allows you to earn money online without leaving your home. There are many methods to achieve a high income, but in this article, we will focus on how to make money using different Facebook accounts, consider their types and where to find them.

To promote offers in any niche on Facebook, you need consumables. The main ones are accounts, without which it is impossible to launch campaigns. The level of Facebook’s trust in different accounts varies, and their lifespan is limited.

An arbitrager can grow profiles and redirect traffic, create auto-registrations, use private schemes to increase trust, or buy hacked accounts using the trust of their users. There are many approaches, but everywhere you need supplies, so let’s take a look at the types of accounts you can create or buy.

Types of accounts

We will analyze each type of account separately, but it is important to remember that not all sellers are honest. For all the account types described below, there is a risk that the purchased account may be resold to several arbitrageurs or used independently. There may be cases of losing access, changing mailing settings in the advertising account, or running ads using your payment data.

Broken accounts

How to choose a Facebook account for traffic arbitrage

These are accounts that were obtained illegally. They belong to real people who have registered on the platform. Usually, the owners indicate their email or phone number somewhere, which is used as a login, and often choose a simple password or duplicate the login, which makes it easier to hack. Attackers can use password guessing or database theft techniques to gain access to the profile and then sell it to webmasters or use it for their own needs.

Usually, such accounts are not expensive (about 50 UAH) and are sold in bulk, which can be a good option if you have a limited budget. The age of the account does not matter much here, it is more important how long ago the last login was made. If it happened recently, there is a high probability of blocking. If the hacking happened a long time ago and the account has been lying dormant, there is a chance that everything will be fine.

Authorize accounts

This is the most accessible type of profile for arbitrageurs. They are created not manually but with the help of specialized software. Such accounts are created in large quantities and serve as the main consumable for launching advertising campaigns.

With intensive use of such accounts, they quickly get blocked and lose their value. To increase their lifespan, you need to warm up and fill your profile with information. This prevents the blocking of a Facebook account, as running ads from a newly created profile virtually guarantees a request for document verification, photo verification, or account blocking.

Log accounts

How to choose a Facebook account for traffic arbitrage

Log accounts are similar to brutes, but the data here is copied from the computer using a virus.

The user installs a program that tracks website visits, button clicks, password entry, and more. This creates a map of user actions called a log. This data is then used to log into the Facebook account.

Initially, this scheme was used to steal passwords from bank cards, but with the growing popularity of arbitrage and the increasing demand for Facebook accounts, it has found application in this area as well.

Farm accounts

No matter what kind of account you use, you need to introduce yourself as a real user. In other words, you should imitate the user’s activity in order to establish a trusting relationship with the Facebook platform. This process is called pharming.

This is usually done by a separate specialist, as the process requires significant time and physical effort. It takes more than a few weeks to create a high-quality pharma account. That is why it is better to buy a ready-made account from sellers than to do it yourself. Any doubt on the part of Facebook can lead to a block, so you need to approach this matter responsibly.

The process of pharming begins with the acquisition of the necessary resources – phone numbers, proxy servers, and email addresses. Next, you have to configure devices to increase anonymity. After creating and preparing a profile, you can start running ads.

ADR accounts

A ban on advertising activity is a type of blocking of a Facebook account. This often happens to profiles that try to log into the business manager, create a new invitation link, add new ad accounts, or even for no apparent reason. Arbitrageurs sometimes intentionally trigger an ADR, as after receiving permission, they can continue advertising with less risk, although it is not easy.

If the account was created without using real documents, it can be difficult to pass the verification. Before 2021, it was easier, but with updates, the algorithms have become more advanced, making it harder to bypass verification. Nevertheless, it is still a doable task.

However, you should not assume that a PPC account (which has been banned from advertising) is forever protected from blocking. In case of violation of the rules and suspicious activity, the account may again fall under the ban, although this is rare – only three out of fifty profiles face this again.

BM accounts

BM, or business manager, is a tool for centralized management of pages, advertising accounts, employees, and even fake profiles on Facebook.

There are three types of BM

  • BM with a $50 limit – allows you to create up to four additional accounts.
  • BM with a limit of $250 – also allows you to create four additional accounts, but with an increased limit of $250.
  • Verified BM – unlimited advertising budget and the ability to create up to 80 advertising accounts. A verified BM is a BM confirmed by the documents of a company, that is, it was confirmed as an official company after providing documents about that company, and this is not always an unlimited advertising budget, it can be either 50 or 250 and unlimited, completely different budgets.

Peculiarities of using BM

  • One social account can create several BMs (on average 5-7 from a quality account), and then several advertising accounts.
  • By managing advertising through a business manager, you maintain a high level of trust in your social account, which extends the performance of other BMs and advertising accounts created from this account.

Options for working with BM

  • Independent account development – rely on your skills and experience.
  • Buying a ready-made Facebook Business Manager account – this method allows you to save time and effort, but it is important to be careful when choosing a seller so as not to run into a low-quality product.

Tips for working with BM

  • Buying cheap accounts can be unprofitable in the long run.
  • Quality accounts, although more expensive, will help you avoid problems in the future.
  • Prepare your account before using it and do not overload it with a lot of managers.
  • Facebook closely monitors activity, so it’s important to be careful.

Possible difficulties

Business Manager may seem complicated for beginners due to the large number of settings and features. However, with practice and patience, you will be able to master this tool and effectively manage your advertising campaigns.


Now you know what Facebook accounts are. It is better to consult an experienced user before buying one. But if you want to buy an account on your own, then look for trusted sellers on arbitrage forums and chats.

Account is the main expenditure of an arbitrageur. Each network requires a special and unique approach to account preparation, so the demand for high-quality accounts is naturally high. This is especially true for profiles with a passed PPA. We wish you successful campaigns!

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