How neural networks are used in traffic arbitrage

How neural networks are used in traffic arbitrage

Neural networks are used in arbitrage to simplify everyday tasks. They can generate texts and codes, create images and videos, develop landing pages, and perform A/B testing.

Creatives from artificial intelligence

Arbitrage specialists often use AI to generate creatives. The main tasks of AI include text processing and visual content creation.

How neural networks are used in traffic arbitrage

Before neural networks appeared, designers needed several hours or even days to create one creative. It was important to have several variants to determine which ones were better perceived by the audience, which led to large budget and time costs. Now this process can take only a few minutes thanks to artificial intelligence. However, it’s not that simple.

Usually, designers generate creatives in a team. But what is the need for designers if there is artificial intelligence?

AI is rapidly evolving and becoming smarter, but it is almost impossible to create a suitable image on the first try. Designers use the experience of the team, to know which creatives have been successful before and which trigger the audience. That’s why they experiment with queries to artificial intelligence, find suitable options, and finalize them.

No one prohibits the use of images created by artificial networks such as layouts or templates. It is easier to finalize and edit any idea than to create it from scratch.

What services are used by arbitrageurs

Developing advertising material is a simple task, but creating it in a way that converts is a real challenge.

Audio and video generation

Arbitrage teams started focusing on audio and video creation when it became possible to produce accurate lipsyncs. A lipsync is an audio that is synchronized with the lip movement of the person speaking in the video.

Midjourney and Dall-E

Designers use Midjourney and Dall-E to create small visual elements in advertising materials. For example, an advertisement for a fictional casino should have vines to create an atmosphere. These vines are generated by neural networks and then included in the advertising material.

How neural networks are used in traffic arbitrage


Behind the visual elements of the creative is an equally important textual component, which many arbitrage specialists prefer using ChatGPT. Its main function is to create the necessary text and its various variants. Arbitration teams have taken it a step further by adapting the text through ChatGPT for different GEOs.

ChatGPT not only translates but also “speaks” the language of the target audience. Thus, it provides a more accurate translation of elements such as buttons or interface details. This makes the text more accessible and understandable for users.

For example, when localizing three-in-a-row slots, where the English button “Spin” can be translated as “Spin”, ChatGPT offers more authentic options, such as “Make a spin” or simply “Click”, taking into account language nuances, unlike conventional translators.

Difficulties in interacting with artificial intelligence

It may seem that there is nothing easier than interacting with a neural network. You submit a query and get a response. However, designers have a different opinion.

Correcting the results created by AI can be a time-consuming process. Sometimes it is almost impossible to redo or improve something. To avoid the need for further corrections and achieve an accurate result, it is important to develop a well-thought-out technical specification for AI.

To get accurate results quickly, it is necessary to correctly formulate the terms of reference in a language that artificial intelligence understands, adding relevant sources.

For more accurate results, it is worth interacting with AI in the language it was created in. Humans are not perfect, and artificial intelligence is created by humans. Therefore, to work effectively with it, you need to communicate in its language and clearly express your requests.

Artificial intelligence or a live specialist?

How neural networks are used in traffic arbitrage

It turned out that the arbitration team needed designers because even with the introduction of AI and fast image creation, work without them was impossible. However, there are tasks that neural networks can handle better and faster than humans.

For example, when you need only a single element rather than a complete image, it is more convenient and cheaper to request it through AI than to coordinate a detailed plan with a designer.

In certain aspects, AI has abilities that are not available to humans, such as lip-syncing, voice copying, and other technologies.

In these areas, AI dominates, but its leadership does not diminish the importance of designers’ skills; on the contrary, it facilitates and simplifies their work.


Over time, AI tools have become an integral part of arbitrage professionals’ work, providing them with invaluable support. Ask anyone who has been involved in creative development and you will hear that artificial intelligence is essential.

Artificial intelligence can create not only texts and images, but these are the capabilities that have proven to be most in demand among designers in arbitrage teams.

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