How to most effectively promote crypto-offers with Google Ads

How to most effectively promote crypto-offers with Google Ads

With increasing interest in cryptocurrency, the need for effective promotional methods is also growing. Within affiliate marketing, many professionals are trying to capitalize on this interest.

Crypto offers, being a relatively new area in arbitrage, are of interest to affiliate specialists. Finding information about which offers yield the highest conversions can be challenging as public information is limited. This is particularly true when dealing with a complex yet quality traffic source like Google Ads. In this article, we will thoroughly explore how to effectively promote crypto offers within Google Ads while minimizing the need for additional efforts.

The best offers that convert well on Google

Crypto offers in affiliate marketing are generally divided into five main categories:

  • Crypto wallets and platforms for converting digital currencies;
  • Resources for mining;
  • Platforms for trading cryptocurrencies;
  • Systems for automated trading processes using artificial intelligence;
  • Educational courses and programs on blockchain and crypto trading.

Experienced media buyers successfully approach each of the subcategories listed above, applying proven methodologies and tools that help not only generate income but also optimize expenses. A key trend for promotion in gray niches, which include crypto, has been the use of corporate trust accounts on Google Ads by 2024. These accounts ensure priority moderation passage, longer operation, and the possibility of increasing expenditures. In the event of a blockage, the webmaster can reclaim unused funds.

In Google Ads, crypto trading and auto-trading convert most effectively, where online platforms for margin trading act as advertisers. The basis of such offers involves submitting a request for consultation with a broker who contacts the potential client within a few hours to assist them in navigating the system, encouraging a deposit. However, even with full confidence in the broker’s professionalism, it should be noted that the decision to deposit in the crypto vertical is not made spontaneously.

Offers “packaged” in educational programs and courses on blockchain and crypto trading are also successful. This format allows the user, undergoing paid or free training, to perform a target action on the advertiser’s site without raising suspicion from the advertising platform. Updates to Google’s advertising policy, which allow the advertising of investment products related to digital assets, including exchange-traded funds and NFT-based games, provide additional opportunities for webmasters and media buyers.

How to most effectively promote crypto-offers with Google Ads

How to promote crypto offers through Google Ads

When promoting crypto offers through Google Ads, attention should be focused on quality account warming, selecting appropriate keywords and negative words, and on pre-landing and landing pages.

Optimal accounts for working in the crypto niche are those with a minimum budget of $250 and agency accounts with high trust. Initial accounts require thorough warming. By integrating a personal account into an agency dashboard, one can immediately begin placing ads.

The improvement of Google algorithms means that even the use of agency accounts requires preliminary account warming. During this phase, it’s advisable to direct traffic to a meticulously prepared white page. All elements on this page should function impeccably, from widgets and buttons to feedback forms. It’s necessary to include a privacy policy page relevant to the offer’s theme. An example could be a landing page dedicated to blockchain events or cryptocurrency price forecasts, created in collaboration with a lesser-known crypto analyst.

How to effectively select keywords for warming?

It’s necessary to select keys that reflect the content of the white page and match the main offer. Possible queries might include: “blockchain conferences,” “courses on investing in crypto,” “courses on financial literacy,” “cryptocurrency expert lectures.” For generating ideas, Google search suggestions and Google Trends data analysis are recommended. It’s advised to use a combination of queries of different frequencies to reduce costs at the initial stage.

Steps for preparing a campaign:

  1. Launch a campaign to attract website visitors with the intent of making purchases;How to most effectively promote crypto-offers with Google Ads
  2. Determine the format of advertising messages;How to most effectively promote crypto-offers with Google Ads
  3. Choose geo and language settings that match the offer;How to most effectively promote crypto-offers with Google Ads
  4. Formulate a list of keywords, excluding phrases that could conflict with Google’s rules;How to most effectively promote crypto-offers with Google Ads
  5. Configure coverage of a broad audience, restricting access for inappropriate age groups to avoid unnecessary expenses;
  6. Place ad texts adapted from the white page, which helps convince the moderator of the project’s legitimacy;
  7. Gradually increase the budget during the first 3-5 days to allow the account to adapt to market conditions.

Main phase of driving traffic to crypto offers in Google Ads

Advertising crypto offers through Google Ads requires a unique approach to creating ads, even when the account is already “warmed up.” Arbitrage experts recommend forming ads for the offer within the same campaign used for the initial activation stage. It’s important to integrate multiple ads with neutral headlines and texts.

Once the ads are approved, the webmaster should attach the main offer link, using cloaking or a tracker. At this stage, the webmaster may also make adjustments to “gray” ads.

The day after launching ad groups for the main offer, targeted keywords should be introduced. In the context of crypto offers, it’s necessary to limit displays for general queries by setting exact matches. For example, the query “investments” might expend the budget on an audience not looking for “investments without contributions.”

It’s important to remember that keywords added during the warming phase should not be removed, but rather temporarily suspended.

Additionally, 5 to 10 new keywords can be added daily, and a list of negative words formed, gradually increasing the budget to the required level. After a week, the webmaster will have a campaign with a large list of negative words and target queries, which will be effective in the long term and contribute to achieving high ROI.


Increased interest in crypto offers is observed daily. The target audience is drawn to various niches of this promising and interesting vertical. Notably, offers related to access to platforms for auto-trading and courses on crypto trading demonstrate high effectiveness.

Despite strict advertising rules, Google remains one of the most effective channels for promoting crypto offers. However, for successful long-term operation without significant financial losses, webmasters should focus on setting up advertising campaigns at the beginning of their work and using Google Ads agency accounts with high trust.

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