How emotion in gambling ads drives conversion

How emotion in gambling ads drives conversion

In the advertising world, emotions are a key element for success, and this is especially true in gambling. Watching advertising creatives where characters demonstrate vivid emotions, many people ask themselves: “Is this worth something? How can this attract the audience?

For people who are far from the casino world, it’s hard to understand how loud cries of emotion can cause anything but mixed reactions, including surprise, irritation, or rejection. However, statistics are relentless – this approach works and leads to high conversions. In this article, we aim to understand why this happens, what risks exist, and why such advertising remains incomprehensible to many people.

How emotion in gambling ads drives conversion

You are not your target audience

All this shouting and artificial feelings may seem strange, but they work effectively. Why is that? The fact is that most likely, you are not a member of the target audience of gambling, and you have not experienced the exciting excitement that causes such emotions in players.

These creatives are designed for people who recognize a part of themselves in them – for players. Pay attention to their behavior during streams or visit broadcasts where players open loot boxes – an element of gambling in games. You might be amazed to recognize a real player in the advertising image.

Often, webmasters make the mistake of evaluating consumer preferences based on their tastes. In this situation, creativity serves as a bridge in communication with the consumer, and to understand its effectiveness, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the players.

How emotion in gambling ads drives conversion

How it works

We have already concluded that you probably do not belong to the target audience of the casino. Therefore, you should not equate your hobbies with the interests of players. Most of them are looking for sensations, attraction, and breathtaking excitement. The instantaneous effect of dopamine plays a significant role here, stimulated not so much by the win itself as by the expectation of this event.

Thanks to this phenomenon, the game attracts attention – it evokes an emotional response. Even those who treat games responsibly and do not consider gambling as a way to enrich themselves are primarily looking for a premonition of future winnings. This is the aspect that should be emphasized when developing creatives, highlighting

  • Feelings – illustrate expectations, excitement, enthusiasm, and the thrill of success. Demonstrate emotions through images, for example, a person overwhelmed with joy – this will create a connection with the product because the user will recognize their desired feeling of excitement in them.
  • Successful success – although not everyone associates gambling with a way to make money, the reward is still finance. However, it is not the money itself that is more important, but the dreams of where it can be spent. Thus, shows cars, fashionable clothes, a luxurious life, and other attributes of the luxury lifestyle. This will increase the anticipation of winning and provoke even more emotional immersion. To put it simply, it will be more interesting for a player to participate in the game if he already knows how to use the prize money.
  • Vivid colors – colors not only improve visual perception but also set the emotional mood of the player.
  • Peculiarities of perception – for residents of certain regions, such as the CIS, Balkans, Africa, Southeast Asia, and India, a sense of exclusivity can further stimulate emotional engagement along with the previously mentioned notion of success.

Keep in mind the base

The need to attract the attention of casinos and betting platforms through the use of gambling chips, vivid impressions, and inspiring excitement is extremely important for attracting players. The main focus is on the development of video creatives, so let’s take a look at the basic principles of their creation:

  • Avoid excessive complexity. The meaning should be intuitive. An intricate plot and dramatic twists and turns are better left for the movies. If the video does not attract attention in the first 3-5 seconds, its effectiveness is questionable. Remember that complex video works are expensive.
  • Conduct adaptation for specific regions. It’s important to consider not only the language but also the very essence of the messages that should resonate with the target audience in the region. For example, Indian actors can be used for local memes, but the universal emotions of victory are understandable to any player.
  • Avoid using commercials of slot developers. They often do not convey the gameplay from the user’s point of view and do not evoke the necessary emotions. Our research has shown that the target audience is looking for an emotional response.
  • The video quality should be high, but this does not necessarily mean complexity. A simple cut of ten-second frames with a slot game and joyful shouts of the player will be effective with a clear image.

How emotion in gambling ads drives conversion

Common mistakes

We’ve already analyzed how to effectively use emotions in marketing. But it’s also important to consider a few additional aspects:

  • Don’t overdo it. Emotions should be present, and they should be vivid, but not intrusive. The first part mentioned: “To understand why it converts, you need to see how players behave” – this point is very important. Excessiveness can provoke rejection from the target audience rather than engagement. Therefore, do not overdo it.
  • Focus on results. You can create creative that is perfect in terms of production. Let’s imagine that you even manage to capture the moment of a real player’s win. But if there is no conversion, you should abandon this creative. Advertising requires flexibility. Sometimes a creative that shouldn’t have been used unexpectedly flies in, and sometimes a seemingly perfect one turns out to be ineffective. In such cases, it is important to conduct A/B testing, monitor statistics, and make decisions based on data.
  • Avoid unrealistic promises. The expectation of winning can attract users to the landing page, facilitate their registration, and even encourage them to make a deposit. However, if they don’t get what they expect, they won’t want to depart anymore. As a result, the redeposit percentage will be low, and at best, cooperation with you will be terminated, and at worst, you will be added to the list of fraudsters and refused to pay out, since traffic without redeposits is low-quality traffic.


We hope that our material contributed to a deep understanding of the target audience in gambling and the creation of materials that attract customers. And finally, a little secret: it is often more efficient and easy to adapt a proven idea, even if it is someone else’s, than to create a bicycle that will never convert. Let’s go to the converting creatives!

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