How to drive traffic to binary options?

How to drive traffic to binary options?

How to drive traffic to binary options?

Binary options are an industry with a wide range of consumers and significant opportunities.  However, most people do not participate in the stock market due to its complexity and riskiness. Instead, they turn their attention to binary options with their simplicity and clarity of mechanisms, which makes it easy to start trading.

Where there are large volumes and a wide audience, arbitrageurs also have the opportunity to earn. So let’s take a closer look at what binary options are: how they work, their target audience, and ways to make money for both platforms and webmasters.

Binary options overview

Let’s first understand the mechanics of binary options before talking about the target audience and marketing creatives. This will help explain why they have become popular among users.

Understanding binary options from a user’s perspective

Binary options are a relatively new instrument in the financial world, having first appeared in 1971 in Chicago, USA. The main characteristic of these options is that traders predict the increase or decrease in the value of various assets – currencies, precious metals, oil, gas, and company shares – and place bets on them. The name “binary” comes from providing two possible outcomes of a trade.

Here’s a simple example: let’s say a user thinks that the euro will rise against the dollar and places a bet. If the rate does increase, the user will make money. If the rate falls, the user will lose their funds, and the broker will make a profit.

The key aspect: In the context of binary options, unlike the stock market and traditional investing, users only make predictions. They do not buy currencies or stocks directly, nor do they enter into trading with other market participants. Thus, the essence of binary options is to make predictions, not to trade currencies or stocks directly.

As for the charts, they are formed not at the platform’s discretion, but based on data from international currency exchanges, banks, brokers, news agencies, and other reliable sources. This means that brokers are not able to manipulate and present charts at their discretion.

Binary options and their appeal to the audience

Binary options have a simple concept: predicting a rise or fall. This makes them accessible to those with no experience in investing or trading on the stock market. The interface and mechanics are straightforward, and you only need a small starting capital, such as $10, to get started.

When looking at exchange rates or stock charts of large companies, you can notice certain trends over long periods. For example, when the dollar strengthens against other currencies, the latter usually falls in value. This leads to an obvious conclusion: by betting on the fall of any currency against the dollar, you can make a profit. This conclusion is easy to understand and explain to a wide audience, which attracts people to register on binary options platforms and invest.

The target audience for binary options includes:

  • People looking for additional income without significant investment;
  • Newcomers to investments who are learning about different financial instruments;
  • People dissatisfied with their current income and standard of living;
  • Gamblers looking for new opportunities in the financial markets;
  • Traders interested in new instruments for trading.

Earnings model of platforms and arbitrageurs

Having considered the mechanics of platforms and the potential for users to earn money, the question arises about the income of the platforms and arbitrageurs themselves. If all users were successful in predicting chart movements, they would withdraw all funds from the platform. However, several factors ensure the profitability of platforms and arbitrageurs:

  • Short-term bets — from a few seconds to several hours. Although longer bets are possible on some platforms, this is rather an exception.
  • Unpredictability of short-term price and exchange rate fluctuations. Accurate forecasting at short intervals is practically impossible.
  • Low volatility changes in exchange rates and prices are usually insignificant, which limits the potential income from a single bet.
  • Additional fees for transactions, as well as for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Due to market uncertainty and short time frames, users can both make and lose money. When users’ bets are successful, the platform compensates its costs through commissions from other transactions, which ensures a stable income for both the platform and arbitrageurs.

How to trade on binary options

Attracting new users is the key to success in binary options trading. These platforms are legal and can be advertised through various channels, including targeted and direct advertising. Analyzing the methods of attracting users through Facebook, we see that the emphasis is on simplicity and quick earnings, including promises of significant income from small investments, ease of trading, and the possibility of quitting a job you hate thanks to binary options income.

Binary options use strategies similar to those used in cryptocurrency trading:

  • Promises of easy and fast earnings;
  • The opportunity to start with a small investment;
  • Depiction of a luxurious lifestyle without compromise;
  • Using news events in strategies;
  • Famous personalities sharing their trading successes.

It is important to take into account geographical specifics when testing these approaches. For example, news strategies can be particularly effective in Tier-1 countries.

Why it is worth trading on binary options

Here are some of the benefits of binary options for investors:

  • Accessibility for beginners. It is possible to start trading binary options without any previous experience. This attracts average users due to easy registration, account deposits, and a clear interface. The availability of educational resources, for example on the broker’s YouTube channel Binarium, with webinars and training videos, makes it easier to understand trading.
  • Easy to understand. Understanding the basics of binary options is often easier than understanding sports betting, which helps to quickly attract users and get them to make their first investments.
  • Fast transactions with high profitability. Binary options transactions are usually quick, with potential profits of up to 90% of the trade amount. This can make it difficult for traders to generate consistent profits, but when working with the reverse system (partial profit sharing), allows them to earn a regular income.
  • Global coverage. Binary options are suitable for promotion in different countries, including both Tier-1 and Tier-3 countries. Affiliate programs such as CleverAff are expanding their presence in different regions, for example, including South Korea.
  • Convenience in promotion. It is possible to advertise binary options on various platforms, including those where their promotion is officially prohibited, such as Facebook. Special methods such as cloaking are used for this purpose.


  1. What are binary options?

Binary options are financial instruments for betting on asset price changes over a certain period. The profit or loss is fixed and known in advance.

  1. How can you make money with binary options?

  • Trading: By placing bets on asset price movements.
  • Affiliate programs: Attracting new users to trading platforms.
  • Arbitrage: Using price differences between different platforms.
  1. Why is it worth casting on binary options?

  • Accessibility: Low entry threshold for beginners.
  • Fast results: Short transaction times attract traders.
  • Profitable affiliate programs: Affiliate programs with good commissions.
  • Global coverage: Popularity in different countries.
  • Easy marketing: Many channels for promotion.

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