Traffic arbitrage on TikTok: myth or reality?

Traffic arbitrage on TikTok: myth or reality?

Traffic arbitrage in tik tok: myth or reality?

In recent years, the social network TikTok has gained tremendous popularity around the world, becoming not only a platform for entertainment, but also a powerful tool for the promotion of goods and services. In this regard, the topic of traffic arbitrage in TikTok is of growing interest among marketers and entrepreneurs. But is it worth it? Let’s find out what is traffic arbitrage in TikTok, whether it is a myth or reality.

What is traffic arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage is a method of earning on the difference between the cost of attracting a visitor and the income received from his actions on the site. The essence of arbitrage is to buy traffic on some platforms and monetize it on others.

How does traffic arbitrage in TikTok work?

Traffic arbitrage on TikTok: myth or reality?

Traffic arbitrage in TikTok is indeed a powerful tool for marketers seeking to maximize the potential of the social network. Thanks to TikTok’s high level of audience engagement and targeted targeting capabilities, experts are able to create and distribute content that precisely meets the interests of certain groups of users. Using creative and engaging videos, they draw attention to the promoted products or services, stimulating conversions to websites or lendings. The effectiveness of this approach depends on the ability to analyze audience preferences and adapt content to current trends and platform features, which allows you to achieve high conversion rates and increase the volume of traffic on external resources.

How to start arbitrage on TikTok

There are three main types of traffic arbitrage that can be used on TikTok:

TikTok Affiliate Program

The TikTok Affiliate Program is a form of affiliate marketing on the platform, but with some limitations. The program connects bloggers with merchants by acting as an intermediary.

As a content creator, you can advertise products and brands that are interesting to your audience and receive a percentage of sales made through your content. You can promote these videos through regular short clips or broadcasts.

The products promoted through this program must be available on the TikTok store. In addition, the affiliate program is only available in some countries.

TikTok for Business Affiliate Program

TikTok for Business is a special affiliate program for influencers with a large number of followers and digital marketers. They receive a percentage when brands use TikTok for Business through their referral links. This program is most suitable for B2B influencers.

TikTok for Business referral links can be placed on any social media platform, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter (X), or your personal website. The main thing is to attract brands to use TikTok for Business through your links.

Free traffic arbitration

The most popular type of traffic arbitration on TikTok is independent or free arbitration. It is simple and has virtually no restrictions, unlike the previous two methods.

You create your own videos and promote any product or service of your choice.

You can sell almost any product at any time to anyone. The possibilities are endless, and so is the possible income. No wonder this is the most popular type of arbitrage on TikTok. If you are looking for quick money, this method of arbitrage will be the most effective.

Arbitrage traffic on TikTok with the help of multi-accounts

Now that we have discussed the main aspects of traffic arbitrage on TikTok, let’s look at a unique life hack – multi-accounting on TikTok.

Earlier we talked about how you can make money from one TikTok account. But what if you have several accounts? What if you have 3, 6, or even 7 accounts on which you post different or the same content to increase your income? This is what TikTok multi-accounting is.

Multi-accounting allows you to reach more users, which can lead to increased earnings. However, there is a risk of getting a shadow ban.

What is a shadow ban? It is when TikTok automatically hides your content from users. Your videos are not included in recommendations and are not displayed in the feed. If you’re trying to make money by attracting as many viewers as possible, this makes it much more difficult. But there are ways to avoid this.

You can use a special anti-detection browser. For example, with AdsPower, you can create and manage multiple accounts on TikTok without fear of a shadow ban. AdsPower hides information about your device, IP address, and location.

Thus, you can have 5 different accounts, each of which will appear to be registered in different locations with different IP addresses. This will give you access to a diverse demographic. The possibilities are truly endless.

Myths and reality of traffic arbitrage in TikTok

Traffic arbitrage on TikTok: myth or reality?

Myths and reality of traffic arbitrage in TikTok are often shrouded in numerous misconceptions and assumptions.


Looking into the myths about traffic arbitrage in TikTok, there are several common misconceptions that can discourage potential arbitrageurs from working with this platform.

  • The first myth is the assumption that the high competition on the platform makes traffic arbitrage impossible or extremely inefficient. Many believe that the chances of success are minimal, given the amount of content they have to compete with.
  • The second myth is related to the unpredictability of TikTok’s algorithms. Skeptics argue that constant algorithm changes make the platform too complex for stable arbitrage, where the success of your campaign can depend on a variety of elusive factors.
  • The third myth claims that TikTok is only suitable for promoting products and services aimed at a youth audience. This belief is based on the notion that the majority of TikTok users are young people, and other demographic groups are barely represented.
  • Fourth myth, there is a preconception that arbitrage on TikTok requires a significant financial investment in advertising and content creation, making it inaccessible to novice arbitrageurs or those with limited budgets.

These myths can greatly distort the perception of the real possibilities of traffic arbitrage on the platform, deterring marketers from using TikTok as an effective channel to attract and monetize audiences.


Contrasting reality with the myths about traffic arbitrage on TikTok, it’s worth taking a detailed look at how things really are on this platform.

  • Firstly, despite the high competition, TikTok provides unique opportunities for those who are ready to be creative with their content. The platform’s algorithms encourage viral content to spread quickly, which can lead to significant reach even for new accounts. This means that with the right approach, everyone has a chance to succeed.
  • Second concerns the unpredictability of the algorithms. While TikTok’s algorithms do change, many successful arbitrageurs see this as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Adapting to changes and flexible use of new platform features allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors and attract traffic more effectively.
  • Third. In terms of demographics, TikTok has long ceased to be a platform only for young people. Users of all age groups find content here to suit their tastes, which expands the opportunities for traffic arbitrage across different topics and products. This makes TikTok a valuable resource for marketers targeting a variety of target audiences.
  • Fourth. Finally, the issue of financial investment. While investing in advertising and content can increase the chances of success, many successful cases show that creativity and audience insights are often more important than a large budget. With a low threshold of entry and the ability to distribute content organically, TikTok remains an affordable tool for arbitrageurs with any budget.

Taken together, these aspects show that traffic arbitrage on TikTok is a real and valid strategy to achieve commercial goals, accessible to a wide range of marketers and entrepreneurs willing to explore and experiment on this dynamic platform.


Parsing the myths and reality of traffic arbitrage in TikTok, it turned out that fears about high competition, unpredictable algorithms, limited audience and large investments do not correspond to reality. In fact, TikTok offers effective tools for targeting and interacting with a diverse audience, allowing you to successfully conduct arbitrage even with limited budgets. Thus, the platform opens up a wide range of opportunities for marketers seeking to effectively attract and monetize traffic.

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