Discord — an effective source of traffic

Discord — an effective source of traffic

We are exploring Discord as a promising source of traffic that often remains in the shadows. In our analysis, we will dive deeper into the audience of this platform, their interests, and main characteristics. We will also outline effective methods of engagement and the best ways to get started.

Basics about Discord

Initially, Discord was created to connect gamers, but today it has become a full-fledged social network that can be compared to Telegram or X. On this platform, users can launch streams or interact in specialized channels. The audience has long gone beyond the purely gaming sphere, actively using the offered features.

As you know, Discord’s monthly audience is over a billion users. The vast majority of them are aged 18 to 34 – 71%, and 65% of them are men. According to a study by SimilarWeb, the main interests of this category include digital technologies, games, news, and adult content.

Discord — an effective source of traffic

Discord is widely used internationally, but the main user flows are concentrated in countries such as the United States, India, France, the Philippines, and Brazil. This indicates that the platform attracts a significant number of visitors from Tier-1 countries, which makes it particularly attractive for traffic arbitrage.

The main areas of activity on this resource include:

  • Adalt. The platform allows the presence of adult materials that are in demand among the male part of the audience. This makes the resource ideal for the promotion of webcams or offers in the gaming industry.
  • Gambling and Betting. Discord users are interested in esports and often watch streams, which creates favorable conditions for integration with the iGaming theme.
  • Swipstakes. Involvement of users in participation in sweepstakes and promotions that provide an opportunity to win prizes without investments.
  • Cryptocurrency and finance. Topics related to crypto and finance that are popular among users of the platform.
  • Gaming and utilities. Gaming topics are still among the top discussions on the platform.

The advantages of using Discord are the presence of a large number of users from Tier-1 countries, relatively low competition, and tolerance to arbitrage strategies. In the case of mass mailings, the consequences may be limited to a warning or blocking on a particular server.

Among the disadvantages of the platform, it is worth noting the lack of targeted advertising and the lack of information or practical examples. To attract traffic, you will have to use free methods and personal interaction.

Where to start?

To get started with Discord, you should rent a server and purchase e-mail addresses or already created accounts. This is necessary for the installation of specialized software, because after blocking profiles, Discord fixes the hardware and blocks the creation of new accounts.

Discord can be downloaded from its official page. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. After installation, you can log in or register.

Discord — an effective source of traffic

The registration process is simple and easy – any e-mail will do, you also need to choose a password and username. Completing a profile involves entering personal data, a description, adding images, and creating your own server.

Discord — an effective source of traffic

In order to post adult content, you need female profiles and an NSFW-labeled server where erotic content is allowed. This feature can be activated in the channel settings.

Discord — an effective source of traffic

To increase the trust of the platform, it is useful to actively use accounts during the week and let them “rest” for 2-3 days. It is recommended to be socially active: subscribe to servers, participate in streams, and communicate with other users, which will increase the time of using profiles.

Before pouring, be sure to inform your PP manager about your intention to use Discord to pour traffic. Since this source is not very popular, it is important to stipulate all the details in advance.

Promotion methods and strategies for driving traffic through Discord

Discord does not have an official advertising platform, so you have to find alternative ways to get traffic that can be considered conditionally free. The main tactic is to place ads in specialized channels that match your niche.

Localization of relevant channels is carried out by using the built-in keyword search. Another approach is to search for thematic channels on YouTube or other social platforms where you can find links to the relevant Discord servers in the description.

After selecting channels and setting up a profile, you should start distributing advertising materials, focusing on the chosen strategy:

A short-term strategy requires several accounts, as the probability of blocking is high. The task is to place direct ads with links or invite the audience for personal communication in order to conclude deals.

As part of a long-term strategy, an own server is created and developed, which is further monetized through direct advertising or streaming. It is important to motivate the audience to join your server by offering value, communication, bonuses, or exclusive adult content.

It is noteworthy that Discord allows you to broadcast other people’s streams with the addition of your own advertising, which is not considered a violation of the platform rules.

An additional method of attracting attention is manual search and negotiations with server owners for advertising cooperation, given that the market for advertising services on the platform is not yet fully formed and there are no specialized exchanges.


Discord, a social platform that is gaining popularity, occupies a leading position among global social networks. It is characterized by the absence of built-in advertising, which reduces the level of competition. Taking into account the volume of user activity in Tier-1 countries, the platform is one of the most promising channels for attracting free traffic.

Today you have received information about the structure of the platform and the peculiarities of traffic acquisition from it, which we hope will be useful for the development of this source!

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