Esoteric vertical: dust in the eyes or guaranteed profit

Esoteric vertical: dust in the eyes or guaranteed profit

It is called a new macro trend.

However, arbitrators prefer to stay away from it.

But we would say – in vain! After all, the esoteric vertical is already bringing millions to arbitration.

Esoteric vertical: dust in the eyes or guaranteed profit

According to the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, 43% of Ukrainians believe in horoscopes and psychics.

And last year alone, Ukrainians installed esoteric apps worth a hundred million dollars.

On LinkedIn, there is already a fresh report on the development of the astrology apps market, which clearly shows a steady growth of the market until 2031.

Even fashion does not stand aside: the Schiaparelli brand uses direct quotes from astrology on clothes, the director of Dior is inspired by tarot cards, and the latest show by Rick Owens in Paris is completely imbued with religious and mystical themes.

Esoteric vertical: dust in the eyes or guaranteed profit Esoteric vertical: dust in the eyes or guaranteed profit


But that’s not all. We have prepared a few more compelling arguments for why you should start pouring into esotericism today!

The growing interest in mysticism is due to two reasons:

  1. Firstly, external stresses and the inability to cope with new circumstances using proven methods. Esotericism gives a sense of stability because it is much easier to live if you know what will happen next.
  2. Secondly, against the backdrop of mass digitalization of everything, retreating into esotericism works as a balancing element: on the one hand, the future and robotization, on the other, the past and spirituality.

Esoteric vertical: dust in the eyes or guaranteed profit

The market for “sorcerers” is limitless and it is based on three very powerful factors that will interest every gambling arbitrageur – big money, low competition, and an unlimited target audience.

The esoteric vertical is interesting because it contains both product offers and information products. There is something to work on here:

  • horoscopes
  • magical amulets
  • divination
  • Tarot cards, power stones and candles
  • rituals
  • courses and meditations

This topic has been attracting people for years, because it covers very important pains of the audience: knowledge of their future, health advice, self-development, spiritual growth, getting answers to mental queries, solving problems in personal life – romantic, family, love, improving finances.

The main request: a quick solution to their problems in a “magical” way. In terms of dealing with pain, this vertical is very close to the gut vertical, so the approaches to the process are very similar.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel to get into esoteric stuff. Traffic is driven by familiar methods of “pouring” on products, gut feelings, or info products. Creatives use zodiac signs, tarot cards, and product images, i.e. the face of a tarot reader + cards or some nice female background. In terms of geo, it’s also elementary – Ukraine, CIS countries + a few Russian-speaking European countries.

As for age restrictions, it is better to start with 23-25 years old, as young girls are very interested in this topic. Also, the text of the ad plays an important role in creo. You need to adapt to the holidays, and current events and put pressure on the users’ pain.

Another huge advantage of esoterica is that it is mostly “white offers”. The arbitrator does not need to cloak, look for creative approaches like in adult, or come up with ways to sneak in gambling prohibited by GEO legislation. Difficulties with moderation in this vertical are minimal.

Also, offers where the user needs to make a call are common in esoterica. These are the so-called IVR offers (Interactive Voice Response). They are paid according to the PPM (Pay Per Minute) model, i.e. the longer the user stays on the line, the more the arbitrager will earn. Such offers include horoscopes, death dates, and tarot.

So, if we summarize all the nuances, we can immediately understand that the esoteric niche in arbitrage is one of the top areas. There is a stable income, white offers, and the vertical has a strong potential. Due to the absence of banner blindness, offers in this vertical are not very competitive yet, so it’s time to break in and make money!

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