All About White Offers in Arbitrage

All About White Offers in Arbitrage

There are many areas of Internet traffic arbitrage, from health and dating products to gambling and betting. It is sometimes difficult to determine which category a particular offer falls into whether it is “white,” “gray,” or “black.” Offers marked as “gray” or “black” are often associated with illegal activities, as opposed to “white” schemes. But is the situation as bad as it may seem at first glance? Today we’re going to look into this, take a closer look at the “whitehat” methods known as whitehat, and find out why they are better than others and where to find them. As a bonus, we’ve prepared an exciting case study with a 100% ROI.

All About White Offers in Arbitrage

Types of Offers

White Offers are products or services that are fully compliant with the laws of the country and do not require special tricks to pass moderation. This means that they can be freely advertised on all platforms. The peculiarity of these offers is that the information about them is completely truthful and transparent, and customers get what they buy. These offers come in two types:

  • Physical: goods and services, such as clothing, cosmetics, furniture, massage, repair work.
  • Digital: goods and services provided online, such as web-based lessons or webinars.

All About White Offers in Arbitrage

Gray Offers – also comply with the law, but they are much more difficult to approve on many advertising platforms. The advertising claims of these products are often exaggerated and contain misleading information. For example, promises like “wear this ring and you will learn the whole truth”, “use the infusion three times a day and increase your breasts by two sizes”, and “buy this amulet and forget about poverty”.

All About White Offers in Arbitrage

Black Offers are products and services that violate the law, contain potentially harmful elements, and deceive users. They are not allowed to be advertised on all platforms. Examples include claims like “cure a terminal illness”, “counterfeit fur coats from China”, “you’ve won a billion in casinos”, and so on.

Advantages of White Offers:

Long-term and quality advertising campaigns based on legal and ethical methods can be used successfully for a long time without significant changes. It provides an opportunity to collect positive feedback on products or services and build a base of loyal customers.

Such campaigns do not face moderation problems because they comply with the law, do not contain prohibited information, and do not deceive consumers. They are easily verified on popular platforms including Facebook, Yandex, Google, Instagram, etc., unlike dubious advertising offers that require users to create fake accounts and use workarounds.

Users are loyal to such campaigns. Offering quality products or services can earn the trust of customers. Honest service and customer satisfaction contribute to positive word of mouth – one satisfied customer will lead others. Legitimate offers generate fewer complaints, reducing the need to deal with negative feedback.

Tools for analyzing and optimizing such campaigns allow you to focus on important aspects, such as analyzing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, instead of searching for ways to bypass the moderation system. Due to the availability of traffic, there is an opportunity to increase profitability. For example, on Facebook, long-term use of a single account allows the use of retargeting, dynamic advertising, and other advanced strategies

Disadvantages of White Offers

Preparing white-labeled offers takes a lot of time. It requires careful planning, strategy development, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and constant optimization. Unlike gray and black offers, where profits appear immediately after the launch of advertising campaigns thanks to the use of prohibited goods and deceptive, attention-grabbing advertising;

Creating promotional materials for white offers is associated with certain difficulties. It is necessary to start by identifying the target audience, as it will not be possible to sell goods or services to everyone at once. After identifying the target audience, you should prepare high-quality promotional material containing only reliable and clear information, a unique selling proposition of the product or service, its description, and cost (if necessary), and attach high-quality photos.

Verticals and niches with white-offerings

All About White Offers in Arbitrage

Whitehat offers about Whitehat Offers say the following:

Product niche: which includes products for everyday use, such as clothing and cosmetics (white-offers), and health and beauty products (gray-offers). This also includes working with online stores such as Aliexpress and eBay.

The financial industry: dealing with credit and bank card-related products is completely legal and legally clean.

Info business: This includes attracting customers to training courses and webinars. Here, it is important to choose the offerers carefully, so as not to undermine the trust of the audience due to low-quality services.

Dating: this can be simple socializing and dating (white vertical) or more adult sites and adult dating (black niche).

Install: means payment for installing official apps, provided that they do not harm devices. Otherwise, the offer goes into the black category.

The main methods for white-labeled offsets

Let’s take a look at the main methods of attracting traffic for “white” offsets and evaluate how difficult it is for beginners.

Search Engine Advertising: This is a way to attract users to your website through search engines for a fee. Its advantages are wide reach and precise targeting of the target audience. It is suitable for “white” offers, as it easily passes moderation in search engines such as Google and Yandex. For beginners, this is a moderately complex task that requires analyzing the market, defining the target audience and keywords

Social media: Attracting traffic from social media platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook. Even though many people are familiar with the interface of these platforms, special skills are needed for effective advertising. It is important to correctly identify the target audience and set up an advertising campaign. In social networks, you can also place offers in interest groups for free.

Native advertising: This is advertising that fits naturally into the content and does not annoy the user. It does not directly call for action and is suitable for “white” offers, as it is not perceived as advertising. For beginners, this is a moderately difficult task, requiring the selection of a suitable resource and the creation of “unobtrusive” content.

Mailings: This method involves working with an already formed database of numbers or E-mail addresses. It is important to use only reliable information. This is not the easiest method for beginners, as it requires an up-to-date database of potential customers.

Clickunder and popunder: These types of ads are considered intrusive, but are effective for “white” offers because of their high visibility and reach. For beginners, it is an easy and affordable way.

Push notifications: These are notifications on users’ devices that they have subscribed to. When used for white-hat offers, push sources allow you to segment your audience and run targeted ads. But for this, you need your website to collect subscriptions.

Mobile traffic: The use of mobile traffic and in-app advertising is promising, as most potential customers use mobile devices. It is relatively easy for beginners, the main thing is to choose an appropriate method of attracting mobile traffic.

All About White Offers in Arbitrage

Recommendations for selecting white offers

Drawing on the experience of a multitude of web development professionals based on fair practices (whitehat), we’ve compiled a list of key tips for choosing the most relevant and profitable proposal:

  • It is important to first scrutinize the terms and conditions of the offer. These terms and conditions usually specify the types of traffic allowed, the form and amount of remuneration, the allowed geographical areas (GEO), and the requirements for advertising materials.
  • The seasonal factor of the offer is also extremely important. It is necessary to think in advance whether the offer will be relevant in a certain period and for how long. For example, the sale of ski equipment in the summer is unlikely to be appropriate.
  • It is better to choose offers in a familiar topic webmaster. If he already has experience with a certain category of products, it will be easier and faster to identify the target audience and select the appropriate promotional materials.
    Personal interest in the promoted product also matters. If the webmaster himself is not interested in his product, why should he attract other customers?
  • The correct definition of the target audience directly affects the volume of sales. If it is not possible to clearly define the audience for a particular offer or the product is not in demand, then it is better to pay attention to other products where you can accurately identify the target audience.
  • Do not forget about the statistics of the offerer. Before you start, it is worth studying such indicators as EPC (efficiency per click), CR (conversion rate), AR (average check), and others. The higher these indicators are, the more profitable the offer will be.

Where to look for affiliate programs to promote white offers?

Let’s take a look at the best affiliate programs where you can find white offers to promote.

Lucky online
Multifunctional men’s JEEP VEST EU is a great gift choice for men. It features pockets for various small things and essentials that will always be handy. Supportive cut of the garment helps to reduce the load on the back muscles and spine. The vest is made of textile material, but is characterized by durability and wear resistance.

GEO: Italy, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Austria;
Traffic sources: FB, GA, teaser networks;
Payment model: CPA – $18.
SLIM SHAPE EU Slimming Shorts are a great way to hide a few extra pounds on your thighs with these black slimming shorts. They would also make a great gift for your favorite wife, girlfriend or mom.


Spill on Fuel Free PL. A case with an ROI of 103%.

  • Grid: Leadbit
  • Offer: Fuel Free – a fuel-saving device;
  • Description: magnets to reduce car fuel consumption;
  • GEO: Poland;
  • Bay dates: December 2017 – March 2018;
  • Earned: $2492;
  • Spent: $1222.

Choice of platform for advertising placement: decided to use Revcontent because of their affordable cost per click and high volume of user traffic. The main focus was on mobile users, as it is believed that active young people are more likely to use smartphones to view content. After 3000 clicks were conducted, the author compiled lists of effective and ineffective traffic sources. The list of ineffective ones turned out to be impressive due to the large number of bots.

The $1222 expenditure resulted in 125,395 conversions to the ads. Of these, Revcontent recognized 122,052 conversions as high-quality and bot-free. As a result, taking into account, not the most popular offer and not very popular region, the profit amounted to about 100% (ROI). The conclusion is this: you can advertise any product in any place, as people everywhere show interest.


What is a white offer?

White offers are products or services that are allowed to be advertised on platforms like Facebook, such as mobile apps or clothing. In contrast, “gray offers” include products that can lead to account blocking, such as adult content, gambling, or nutritional supplements. Gray offers also include unlicensed copies of branded goods, counterfeit perfumes, or Chinese electronics.

What is an offer in traffic arbitrage?

In traffic arbitrage, an offer (or CPA offer) means any product or service for which you can receive a reward.

Is it possible to work with white offers and avoid blocking?

Yes, working with white offers is usually associated with a lower risk of getting blocked, which is an important advantage.

What is the lifespan of a Facebook account when working with white offers?

The lifespan of a Facebook account engaged in white offers is not precisely defined. Although Facebook’s algorithms can be unpredictable, accounts that promote white offers usually have a longer lifespan than those that promote gray or black offers.

What is the best choice for white papers – the Burgundy or the CIS countries?

The choice of geographic destination for white offers depends on many factors, and there is no clear answer as to which market is “whiter.” It’s important to test and analyze the market to determine what works best for your specific product or service, taking into account volumes, market characteristics, advertisers, and bids.

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