Top tips for finding the perfect link in traffic arbitrage

Top tips for finding the perfect link in traffic arbitrage

Tired of breaking even and constantly looking for new connections?

We know what it’s like and have been through it too

Therefore, we have compiled the top proven and most effective tips on how to find the perfect arbitration connection.

Top tips for finding the perfect link in traffic arbitrage

The big idea and must-have of every arbitrator is to be a winner. But not everyone manages to accomplish this task. In order to make a profit, you need to have a working arb that will definitely bring you profit. However, in order to find, feel, and test an effective and profitable setup, every arbitrageur makes a lot of trial and error, and that’s normal. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try, test, and search.

How to look for working arbitration relationships – four proven steps, more…

Top tips for finding the perfect link in traffic arbitrage

Important! You need to realize right away that what works for someone else will not necessarily work for you. Moreover, if you try to clone your own successful link in order to increase your volumes, the “clone” is likely to perform worse. That’s why we are constantly looking for new things.

Determine the vertical and source

It is more convenient and efficient to work with one or two traffic sources and one or two verticals. This immediately narrows your search area, so you can find connections faster. By working with one traffic source and vertical, you will become an expert in this narrow niche, conducting tests, creating creos, and optimizing connections more effectively.

Top tips for finding the perfect link in traffic arbitrage

TIP! When choosing a vertical, consider your traffic source, budget, and season. It is important to understand which audience prevails in your traffic source. Once you’ve determined this, you’ll be able to select offers more accurately.

Let’s get acquainted with the current “bays” through the SPY service

An arbitrageur needs to see the overall picture of bids in a niche. If you go to spy-tool, select the desired source, you will see which offers and verticals are most actively filled. Filter the ads, leaving out those that have been running for 3 days or more. After all, if they have been running for so long, they are making a profit.

TIP! Ask your personal affiliate manager or support which ads are currently relevant and bring the highest conversion rate. It is in their best interest to give you advice so that you can make a profit.

Selecting an offer

Once we see what our colleagues are actively applying for, we look for suitable offers in CPA networks. Often, the same offer is available in several networks, so it’s worth comparing the terms and conditions in each network.

TIP! Be sure to look at the landing pages offered by the PP. If other arbitrageurs are using their own pre-lands, and you don’t have the opportunity to create them, you are unlikely to be as profitable as they are.

Testing the connections

To start testing links, you have to determine your budget and the criteria for a successful and unsuccessful test. If the vertical is inexpensive, for example, utilities, installs, a single link test takes $5-10, maximum $40-50 depending on the GEO. A gut offer can take from $50-100 to $400-500. Gambling and betting offers often require about $1000 per test.

TIP! If you are running pay-per-click campaigns with 3-5 payouts per lead, but no conversions are coming from such campaigns, refuse to connect with them.

So, do not rush to conclusions, choose the best offer for you and spend time testing the link.

Now, let’s look at common mistakes when testing niches. Use them instead of hints and cheat sheets in your future work.

Lack of a clear testing structure

Without a clear strategy, it is difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of various connections and determine which ones should be scaled up. First of all, you need to define the goals of testing, select the appropriate metrics for analysis, and develop a clear action plan.

Jumping to conclusions too quickly

To make sure that your hypothesis works, you need to test it over a long period of time. Even if you don’t see any positive dynamics right away, try optimizing your campaign, changing the time of your ads, or using a different creative.

Too many items for the test

Keep in mind that the more creatives, offers, or sources you test, the bigger the budget you’ll need. To avoid going into the red, don’t take on too many elements at once. This mistake is most often made by novice arbitrageurs who do not have a sufficient budget.

  • A small budget for tests. Someone manages to start with $100 and make a profit. Someone spends $3000-4000 for a successful start. Team leaders say that, on average, it takes about $1000-1500 thousand to find a profitable connection. And this is despite the fact that the tests are conducted by experienced guys and girls.

Stability and good profits in arbitration are possible. Yes, this is not an easy process, but if you have enough endurance, stubbornness, and desire, you will definitely find your working connection that will definitely bring you high dividends.

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