What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

Traffic arbitrage is a promising field that allows you to earn unlimited income. The community is constantly growing with new members, and it is difficult for newcomers to join this field. On the one hand, many people talk about the opportunity to make money, but on the other hand, it is quite difficult, and not everyone succeeds. We will tell you why the first campaign is unlikely to be successful and where to start.

Lack of motivation

What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

People come to arbitrage to make a high profit, but, as in any other field, blindly following the money will not lead to it. Before starting, you need to study the process in detail and take into account the risks. Due to failures at the beginning, unmotivated affiliates quickly lose interest. The same applies to the stress of constant monitoring of statistics. If there is no understanding of why this is done, then the work will not bring the desired result.

The key to a successful start in arbitrage is to realize that there will be difficulties at first, as well as to find motivation. Determine the goal that brought you to arbitrage: financial independence, the desire to work for yourself on a free schedule, etc. Remember your goal in particularly difficult moments. If you lack inspiration, use our tips.

Research the stories of famous arbitrators. Here are some examples:

Robert Greene, a Polish millionaire and founder of Zeropark and Voluum, a media platform for arbitrageurs and an ad tracker, respectively. Robert was an ordinary employee, not afraid to offer ideas for startups, and even co-founded the software development company Codewise. In an interview, he shared his thoughts that such success was made possible by a change in perception: “Arbitrage is the foundation that led me to the desire and opportunity to start my own business.”

Thomas Padovani is a French entrepreneur investor, and founder of the online advertising service AdCash. Thomas managed to turn the startup into a successful multimillion-dollar company. In 2015 and 2016, AdCash received awards from Enterprise Estonia as the most competitive and innovative company in the country. Tomas Padovani is an example of the fact that you don’t have to sit still.

Continuous training and knowledge updating through courses and webinars. If you don’t know where to start, check out Udemy. This is an international platform for online learning with more than 200 thousand courses, including traffic arbitrage. Currently, you can buy Online Arbitrage Mastermind 2.0 there. From it, you will learn where to look for cheap and high-quality products for resale online, as well as how to do it. Sometimes the platform offers steep discounts, for example, this course is currently available for $15.99.

Keeping a diary with an analysis of your achievements is an important practice. Write down all the data about campaigns, settings, and key performance indicators, such as conversion rates, cost per customer, expenses, revenue, etc. This is necessary to observe the dynamics of work and correct your own mistakes. By analyzing your successes and failures, you can develop more effective strategies and avoid similar mistakes in the future.

It is important to realize that mistakes are an integral part of any work. This allows you to learn what didn’t work and improve your tactics. If you look at the success stories of famous people in various fields, you will realize that each of them made many mistakes. However, the ability to analyze your work, correct yourself, and keep going leads to achieving the desired result and success.

The desire to earn millions right away

What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

If someone is planning to participate in arbitrage under the false assumption that it is an easy way to make money, we must disappoint you. This is a job like any other, so it requires specific knowledge and constant self-improvement. A strategy that worked yesterday may become ineffective today. Therefore, it is important to constantly look for new approaches, test them, and analyze the results of campaigns.

Your work will be more effective if you have realistic expectations from the very beginning. If you are ready to explore and learn, success will surely find you. Analyze data and user behavior, learn tools and approaches, and never despair if you fail to make money quickly. Arbitrage recognizes those who are ready to work hard and take risks at the right time!

Improper testing

What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

Testing reveals profitable connections from unsuccessful ones. You can’t choose only one creative option without exploring other options. This can lead to undesirable results, disappointment, and loss of budget. Launching a campaign with a single creative for all funds can lead to its loss, and without a comparative analysis, you won’t be able to determine which option works better.

A/B testing is the most commonly used method of testing different creatives on several audience segments. The optimal number for the test is 4-5 variants. After receiving the results, evaluate which one attracts more attention and generates the most traffic. This will help you avoid budget turbulence when you launch your main campaign.

Use of old and irrelevant bindings

What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

Every day, users are exposed to a large number of ads, so it’s important to invest in creating an attractive creative. If you fail to capture the audience’s attention, don’t expect a high conversion rate. Modern advertising platforms evaluate the quality of advertising by special indicators, which allows you to assess the relevance and relevance of ads. It is better to take a risk and spend a little time studying trends and creating effective creatives.

Besides, copying the successful cases of others is not the best idea. Sometimes it can work, but it is the exception, not the rule. It’s better to try to understand the logic and ideas behind such connections by analyzing their success. You can interpret the ideas for your campaign by highlighting the strengths of the product you are promoting. However, you should avoid blind copying if you don’t want to get banned or face negative consequences.

Low-quality materials

Advertising platforms always pay attention to the quality of the pages where ads are placed. If a profile does not meet the requirements, it can be blocked. Low-quality and abandoned accounts significantly undermine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and traffic. That’s why it’s important to monitor the quality of your pages and regularly check your ad campaigns. There are several types of accounts, among which you can choose the best option:

  • Brutes – hacked profiles of real and fictional people. These pages can be easily purchased, but there are no quality guarantees. Brutes require additional pharmaceuticals, as they quickly get banned. They are suitable for those who have a limited budget.
  • Autoregs are massively created by bots and have minimal content. These accounts should be used with caution, as a large number of them can lead to blocking.
  • Rental accounts are the first free source of traffic for a beginner. You can rent profiles of friends or relatives, or find offers on forums. However, there is a risk that your data or connections will be disclosed by the account owner.
  • Owning your accounts is the best, but difficult option, as you need to maintain their quality and simulate activity on the page. Develop your pharma scheme and store all the data, including the anti-detection browser session data.

Accounts are just one of the aspects you need to take care of. An affiliate may encounter scammers and info gypsies selling low-quality proxies, white hat proxies, trackers, payment systems, or even arbitrage courses. Therefore, it is important to be careful when choosing a seller, check reviews, and contact trusted stores through your friends. Proven services for successful arbitrage are also available in our catalog – add this link to your bookmarks to avoid getting lost.

Lack of budget for turnover

One of the key elements for achieving high profits is sufficient investment in operations. Scaling with a minimal budget is an extremely difficult task. Thus, it is important to create your team or join an existing one. The first option is more difficult, as it requires finding several people and pooling efforts and funds. If you feel that you are not ready for your own business yet, it is recommended to try working in a team for a while. However, be careful to keep successful connections confidential.

Lack of networking

What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

Networking is the process of creating and maintaining connections between community members. It is a key element of successful activity that is often underestimated. Interacting with colleagues allows you to get information about new traffic sources, discuss common challenges, and get advice. New acquaintances can also become important in the future for finding a job or, conversely, for hiring staff. Therefore, we recommend attending thematic meetings and conferences, as well as participating in chats. We remind you that we have our chat room for the Ukrainian-speaking segment of affiliates.

Working with outdated sources and verticals

While most people suffer from Facebook floods and focus on gambling, someone is hitting the jackpot on pushes with swipe stakes, which are not yet very common. Test non-obvious sources before the wider community learns about their potential. We recommend starting with our article about ten unusual sources that can be useful for arbitrageurs.

Lack of clear financial control

It may seem that small expenses do not always matter, but gradually they begin to tear a hole in the budget. You can effectively analyze the results of a campaign only if you have strict control over finances. This will help you understand how to optimize costs and avoid excessive spending.

Defocusing attention

What prevents you from gaining a profit in arbitrage traffic

One of the most common misunderstandings is that people rush to tackle everything and take on multiple verticals or sources at the same time without properly analyzing any of them. This leads to the fact that nothing is fully completed. Without analytics and error correction, it is impossible to optimize campaigns in the future, which is one of the key components of success in affiliate marketing. It is recommended to concentrate on one vertical or source until it brings tangible profit.

Detailed study of the GEO and the offer

Before selling something, it is important to create a portrait of your target audience. Research what these people need and what arguments can convince them to buy the product. Identify the strengths of the proposed product. The study of the offer should include an assessment of its advantages and importance for potential buyers.

Choosing a geographical region also involves researching how much money residents earn; what kind of advertising they often see and what kind of advertising they might get bored with; whether the country is secular or religious; what restrictions exist by law in this country (this point is especially important, for example, when advertising in the adalta, gambling, and betting categories).

Sometimes an offer may lack optimized payment systems for a specific geographic region or has problems with website optimization, such as broken order buttons or registration fills. As a result, conversion rates can be low and money is lost. Therefore, it is important that the advertiser carefully checks the entire lead generation process before launching.

Practitioners’ advice

Theory is an important thing, but without practice, it is meaningless. If you don’t have enough experience, you can take it from professionals. The media resources constantly publish various cases and articles. Our website has also recently published new information about the launch of Cosmolot, which will be useful for those who deal with gambling traffic.

Anyone who has work-related questions from time to time is welcome to join our live chat. Here, you will not only find answers to your questions but also be able to make useful contacts and possibly find future partners.


You can make a real profit in traffic arbitrage, but you need to invest efforts. Instead of creating unrealistic expectations, it is better to research the topic comprehensively, be calm about future mistakes and losses, and set realistic goals. We hope that with our recommendations you will be able to make a profit!

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