What are RDP accounts

What are RDP accounts

Recently, new types of accounts, such as RDP, have been actively used in the field of traffic arbitrage. These advertising accounts work via remote access, performing operations in certain GEOs. They are mainly used for the flooding of large advertising platforms such as FB.

Working with RDP greatly simplifies the processes of scaling activities, pharmaceuticals, and setting up advertising campaigns. We have studied all aspects of using such accounts.

In this article, we will share information about the advantages and disadvantages of RDPs, the methods of their acquisition, and give some tips for their effective use. Let’s get started!

How to use an RDP account effectively?

There are several methods of accessing an account connection:

  • Purchase or rent. When buying an account, the seller will give you an IP address, host, and password. Enter these data in Remote Desktop Connection for Windows or Microsoft Remote Desktop for macOS. After connecting, you will get a desktop with a farmed account;
  • Self-priming. It is possible to farm RDP yourself, but it is advisable only for further resale. You need to purchase a remote desktop from the GEO, into which you will pour, and do the farming manually.

After connecting, go to FB through the browser on the remote desktop. To work with the account, you do not need to install an anti-detection browser, as it is located in the filler’s GEO.

Pros and cons of RDP accounts

Let us consider the advantages:

  • Time optimization. Using RDP allows you to interact with already configured accounts, which eliminates the need to set them up initially. Additionally, there is no need to install anti-detection browsers, and tenants often pay for the ad network’s holding.
  • Reliability. Accounts managed through RDP are associated with real users and use a single device, which ensures high trust, rare bans, and the possibility of high spending.
  • Flexibility of use. RDP accounts are similar to agent accounts in terms of trust and do not limit the promotion of gray verticals and offers.
  • Payments. Accounts are already connected to payment cards, simplifying the process of searching for payments.

On the other hand, there are the following disadvantages:

  • Risk of fraud. Some sellers may use one account for multiple users or restrict access after receiving payment. It is important to choose trusted landlords based on recommendations and reviews.
  • High costs. Effective RDP fills require considerable investments, starting from $1000.

Some more tips

  • Connect the necessary tools. When working with RDP, it is enough to connect only the basic devices, such as a tracker or a cloak when uploading to gray marketplaces, and to connect a payment method if it is not provided by landlords or sellers.
  • The choice between renting and buying. Teams that sell or lease RDP accounts usually specialize in providing them. Before cooperating, it is always worth checking with colleagues to avoid being deceived.

Save time on preparatory processes. Avoid wasting time creating accounts and setting up proxy servers, as these tasks are not necessary for effective work with RDP.

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