The Role of SMM Manager in Arbitrage Marketing: Peculiarities of Working in the Arbitrage Market

The Role of SMM Manager in Arbitrage Marketing: Peculiarities of Working in the Arbitrage Market

In the world of arbitration, effective communication with the audience is no less important than strategy and technique. To better understand the role of social media in this process, we turned to our Head of SMM Nadiia. Here are her answers and conclusions.

Who is an SMM manager?

An SMM specialist is a person who knows how to cover such areas as

  • strategy
  • content
  • advertising
  • moderation

Usually, some areas are covered by contractors. However, to delegate effectively, an SMM specialist must be well-versed in all of these areas.

What role does an SMM manager play in the arbitration team?

In the arbitration team, the SMM manager plays a key role in the development and implementation of the communication strategy. He or she is responsible for planning and executing advertising campaigns on social media, as well as interacting with the audience and supporting the brand in the online environment. In addition, the SMM manager uses performance tools to analyze the results and optimize the strategy to achieve maximum effect.

How to determine the target audience for an advertising campaign?

Target audience analysis is the starting point of SMM promotion. Before creating content and launching ads, I need to study in detail the interests of the target audience, their needs, pains, problems, beliefs, habits, etc.

Are there any peculiarities in developing a content strategy for arbitrage advertising campaigns?

The question itself is not quite right. In SMM, we build a performance strategy for advertising companies. 

Yes, there are a lot of peculiarities. This niche is special, and I have some colleagues who tried to enter it but could not find the right methods of promotion after standard SMM niches such as hotel and restaurant businesses, beauty salons, online stores, etc. For example, first, you need to learn the basics of traffic arbitrage to create content that will be interesting to the web. You need to understand how to make them interested and how to entertain them. 

How to track and implement new trends and innovations in the traffic arbitrage industry?

The following helps me to implement trends and innovations

  • regular analysis of content on the market (from this niche and others, I analyze various advertising campaigns, tools, and content of well-known brands)
  • movies and books, when I see interesting techniques in stories and scripts, I immediately think about how to implement them in content 
  • regular training. Thanks to this, I can understand the approaches to the work of other specialists, and their chips, and create my unique approach based on this

Many people consider arbitration to be fraudulent, do you get negative feedback from social media users and how do you deal with it?

To be honest, I have not encountered such a thing. My boyfriend is an arbitrator and I understand that this business is called fraud by those who have lost because of their incompetence.

What challenges have you faced in your work?

The real challenge is arbitration cases. Buyers like to read them, but they don’t like to share them. Therefore, it is a real challenge to agree with someone to write a case.

Nadia SMM

She is a qualified social media marketing specialist with years of experience in creating and implementing SMM strategies for various traffic arbitrage companies. She has in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and the ability to effectively use various social platforms to achieve business goals. Nadiia is creative, analytically minded and able to quickly adapt to changes in the digital world.
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