Prepaid accounts: what are they and why are they needed

Prepaid accounts: what are they and why are they needed

Many people have heard of prepaid accounts, but not everyone realizes their true value. Let’s get into the details.

In this post, we’ll look at what prepay accounts are, why they’re needed, and what advantages they offer over postpay accounts.

What are prepay accounts?

Prepay or prepay accounts are accounts where the advertiser deposits a certain amount of money into their advertising account in advance. These funds are then used to place advertisements on the respective platform.

Prepay accounts are common:

  • In social networks such as Facebook or TikTok;
  • In search engines;
  • In advertising networks. Almost all accounts in advertising networks are prepay, except for special agreements.

The advantages of using such accounts include ease of budget management, better control over spending, and the ability to avoid unexpected spending. It is also believed that, for example, for Facebook, such accounts have more credibility.

Pros and cons of using prepaid accounts in traffic arbitrage

Positive sides of prepaid accounts in advertising networks:

  • Increased level of trust;
  • Simplified account creation, no long “warming up” of profiles is required;
  • Less blocking by advertisers;
  • No problems with payment cards;
  • Ability to duplicate advertising campaigns without risks.

However, there are disadvantages to this type of account. If your account runs out of money, your advertising campaigns will be stopped. And in case your account is blocked, the money will also be confiscated and cannot be returned.

Where can I buy prepaid accounts for arbitrage?

Many advertising platforms provide such accounts by default. However, on Facebook, for example, all accounts are postpay by default. To get a prepay account on Facebook you need to:

Go to the billing section and fill out your company information:

Select a currency, preferably dollars or euros:

Save the data entered, right click on the page and select “View Code”:

In the right pane that opens, select “Console”:

Copy and paste the following code into the console:

After 5-10 seconds, the option to top up will appear:


The need for pre-pay accounts for Facebook arises when there is a need for more trusted accounts that require minimal time investment and no social activity to reduce the risk of blocking.

However, pre-pay accounts are not without their drawbacks. For example, in the event of a lockout, you will suffer the loss of all funds in your balance.

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