Neural networks and traffic arbitrage: must-have tools

Neural networks and traffic arbitrage: must-have tools

Neural networks are becoming an integral part of the work of digital specialists, including the field of arbitrage, where they are used to optimize routine tasks.

We are actively following modern technologies and would like to share insights on the use of ChatGPT in the context of traffic arbitrage. Our research shows that the potential of ChatGPT goes beyond writing texts for ads, although this is also an important part. We propose to consider the role of neural networks in the work of copywriters, translators, and creative specialists and why artificial intelligence will not be able to replace these professions completely.

Also, let’s look at the possibilities of using Midjourney in arbitration and how this tool can increase the productivity of designers. In this article, we’ve collected all the ideas and insights we came up with during our brainstorming and testing sessions with our team.

Using ChatGPT in traffic arbitrage

Using ChatGPT in traffic arbitrage opens up new opportunities to simplify tests, find useful information, and optimize daily tasks. Here are some of the ways artificial intelligence can be useful in this area:

Writing texts for advertising creatives

This is one of the most obvious ways to use AI. Using ChatGPT allows you to:

  • Generate new ideas – AI can suggest fresh words and phrases, especially when a new creative approach is needed.
  • Save time – Reduces the time it takes to develop and write creative copy.
  • Multilingual – Ability to generate text in different languages.

However, there are certain limitations:

  • Requires editing – Some phrases may look illogical, so it is important to check and edit the text carefully.
  • Translation into unfamiliar languages – Generated phrases in a foreign language may sound unnatural. In such cases, it is recommended to contact native speakers for verification. For example, at ProfitPay, we offer free text editing in Polish, just contact your manager.

These AI tools can significantly improve the process of traffic arbitrage, opening up new perspectives for creativity and increasing work efficiency.

Text Unification

If you have a problem with lower conversions due to old content, or your pre-land is already flagged by advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, or TikTok and faces the risk of being blocked, ChatGPT can help rewrite your text to make it fresh and avoid repetition.

Benefits of using ChatGPT to unify your text:

  • Fast content updates: The ability to quickly reformulate existing text in the desired language, while maintaining the main meaning and context on the preview or landing page.
  • Uniqueness for search engines: Guaranteed uniqueness of the content, which contributes to better ranking in search engines, especially if you check the text through uniqueizers.
  • Savings on copywriting services: Reduce the cost of copywriters or rewriters thanks to the automated text generation process.


  • The need for editing: Text created with ChatGPT may require careful review and editing before publishing to eliminate possible errors or inaccuracies.

All in all, using ChatGPT to unify your text can be an effective way to increase conversions and avoid issues with ad platforms, while saving time and resources.

Neural networks and traffic arbitrage: must-have tools

Gathering information

Another effective way to use ChatGPT is to collect and structure information, which is similar to Google, but with a more organized way of responding to queries.

Benefits of using ChatGPT to gather information:

  • Data collection speed: Saves time by eliminating the need to visit different websites and open links.
  • Customization of the format: The ability to receive information in the format that best suits your needs.
  • Data synthesis and structuring: Using AI to structure information and write short conclusions on the chosen topic.
  • Query flexibility: The ability to make specific and personalized queries for data collection, including comparisons and other out-of-the-box solutions.


  • Limitations in the variety of sources: ChatGPT cannot collect different views from different sources, nor analyze the information to make informed decisions, especially on arbitration topics.
  • Risk of outdated information: The information received from ChatGPT may be outdated at the time of the request.

Using ChatGPT to collect information is a useful tool for collecting data quickly and efficiently, especially when a structured presentation of information is required, but it is important to consider the possible limitations and relevance of the information provided.

Writing the code

ChatGPT can be a useful tool for generating simple code that can be used for your pre-launch or landing page. It is enough to specify exactly what you need and in what programming language, and AI will provide you with the appropriate code.

Benefits of using ChatGPT to write code:

  • Ease of use for non-programmers: Get ready-made code for your website without the need for programming knowledge.
  • Development speed: The ability to quickly get code that meets your specifications and requests.


  • Limitations in complexity: ChatGPT is not yet capable of performing complex layout tasks, so it is only suitable for simple queries.
  • Need to be checked by professionals: It is important to have the code checked and finalized by a professional developer to avoid errors in the layout and ensure the correct display of site elements.

In general, using ChatGPT to write code can greatly facilitate the development process for users without a technical background, but it is important to remember the limitations of AI in performing more complex tasks and the need for professional review and revision of the code.

Translation of texts

ChatGPT can be used to translate texts into various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and can handle requests for additional languages.

Benefits of using ChatGPT for text translation:

  • Translation speed: The ability to quickly translate texts into different languages.
  • Cost savings: Reducing the cost of professional translation services.
  • Multiple language support: A wide range of languages supported by AI and its ability to learn.
  • Large text processing: Efficiency in working with large amounts of information.


  • Potential inaccuracy: Possibility of inaccurate translations, especially for texts with complex terminology, ambiguous expressions, or specific dialects.

Using ChatGPT for translation can be a useful tool for fast and efficient translation, but it is important to keep in mind the possible limitations of AI, especially when working with specialized or complex texts.

How you can use Midjourney

Midjourney AI is an image-generation neural network that can create images based on text descriptions using artificial intelligence capabilities. The process of using this tool is to send a text command to Discord, after which the AI generates four image options.

The main application of Midjourney:

  • Creative image production: Midjourney allows you to produce unique and eye-catching images that would normally take a designer or illustrator a long time to develop.

Benefits of using Midjourney:

  • Getting unique images: The ability to quickly get original and impressive images.
  • Variability of results: AI offers four image options for each query, with the ability to further refine the selected option.
  • Image relevance: Based on precise queries, the system can create images that meet the needs of a specific advertising campaign.


  • Potential discrepancies with expectations: Generated images may not be exactly as intended, and it may take time to find the perfect match.
  • Efficiency compared to a professional designer: Sometimes it’s easier and more efficient to seek the help of a designer.

Using Midjourney is a powerful tool for quickly creating visual content, especially when you need unique and creative images, but it’s important to consider the need for further editing and refinement of the results.

Neural networks and traffic arbitrage: must-have tools

Creating website prototypes

Artificial intelligence can be useful in creating landing page prototypes by generating visualizations based on your requests and specifications. To do this, you need to tell AI the desired parameters and design requirements. The resulting layout will be in the form of an image, which can facilitate further work of the designer on the landing page concept.

Benefits of using AI to create website prototypes:

  • New conceptual ideas: The ability to generate original and fresh design ideas for pre-lands and landing pages.
  • Creative speed: Effective creation of a visual concept of the site in a short time.
  • Support for designers: Although AI cannot completely replace a designer, it can simplify the process of concept development.


  • Limited scope of possibilities: Considering that AI serves as a designer’s assistant, not a full-fledged tool for website development, no serious drawbacks have been identified in its use.

Using artificial intelligence to create website prototypes can be useful, especially when you need to quickly form creative concepts or get new ideas for design, but it is important to remember the role of the designer in bringing these ideas to the final realization.

Uniqueizing creatives

Midjourney AI provides a unique opportunity to modernize existing images by adding new elements, colors, or styles to them. This can spice up your creatives, making them more unique to AI algorithms like Facebook, TikTok, and Google.

Benefits of using Midjourney to unify your creatives:

  • Fast creative updates: The ability to quickly update creatives with exciting new elements.
  • Improve CTR: Updated creatives with new elements can grab more attention and increase CTR accordingly.


  • Risk of adding irrelevant elements: Sometimes AI may add elements that do not match or violate the original content.

Using Midjourney on Discord:

To use Midjourney, you need to have a Discord account. The process is quite simple and does not require a detailed description. Instructions on how to activate AI on the Discord server can be found using any search engine.

Here’s a list of basic commands for Midjourney:

  • /imagine: Generates an image based on your request.
  • /help: Provides useful information and tips on how to use the MJ bot.
  • /info: Displays information about your profile, plan, usage, etc.
  • /subscribe: Allows you to subscribe to the bot.
  • /fast: Performs tasks faster, but for an additional fee.
  • /relax: Performs tasks for free, but takes longer (available only for certain plans).
  • /show : Resumes any job.
  • /private: Keeps your jobs private (subscription required).
  • /public: Your work becomes public.

In general, Midjourney is used to inspire designers and quickly create unique creatives. However, the tool may require additional refinement to achieve the perfect result.

Parameters “/imagine”

  • -beta: Use an experimental algorithm.
  • -hd: Use the older algorithm for improved results.
  • -version / -v: Specifies the version of the algorithm to use with Midjourney.
  • -aspect / -ar: Generate images with a specific aspect ratio.
  • -h & -w: Sets the height and width of the image.
  • -seed & -sameseed: Sets the style and applies the same changes to all images.
  • -no: Exclude certain elements from the query.
  • -stop: Stops the generation of Midjourney images.
  • -video: Saves the generation process in video format.

Parameters for styling images:

  • -stylize / -s 625: Less artistic style.
  • -stylize / -s 1250: Moderately artistic style, recommended for advanced users.
  • -stylize / -s 2500: Default value.
  • -stylize / -s 20000: Start styling the image.
  • -stylize / -s 60000: Maximum stylization, may lead to loss of similarity to the query.

Image quality parameters:

  • -quality / -q 0.25: Raw result, faster and cheaper.
  • -quality / -q 0.5: Fewer details, but faster and cheaper.
  • -quality / -q 1: Standard quality.
  • -quality / -q 2: Increased detail, but slower and more expensive.
  • -quality / -q 5: Can improve quality, but there is a risk of deterioration of the result.

The ability to add references via links in the request description is also a useful option.

While ChatGPT and Midjourney are great helpers for arbitrators, they cannot completely replace professions that involve creative content creation.

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