Instagram mass following: what is it and how to set it up?

Instagram mass following: what is it and how to set it up?

The term “mass following” refers to the mass practice of following other users’ accounts in order to reciprocate. Mass following is a long-known method of promoting Instagram accounts and remains quite common.

The principle of mass following is quite simple:

  • You subscribe to user profiles that match your target audience.
  • The user sees notifications about your subscription.
  • They go to your account and explore it.
  • If the user is interested in your profile, they can reciprocate and subscribe to your account.

The main goal of mass following is to draw users’ attention to your account. However, whether they become your subscribers or followers already depends on the quality of your content and your promotion efforts. It is important to work hard to create interesting content, as without it, mass following can be ineffective.

Instagram mass following: what is it and how to set it up?

Types and examples of mass following on Instagram

There are different types and examples of mass following on Instagram:

  1. Manual mass following: This method requires you to find relevant user profiles and interact with them on your own. Examples include:
    • Searching for profiles that represent your target audience and following them.
    • Liking and commenting on posts from accounts with similar interests on a regular basis.
    • View and respond to user stories that interest you.
  2. Automatic mass following: This method uses third-party services or scripting programs to automate the subscription to user accounts. Examples include:
    • Using tools that automatically follow accounts with similar interests or keywords.
    • Setting criteria for selecting your target audience, such as age, location, interests, etc.

Following other people’s accounts can be an effective way to attract an audience to your account. However, it’s important to use this method carefully and follow the platform’s rules to avoid getting blocked or complained about by other users.

A successful example of mass following involves gaining a large number of subscribers, but at the same time having an important active and engaged audience. This can be achieved through an appropriate mass following strategy and the creation of interesting and valuable content.

Pros and cons of mass following

One of the main advantages of mass following is its speed and lack of large expenditures. This allows you to increase the number of subscribers with almost no significant financial costs.

But before you start using mass following, you should consider the following points:

  • Saturation. Most Instagram users have already received a large number of follow requests from various brands, shops, restaurants, influencers, etc. This can be annoying and reduce the desire to follow in return.
  • Breaking Instagram rules. The platform does not approve of massive follower fraud, except when it happens through targeted advertising. If users start complaining about excessive activity, your account may be blocked.
  • Mutual subscriptions are rare. Not everyone you follow will be willing to follow you back. Many people prioritize personal space and rarely agree to mutual subscriptions.

It’s also worth noting that mass-following is against Instagram’s policy, and the platform actively detects and fights against follower fraud. Algorithms identify suspicious activity, such as excessive likes, reposts, and comments from the same account, and can lead to account blocking.

It is difficult to determine whether mass following on Instagram is a good or bad strategy. The main point is to provide users with positive emotions through quality content, not to overwhelm them with ads and spam. If your account meets these requirements and creates interesting content, mass following can be an effective way to increase your audience.

Instagram mass following: what is it and how to set it up?

How to set up mass following on Instagram

Setting up mass following on Instagram requires following certain steps and developing a strategy. Below is an instruction based on the example of working with the Zengram service:

Step 1: Setting goals

The first step is to define specific goals for your mass following strategy. Specify what you want to achieve and choose one of the following goals:

  • Increase your reach: You want to attract as many new subscribers as possible.
  • Reach and loyalty: You want to engage with your target audience and keep them engaged with your content.
  • Gaining full contact: You want to actively engage with specific accounts by following, liking, and commenting on a regular basis.
  • Motivating to buy: Your goal is to attract a “hot” target audience and encourage them to buy.

Step 2: Develop a strategy

After you’ve defined your goals, you need to develop a strategy.

After defining your goals, develop a strategy that will help you achieve those goals. For example:

  • To increase your reach, use mass following for one group of your target audience and oiling for another. You can also add story views for the third group.
  • For reach and loyalty, follow accounts and like their posts.
  • To motivate a purchase, first like the comments of users who respond to your competitors’ posts, and then follow their accounts and like their posts.

Step 3: Set up Zengram or a similar service

  • Download and install Zengram (or a similar service) on your device.
  • Log in to your Instagram account through this service.
  • Customize your mass following settings according to your strategy. For example, select user groups to subscribe to, set limits on the number of new subscriptions per day, and other parameters.

Step 4: Monitoring and optimization

After launching mass follow-up, you should regularly monitor its effectiveness and make timely adjustments to the strategy, if necessary.

Setting up mass following on Instagram is a long-term process, and it is important to follow the rules of the platform and conduct activities in accordance with your strategy and goals.


While mass following may seem like an easy way to get subscribers, it is better to avoid it and choose honest and long-term methods of audience growth. Remember that blocking your account can lead to the loss of all your efforts and results, so it is better to choose a reliable and honest way to success.

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