Fansly: how to create an account and start earning

Fansly: how to create an account and start earning

Enter the world of Fansly – a platform where creativity and interaction with followers can bring sustainable income! The algorithm for creating an account on Fansly is simple: register, verify your age, and start sharing unique content. 

This platform is ideal for artists, models, and other creatives who want to monetize their work. From defining your goals and audience to effectively promoting your profile, Fansly is your path to success. Follow our tips and start your Fansly adventure today!

What is Fansly?

Fansly is a popular platform for content creators that allows them to monetize their content. It was created specifically for those who want to receive financial support from their fans. On Fansly, you can earn money through subscriptions, media sales, paid posts, and tips. 

The platform provides a convenient and secure way to interact with your fans, offering various tools to monetize your content. Fansly users can customize their profile, create exclusive content, and engage fans through effective promotion methods. Start your successful career on Fansly today!

How does Fansly work?

  • Subscription model: Users can subscribe to the profiles of their favorite content creators and get access to exclusive content.
  • Selling media files: The platform allows you to sell individual media files without the need for a subscription.
  • Paid messages: Content creators can send paid messages to their subscribers.
  • Receiving tips: Followers can support their favorite content creators by tipping them.
  • Subscription levels: Content creators can create different subscription levels with different access to content, allowing them to flexibly customize their offerings to their fans.

What percentage does Fansly take?

  1. Platform commission: Fansly takes a 20% commission from the total earnings of the content creator.
  2. Types of income subject to commission:
    • Subscriptions
    • Selling media files
    • Paid messages
    • Tipping
  3. Coverage of expenses:
    • Platform maintenance costs
    • Technical support for users
  4. Development of functions:
    • Developing new tools for content monetization
    • Improving existing features for user convenience
  5. Increase in income:
    • Introducing new opportunities for earning money
    • Expanding the audience and attracting new subscribers

How much can you earn on Fansly?

Fansly: how to create an account and start earning

Earnings on Fansly depend on the number of subscribers and the activity of your audience. Some users earn a few hundred dollars a month, while others reach thousands of dollars in revenue. Your income depends on how active you are on the platform and how effectively you interact with your followers. 

It’s important to update your content regularly and maintain a high level of engagement with your audience by responding to messages and attracting new followers. The quality of your content and your efforts to promote your profile are also important. Active participation in the Fansly community and continuous improvement will help you maximize your earnings.

How to make money on Fansly?


One of the main ways to make money on Fansly is through subscriptions. Users can follow your profile by paying a monthly subscription to access exclusive content. You can set up different subscription levels with different access to content, allowing you to attract more followers. Set different prices for different subscription levels to meet the needs of different groups of your fans.

Closed media (Pay-Per-View)

You can also earn money by selling individual media files. Users can purchase access to these files for a one-time fee. This can be useful if you have unique content that you want to monetize separately from subscriptions. Gated media can include exclusive videos, photo shoots, or other unique content.

Paid messages

Fansly allows you to send private messages to your followers for an additional fee. This can be a great way to generate additional revenue by offering personalized content and interaction with your followers. Paid messages can include customized videos, personal messages, or special greetings.


Followers can send you tips as a way of showing their support. It can be a one-time payment or regular payments, depending on your interaction with your audience. Tipping can be a nice bonus to your main income. Thank your followers for their support and encourage them to keep tipping by offering special bonuses or exclusive content.

Is Fansly right for you?

Fansly is suitable for creative people who are willing to invest time in creating content and interacting with their followers. If you have interesting content and want to receive financial support for it, Fansly can be a great platform for you. The platform allows you to manage your content and revenue independently, offering flexible monetization tools.

How do I create a Fansly account?

Fansly: how to create an account and start earning

How do I verify my Fansly account?

To create an account on Fansly, you need to go through a verification process. This includes providing documents that prove your identity, such as a passport or driver’s license. The verification process can take several days, but it is important to ensure the security of the platform. After successful verification, you can start customizing your profile and publishing content.

How do I create a profile on Fansly?

Creating a profile is an important step in attracting followers. Add an attractive avatar, write an interesting description about yourself and your content. Don’t forget to upload examples of your content to attract potential followers. It is important to create a professional and attractive profile that reflects your personality and style.

How do I customize the cost of a Fansly subscription?

You can set up different subscription levels with different costs. This allows you to attract more subscribers by giving them a choice according to their means. In addition, you can create a Gift Link to attract new subscribers through promotional offers. Gift Links can be used for temporary promotions or to reward loyal subscribers.

How do I choose a subscription price?

The subscription price should be adequate to the value of your content and the expectations of your audience. Do your research to understand what your subscribers are willing to pay and adjust it accordingly. Also, consider the value of your time and effort you put into creating content.

How to create a Welcome Message?

The welcome message is the first thing new subscribers will see. Customize it to be friendly and informative. You can automate your welcome messages to save time and ensure that all new subscribers receive the same welcome. Use the Welcome Message to provide useful information and guidance on how to use your profile.

How do I block a country on Fansly?

Fansly allows you to restrict access to your content to users from certain countries. This can be useful if you want to avoid certain markets or protect your content from illegal distribution. You can set up geographic restrictions in your profile settings.

How to post on Fansly

Customize the publication

Setting up your posts correctly is key to ensuring that they are visible and engaging with your audience. Use the scheduling features to publish content at the best time for your audience. Add tags and categories to make your content easy to find. Scheduling posts will help you maintain a steady stream of content, which is important for retaining followers and attracting new ones.

Media settings

  1. Prepare media files for publications:
    • Select the best photos and videos.
    • Make sure that all the files match your theme and style.
  2. Customize the preview:
    • Choose attractive images for the preview.
    • Make sure the previews are clear and colorful.
  3. Ensure high quality images and videos:
    • Use high-quality cameras and processing software.
    • Make sure all media files are in high resolution.
  4. Customize media access:
    • Set access levels for different categories of subscribers.
    • Take into account which files will be available for a fee and which ones will be free.
  5. Use attractive previews:
    • Choose the shots that will best attract attention.
    • Make your previews intriguing to keep your audience interested.
  6. Make sure that the media files match the style and subject matter:
    • Follow the chosen style in all publications.
    • Ensure consistency and harmony in your media files.

How to organize content

Content organization is an important aspect of running a successful Fansly account. Use tags and categories to organize your content so that followers can easily find what they’re looking for. Create a clear posting schedule so your audience knows when to expect new content. Use a variety of formats such as photos, videos, streams, and text posts to keep your content interesting and diverse.

How to share content with another person

Sharing content with other users can significantly increase your ratings and attract new followers. Before publishing such content, discuss the terms of the collaboration with the other person. This includes content rights, revenue sharing, and ethical issues. It is also important to ensure that all participants agree to the use of their image and content.

What not to publish

  1. Materials that violate copyright:
    • Content for which you do not have the rights or permission to publish.
    • Use of images, videos, or music without appropriate licenses or permissions.
  2. Violent content:
    • Images or videos containing scenes of violence.
    • Materials that promote violence or cruelty.
  3. Hate speech:
    • Comments, publications or materials that spread hatred on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other discriminatory grounds.
  4. Unacceptable content:
    • Pornographic materials that exceed the permissible limits of the platform.
    • Content that promotes illegal activities or violations of the law.
  5. Materials that violate privacy:
    • Publication of personal data without the owner’s consent.
    • Content that violates the privacy of others.
  6. Fraudulent content:
    • Publications intended to deceive or mislead users.
    • Fake offers or promises.
  7. Content that violates ethical standards:
    • Materials that may be considered obscene or immoral.
    • Publications depicting cruelty to animals.
  8. Spam and intrusive content:
    • Repeated publications with the same content.
    • Content that intrusively advertises products or services.
  9. Content that contains malware:
    • Links to sites with viruses or malware.
    • Publications with codes or files that may damage users’ devices.
  10. Misleading materials:
    • False information, rumors or disinformation.
    • Publications that may mislead or harm other users.

Is it possible to publish AI content on Fansly?

Make sure that your AI content meets the requirements of the platform. Read the rules for using artificial intelligence to create content. AI content can be an interesting addition to your profile, but it is important to follow the platform’s ethics and rules. Compliance with these requirements will ensure a positive experience for your followers and help you avoid possible violations.

How to stream

  1. Set up streaming:
    • Choose the streaming platform that best suits your audience.
    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Prepare for streams in advance:
    • Plan the topic and format of your stream in advance.
    • Make notes or a script to keep your train of thought and not forget important points.
  3. Ensure high-quality sound and video:
    • Use a good camera and microphone to ensure that the image and sound are clear.
    • Check the lighting settings to ensure that your image is clearly visible.
  4. Announce the stream in advance:
    • Let your followers know about the upcoming stream via social media or other communication channels.
    • Specify the date, time, and topic of the stream so that subscribers can prepare.
  5. Use streaming opportunities to attract new subscribers:
    • Hold raffles, contests, or special promotions during the stream.
    • Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and share the stream with their friends.
  6. Maintain active interaction with viewers:
    • Respond to viewer questions and comments in real time.
    • Use interactive elements such as polls or voting to engage viewers.
  7. Moderate the chat:
    • Assign moderators to control the chat and remove unwanted comments.
    • Set rules for chat behavior to maintain a positive atmosphere.
  8. Analyze the results of streams:
    • Review the statistics after the stream to understand what went well and what can be improved.
    • Consider viewer feedback to improve future streams.
  9. Save your stream recordings:
    • Record your streams and save them for those who couldn’t join in real time.
    • Use recordings to create additional content, such as short videos or clips.
  10. Keep your streams regular:
    • Create a streaming schedule and stick to it so that viewers know when to expect new broadcasts.
    • Regular streams will help you keep your audience’s attention and attract new subscribers.

What to do if your content from Fansly is copied

Take steps to protect your copyright. First of all, report the infringement to the Fansly platform, providing all necessary evidence. Use legal mechanisms to protect your content, such as filing a copyright infringement complaint. 

Contact legal counsel for additional support and advice on how to proceed. It is also important to set up regular monitoring of your content to detect and prevent similar situations in the future.

What to publish

A variety of content that meets the interests of your audience will attract more followers. Experiment with different formats and styles to see what your followers are most interested in. Post regular updates, exclusive content, and interact with your audience to keep them engaged.

How to communicate with subscribers

Fansly: how to create an account and start earning

  1. Use Fansly’s mass emails feature to communicate with your followers: It allows you to quickly deliver important information to all of them at once. Prepare message templates in advance to automate the process and save time. If you have an account on OnlyFans, you can use similar methods.
  2. Analyze the effectiveness of your messages with statistics on Fansly: This will help you understand what types of messages resonate with your audience and improve the effectiveness of your communication. Use this data to improve your messages and increase their effectiveness. Once you collect the statistics, we can determine what works best.
  3. Offer unique content for individual followers on Fansly: It can be personalized videos, individual messages, or special greetings. This approach will help you create a closer connection with your followers and increase their loyalty. The content for subscribers can include high-quality photos and videos that set you apart from other models.
  4. Set up paid messages to earn extra money on Fansly: You can offer personalized advice, special requests, or exclusive content for an additional fee. This creates additional opportunities to monetize your account. You can earn money from paid posts not only on Fansly but also on OnlyFans.
  5. If you have an account on Fansly: You can start earning money using various monetization methods, such as content subscriptions, paid posts, and other services. To be successful, it is important to maintain a high level of content quality.
  6. To start making money on Fansly: Create an account on the platform, customize your profile, and start publishing content. Use all available opportunities to promote your account and attract new followers.
  7. Provide access to your content on Fansly: Create engaging photos and videos that are relevant to your topic and style. The cost of a Fansly subscription depends on the quality and uniqueness of your content.
  8. Communicate with your followers on Fansly: Keep your followers engaged through private messages, comments, and other forms of communication. This will help you retain followers and attract new ones. Communication with your followers can include both general messages and personalized greetings.

How to promote your Fansly account

  • Use the internal tools of the Fansly platform to increase your visibility: Fansly provides opportunities to promote your account through recommendations and other mechanisms. Actively utilize these opportunities to increase the number of followers on Fansly.
  • Advertise your account through advertorial sites to increase your subscribers: Use different platforms to promote your adult content and attract new fans. It’s important to choose the right platforms that are relevant to your audience.
  • Use social media to attract new subscribers to Fansly: Create professional accounts on the platforms where your audience is most active and actively promote your content. Use hashtags, collaborations, and advertising campaigns to increase visibility. On onlyfans, you can also attract followers through social media.
  • Investing in paid advertising will help you promote your account faster: Use targeted ads on social media and other platforms to attract new followers. Run advertising campaigns with clear goals and measure their effectiveness. In Ukraine, you can use different platforms for advertising.
  • Use different strategies to attract subscribers: Post interesting content, interact with your audience, hold contests and promotions. Encourage your followers to recommend your account to their friends and acquaintances. You can create exclusive content for your followers to make them feel special.
  • Create an account on Fansly and start earning: If you already have an account on the platform, use all the tools available to promote your content. Once you set up your account, you can start earning from subscriptions and other opportunities.
  • Appreciate the quality of photos and videos: Always try to provide high quality content. Good lighting, clear images, and attention to detail can go a long way toward making your content more engaging for your audience. The cost of a Fansly subscription depends on the quality of your content.
  • Keep your posts regular: Stable and predictable posts create a habit for your audience to come back for more. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

How to withdraw money from Fansly

Fansly: how to create an account and start earning

Payout Methods

  • Bank transfers: Choose a convenient way to withdraw money through your bank account. This can be one of the most reliable methods to receive your earnings.
  • Payment systems: Use popular payment systems for quick withdrawals. This method is suitable for those who want to receive money quickly.
  • Cryptocurrency: Choose to withdraw money in cryptocurrency if it is convenient for you. Using cryptocurrency can be beneficial for those interested in digital assets.

Payout Time

  • Payout processing time: Find out how long it takes to withdraw funds. This can vary from a few hours to several days.
  • The impact of the chosen method: Withdrawal time depends on the chosen payment method. Bank transfers may take longer than payment systems.
  • Payment terms: Check the payment terms and conditions on the platform to plan your finances. This will help you manage your income better.

How to withdraw money to a bank account

  • Connecting your account: Connect your bank account to Fansly. This is the first step to be able to withdraw money.
  • Data entry: Make sure all the details are entered correctly for a successful withdrawal. Incorrect data may result in delays.
  • Checking the details: Apply for a payout and verify the details of the transaction. Make sure all the details are correct before confirming.

Additional tips

  • Private Messages on Fansly: Use private messages to communicate with your followers, which can help increase your earnings.
  • Just like on OnlyFans: Use strategies that work on OnlyFans to increase your revenue on Fansly. For example, create exclusive content for paid subscribers.
  • In onlyfans: Just like in OnlyFans, in Fansly you can set up different subscription levels to attract more followers.
  • You can earn more from them: Use different monetization methods to earn more on Fansly. These can be paid posts, subscriptions, or content sales.
  • Earn money on Fansly: Create unique content that will attract followers and encourage them to buy. This will help you earn money on the platform.

These tips will help you withdraw money from Fansly efficiently and improve your earnings on the platform.

Tips for newcomers to Fansly

  1. Be unique. Your unique voice and style is what sets you apart. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Your individuality will attract followers who value you. Remember that authenticity is the key to success.
  2. Value quality. Always try to provide high quality content. Good lighting, clear images, and attention to detail can go a long way toward making your content more engaging for your audience. Invest in good equipment and learn how to edit photos and videos.
  3. Maintain regularity. Stable and predictable posts create a habit for your audience to come back for more. Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Regular posts will help you keep your followers interested.
  4. Interact with your audience. Responding to comments, sending personal messages, and engaging with your followers through polls can help create a sense of community and loyalty. Active engagement shows your followers that you value their support.
  5. Continuously learn and adapt. The industry is constantly evolving, and what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Keep an eye on trends and adapt your strategies accordingly. Attend trainings, read blogs, and follow the latest news in the field of content creation.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes the best ideas come through trial and error. Experiment with different formats and content ideas to see what works best with your audience. Be open to new approaches and don’t be afraid to go outside the box.

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