Euro 2024: the golden time of betting

Euro 2024: the golden time of betting

With just a few days to go until the start of Euro 2024, we are in the midst of a very special period. This period feels special even among those who are not avid football fans, as the atmosphere of tension and anticipation is in the air. Football fans, on the other hand, immerse themselves in the game, ignoring social ties for the duration of the competition, as the title of the continent’s strongest national team is decided. In many countries where this sport is particularly popular, people even postpone their planned vacations so that nothing distracts them from watching each match.

At this time, everything related to football is relevant. Sports betting is also popular, as fans predict the outcomes of matches, support their favorite teams, and want to bet on their victories. Such activities are very important in affiliate marketing. That is why we will talk about interaction with the target audience during such significant events as Euro 2024.

Where and when will Euro 2024 matches take place?

The European Football Championship, commonly known as the Euro, is a competition that takes place every four years. They bring together teams of national teams of European countries that have successfully passed the qualifying stage. This year’s host of the Euro will be Germany, chosen by lot. The competition starts on June 14 and will last until July 14.

In the first days of the tournament, the teams will compete in the group round, and then enter the stage of elimination matches. A total of 24 teams from all over Europe, including Ukraine, will take part in the tournament. Traditionally, teams from Germany, England, Spain, Italy, and Portugal, where famous star players who often appear in commercials, are among the contenders for the victory.

Euro 2024: the golden time of betting

Target audience activity during the Euro

Major sports competitions attract not only fans of certain sports but also the attention of the general public. Whether it’s the Wimbledon tennis championships, the Olympics that will take place this year, or football competitions, people are eager to learn more about the events and experience them together with the rest of the world. This is especially true for the Euro, a huge football championship among European national teams that significantly increases the number of fans across the continent.

There are many reasons for the growth of this interest, among the main ones are the emotional uplift of fans, a sense of patriotism for their country, communication with friends, as well as an increase in the number of news and discussions related to this event. So, here are some important aspects that influence people’s moods and may encourage them to place a bet on their favorite team:

  • The growing interest in sports events has led to the search for data on various competitions, specific athletes, or coaching staff.
  • Intense social media engagement during major sporting events, such as the Olympics, where fans enthusiastically discuss predictions and match results, as well as the joys and disappointments of team performances.
  • There is a growing interest in betting. People are actively investing in the support of their favorite or powerful teams, trying to add additional drama to the competition. As a result, betting platforms recorded a high level of revenue during these periods.

Strategies for attracting the audience to bet during Euro 2024

With this knowledge, let’s consider the main channels for engaging audiences in betting during significant sporting events:

  • Social platforms. The first position in the rating of audience engagement channels. With the start of big games, fans are eager to keep up to date: before the competition, they collect data on lineups, and analyze performances; after – they analyze the results and key moments of the competition. The effectiveness of engagement through social media and messengers peaks at this time.
  • SEO. This method is also in great demand during significant sporting events. However, to successfully attract organic traffic, you need to optimize your website in advance. The best option is to achieve high positions using medium and low-frequency queries, which reduces competition and costs. The main efforts and costs during the competition are concentrated on buying links.
  • ASO. Mobile applications on platforms such as Google Play and the App Store are also actively used for promotion during sports tournaments. Creating apps that display match results or announce events can significantly increase engagement. It is important to allocate a budget for attracting new users, which is key to moving up the rankings.

During Euro 2024, working with creatives for betting always presents a challenge

Euro 2024: the golden time of betting
It is difficult to predict the success of a particular creative because it is important to adapt to the audience’s feedback, which requires continuous experimentation with marketing strategies and funnels.

Creatives with portraits of famous football players will effectively attract attention. The use of images of world-class stars or prominent local players, especially in the top five national teams participating in the tournament, attracts significant attention. At the same time, it is important to choose athletes who are popular in their home countries, for example, Bellingham’s choice may not resonate in Germany. It is also necessary to take into account players who will not participate in the competition due to geographical or other reasons. For example, creatives with Messi, whose country does not compete in the Euros, may be less effective compared to players like Mbappe, especially after his move to Real Madrid, which creates additional interest.

An important element of creatives is also attracting audiences through deposit bonuses and earnings offers, especially in second and third-world countries.


The European Football Championship represents an ideal period for arbitrage betting. This event takes place every four years, attracting huge attention from football fans, surpassed only by the World Cup in terms of interest. The fascination with the matches is becoming universal, regardless of previous interest in sports. In the participating countries, betting ads overwhelm the media space, leaving citizens with few options but to place a bet on their favorite team.

As for additional aspects of betting, it is important to pay attention to various events during the Euro. Often, some teams unexpectedly show good results, quickly becoming viewers’ favorites and attracting bets on their victory. Football audiences in such periods can grow two to three times. Therefore, advertising effectively penetrates all corners of the media, and even traffic from TikTok turns out to be profitable. Test different strategies and follow our recommendations to optimize ROI!

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