EdTech — the most promising niche

EdTech — the most promising niche

How is an English course through an interactive bot, a programming academy, and a weight loss program related? They are united by their affiliation with the EdTech industry. Leading educational trends provide people with opportunities for radical changes in their lives and also open up prospects for arbitrageurs to earn money. Today, our article is about the variety of educational offers, the available approaches to them, and the first steps in the EdTech world. But first, let’s consider a few important points.

Why is EdTech gaining popularity so fast?

Educational online platforms are gaining momentum every day, given the growing need for such services. Forecasts from research agencies predict a bright future for this area.

EdTech — the most promising niche

Many reasons contribute to the growth of the EdTech sector: the demand for distance learning is growing every day, and the quality of offline learning is falling. Studying at schools and universities requires significant financial costs, which is becoming difficult for many families.

How to adapt to a changing world? Outdated curricula created decades ago are no longer able to provide answers to modern needs. While specialized online courses for testers or designers offer up-to-date solutions. Given the rapid development of Internet technologies and the possibility of learning from anywhere in the world, it is not difficult to see the brilliant prospects of EdTech.

Types of EdTech offers

A particularly popular category of offers in arbitrage is essay – individual academic papers to order. This highly specialized niche has expanded significantly and is now part of the EdTech industry. There are various offers in this category:

  • online training for a profession;
  • foreign language courses;
  • personal development and self-realization;
  • maintaining health and beauty (including weight loss marathons).

In addition to the above, EdTech can also include esoteric offerings such as tarot or astrological forecasts. In a broad sense, EdTech combines various online courses that offer skills and knowledge in a specific field rather than physical goods.

Geographic distribution

One of the key aspects and challenges in this area is the diversity of needs in different countries by category. For example, in English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand, there is traditionally a high demand for essay-writing services. In the CIS countries, dubious products, such as marathons for personal happiness and weight loss, are gaining popularity, bringing millions to their organizers. However, the demand for assignments and term papers is not decreasing either. In developing countries, there is a huge potential for EdTech, as traditional school education often leaves much to be desired, and distance learning provides equal opportunities for everyone.

There are two ways to choose an offer: by communicating with the manager of an affiliate specializing in EdTech, or by independently analyzing the demand in the desired GEO you are interested in and developing an individual approach.

Payment models and approaches

EdTech is characterized by a high degree of innovation and uniqueness, unlike other verticals. In gambling, you will get different rates for the US and Ukraine, but Ukrainian casinos will offer similar payment models for the same action. In the education niche, the rates for purchasing courses can vary significantly even within the same GEO.

Even payment models can be different:

  • CPA – fixed payment for the first purchase.
  • CPL – fixed payment for registration.
  • RevShare – a certain percentage of all purchases.
  • Rebill – different amounts for the first and subsequent purchases.

Approaches to educational offers depend on your creativity and imagination. In this context, it is also worth considering certain recommendations:

  • Focus on benefits and discounts. The typical audience of EdTech offers is those who want to improve their skills to increase their earnings, especially students whose budgets are limited.
  • Seasonality. Student work is in demand during exams and midterms, which is typical for most countries.
  • Fear as an incentive. The warning that ChatGPT can replace your profession is relevant and can encourage you to look for a new specialization. You should not hesitate to use such an incentive, because the offered product is probably of high quality and within the law.
  • Credibility and results. The course is taught by a professor from Cambridge, and more than 90% of participants find a job within a month – demonstrate the benefits of your offer.

The product should be of high quality and bring results. To effectively promote your EdTech offer, study it and emphasize the best qualities.

Peculiarities of working with EdTech

This vertical has characteristics that are important to pay attention to. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • White niche. You have access to advertising through any channel without having to use complex schemes or launch numerous campaigns until one is approved. Although there are some controversial products in EdTech, their number is still small.
  • Minimum budget. It is possible to launch ads for online schools or tutors from a very low threshold, and your ads will be published in large advertising networks and through various formats, such as postings, banners, and others.
  • Commonality of approaches. The main goal of EdTech is to provide an educational product that solves a user’s problem. By using similar templates and creatives for different courses, they only need to be adapted to the topic.
  • Attention to detail. The difference between a “success teacher” and a foreign language teacher is an important detail, so you shouldn’t blindly copy methods, but you should modify them depending on the product. Clickbait strategies are unlikely to work, and bright and non-standard courses are better promoted with appropriate methods.


There will always be a demand for educational offers, as self-improvement is a never-ending process. Determine the GEO for your offer, analyze your audience, and adapt your advertising campaigns to meet their needs. This approach is guaranteed to lead to the achievement of the desired results.

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