DREAM PLAY GAMES: The path to the № 1 provider in the world

DREAM PLAY GAMES: The path to the № 1 provider in the world

A new character in the iGaming world, who has set a goal to dethrone the market leaders and become the world’s No. 1 provider.

They have no doubt about it at all, and now we will explain why.

Read the article to find out all the spicy details, goals, and values of the company.

DREAM PLAY GAMES: The path to the № 1 provider in the world

The readers of Lead Panda Media and Dream Play have their first meeting today.

DREAM PLAY GAMES: The path to the № 1 provider in the world

Dream Play told us that they want to make a big statement in the media space. So…

Dream Play is a provider with a startup mentality. There is no bureaucracy and “contact us and we will consider your request”, everything is clear and accessible here and now. And this article is not written according to marketing templates. Because for the Dream Play team, the most important thing is to be fresh. They believe that all these old methods are a thing of the past. And the gambling market has really started to stagnate in terms of new designs and communication processes.

The main skills of the future are flexibility, ease, and speed. And this is what the company focuses on.

DREAM PLAY GAMES: The path to the № 1 provider in the world

The Dream Play team consists of C-level decision-makers with more than ten years of experience in iGaming, and many specialists came from Parimatch.

Their positioning is not just a company, but a startup with a mission to become a unicorn and change the world of gambling.

They also boldly declare that this project is what everyone has been waiting for!

“We are against the brands that have seized a monopoly and dictate the rules. We are going to develop collaborations with other brands and tell the world that gambling is not about something bad. It’s not about “how to cheat people”, it’s about FUN, and thanks to the money that is here, we, as a brand, have more opportunities to help our country.”

The team is currently developing various events, which they will share on their insta, by the way, you can be the first to subscribe to them.

All the info will be here:




What are the values of Dream Play?

Olds on the provider market have a tendency to redesign the same slot, but according to the Dream Play team, it’s like some kind of spam. Players are very smart and they don’t like to be deceived either. They cannot influence what others create, but they can show a whole new level of creative slots.

The rest of Dream Play’s story is:

“We are not afraid to say that with the advent of the Dream Play provider, the Zeus monopoly will change. We hear the needs of players through operators with whom we constantly communicate and know that players want something new. We have an incredible R&D department, as well as focus groups with casinos that share our values and want to change the iGaming industry. We’re committed to creating new, innovative things and doing it in a fun way, by playing.”

Also, the war is a very pressing issue right now, and how hundreds or even thousands of businesses will make money on the war. And, as you know, gambling is no exception.

The Dream Play team has a clear position on this:

“We do not aim to extract funds from the military by “boosting” their morale with various crash games on military themes. We can’t accept the idea that the military is willing to give up a drone for a ‘successful’ bet. The military has never been our target audience. And it will never be. We have an important question for other providers: – Colleagues, tell us, how could you come to create a game in which our Dream, F16, is being destroyed? And in general… How can you parasitize on war? Give us and millions of other Ukrainians an answer.

War is not an excuse or an opportunity to “make” more money. War means mandatory donations, completely severed ties with Russia. And it should be by default.”

The Dream Play team shows by example that a cool product does not require the involvement of Russian services and can be completely abstracted from ties with the aggressor country. The team also regularly donates part of its profits to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Dream Play is already a powerful provider in the field of modern gambling. They also want to teach or remind other providers that dreams have no limits. If you create them, you should do it sincerely and without any doubts.

The whole team is working to achieve a single goal. Everyone is united by a common vision and thirst for growth.

Dream Play is very proud of their work. And when our Lead Panda Media team got acquainted with Dream Play, we realized that they really make a cool product and will easily become the top 1 on the market in a short time.

Ambitious goals of the team

The first casino that Dream Play started working with was Casino.ua.

They made 100 000 GGR (gambling revenue).

And this is just from the banner on the main page!

Although the plan was for a figure of 50,000 GGR per month.

Why? It’s simple. Slots are premium games. This is a diamond in the casino slot world. A team of professionals is working on clear and understandable mechanics, and the design is made by the divine Dream Play designer.

In general, the design team is a separate world full of creativity and new ideas. Everything you see on the screen is the result of the hard work of all Dream Play departments. Brainstorms on new games and the implementation of modern mechanics are held every week, and every time all ideas are quickly implemented by the team.
For example, at Casino.ua, you can already see everything with your own eyes.

The team claims that negotiations on the promotion of their product have already begun, so soon even a larger audience will hear about Dream Play. Therefore, we can say that Lead Panda Media will be among the first to introduce a wide audience to a high-quality provider.”

Dream Play strives for more and is ready to accept challenges that will open up new opportunities for development.

And what’s next – we plan to cooperate with Pin-Up, Cosmolot, Vbet.ua, Favbet, Slotoking and other powerful casinos on the market.

What about competitors?

According to the team, the most important competitor today is yesterday’s competitor.

A huge number of new additional projects are still planned that will enhance the main product and increase the awareness and engagement of the Dream Play provider.

At the end of this article, Dream Play asked for only one thing – that Lead Panda readers share ideas that no one has ever implemented before.

Ideas that are scary to do. Perhaps some of those who read the article have long wanted something new to appear in the world of gambling, but no one has been implementing anything for a long time – they are here for that very reason.

Write with suggestions – https://t.me/yourAwesam

You can play their games here https://casino.ua/en/casino/dreamplay/all/

Write comments, tell us about your preferences and remember that the most important thing in our life is not to be stagnant, but to dream and fantasize.
Dreaming is very important. Especially in times like these.

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