Dating trends in 2024: Top GEO Where to Drive Traffic

Dating trends in 2024: Top GEO Where to Drive Traffic

Dating Trends in 2024: Top GEOs Where to Drive Traffic

The start of a new year presents a great opportunity to dive into the world of online dating, and it’s not just limited to the role of users. After the New Year holidays are over, many people feel a strong need to socialize and seek to find a companion (at least for a short time). In addition, we should not forget that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Therefore, if you have been considering entering the field of dating offers, now is the perfect time to do so. The key is to choose the right location to maximize your returns.

In this review, we will look at several promising areas, united not only geographically, but also by the special characteristics of the target audience. A pleasant point is the fact that even with the limited size of these regions can achieve high efficiency, provided the right approach to the advertising campaign. And how exactly to do it – we will also tell you. Well, let’s find out what actionable trends await us in 2024!


The best platforms for promotion in Chile include Google, YouTube, Instagram, FB, and Twitter. These are the platforms you should choose to launch your advertising campaign. It’s important to consider that the ads should be in Spanish because although English is spoken in the country, it is not the main language of communication. Creatives in English are likely to be less effective than those in Spanish.

Like many other Latin American countries, Chile values brightness and simple joie de vivre. Promotional offers related to holidays and events that inspire fun and exploration convert very well. At such times, vacationers are looking for companions to spend time with, which makes dating apps popular.

In Chile, adult content is in demand. Despite the country’s limited finances, Chileans are willing to spend some money to find a partner. Therefore, arbitrageurs should realize that in this situation, the success of the campaign will be measured by quantity, not quality. As far as creatives are concerned, images of women with a real and local appearance work best. Do not emphasize the use of photo models, as men are interested in people who are not far away and are ready to meet right now.


Nigeria is sometimes referred to as “hell on earth”. Why? Because only 3% of the population here has contracted HIV, there is a lack of adequate medical care, and freshwater is almost unavailable. If you manage to live to the age of 45, it can be considered longevity. This country is chaotic, with many robberies, rapes, and murders taking place every day. Why, then, is it about dating?

At first glance, in such living conditions, Nigerians should not have thought of dating. However, statistics on the gender distribution of the population show that the number of children being born here is huge. It is predicted that by 2050, Nigeria will overtake the US in terms of population (at the moment, the US is in third place after India and China). According to this data, we can conclude that the small gap in the number of men and women leaves many Nigerian men without a mate. Also, historically, the lower the level of education and the higher the unemployment, the more children are born. Roughly speaking, sex may be just about the only form of entertainment available, aside from soccer of course.

Despite this, the country’s capital looks on par with other big African cities. Even though almost 40% of the population lives in poverty, the average worker in the capital earns around $400-500 per month. Given that the average age of Nigerians is only 18, it can be extremely difficult for older people to find a partner. That’s why arbitrageurs can expect lively and interesting but poor traffic. Are you ready for high volumes? Then this place will pleasantly surprise you. But if you are used to working with large markets, then it may be better to pay attention to another country.


Brazil is the largest country in Latin America where people lead a free lifestyle. The pressure on women in Brazilian society is comparatively lower than in Asian countries. This means that when working with Brazil, it is worth considering a female target audience. Both men and women here are ready for serious relationships after the age of 30, as well as short-term encounters.

The best platforms to engage with the Brazilian audience are TikTok and YouTube. Almost everyone in the country has a smartphone and internet access. Creatives can be different, depending on your target audience and region. However, it is important to follow one rule – use only Portuguese, specifically the Brazilian version. It is different from “classic” Portuguese, so it is best to consult a local translator before publishing to check the text of the creative and avoid misunderstandings related to language peculiarities.

Another important consideration is the choice of color. In Brazil, the color purple is associated with mourning, so it should be avoided. People in this country are energetic, love excitement, and are always ready for acquaintances. They don’t mind paying for private services, adult content, or real-life encounters. In 2023, this market has become particularly promising for gambling. It is not exhausted yet, so this is a golden time to work in the online dating industry.


Thailand is a relaxed place for online dating. Despite the common perception that Thailand is considered an aggressive environment for the dating industry, this is not the case. Yes, prostitution is banned in the country and police often shut down karaoke bars offering “extra services”. However, this should not discourage this geography.

Thailand values the “ladyboy” culture – a tolerant and friendly attitude towards same-sex couples – as well as the many massage parlors offering “completion” services. Sexual relationships for Thais are understood simply and clearly. Singles are often looking for short-term romances, tourists want to try something new in this country, and locals focused on traditional relationships can take a long time to find the right partner.

Thailand represents an underrated niche for online dating. Bright and colorful promotional materials with images of locals or petite foreign ladies can easily attract the attention of local users, and courteous locals can attract tourists. It is especially effective between December and March, which is traditionally considered the tourism season. It’s best to target big cities like Bangkok or Phuket, use English for tourist traffic, and Thai for local users, and you’ll get a great ROI.


Singapore, like many Asian countries, has an unequal gender distribution with a predominantly male population. While the difference in percentages is small, in absolute numbers it is significant, resulting in millions of single Singaporeans having difficulty finding a partner due to a severe shortage of women. This in turn stimulates interest in international marriages, and active use of dating services, including paid accounts to find serious relationships or casual hookups.

For newcomers to Singapore’s dating scene, it can be difficult to find common ground with local traditions and modern trends. Singaporeans appreciate bright and colorful visuals, while modern design favors minimalism and pastel colors, making it difficult to find the best style.

When choosing an area for dating, you should consider places like South West, Central Singapore, North East, and North West as not all areas are equally effective for dating.

Dating is successful in traditional methods with attractive Asian girls who meet the classic canons of beauty – no tattoos, long hair, big eyes, neat nose, and plump lips. Foreign women can also be attractive, especially for short-term liaisons, but Asian women are often preferred for more serious relationships. The advantage is the use of English, which is the official language in Singapore.

Social media and search engines are effective promotional channels, especially after 8 pm when people go home and feel lonely, which increases interest in dating.

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