4 top mistakes that are lowering your Facebook conversions

4 top mistakes that are lowering your Facebook conversions

If you’ve made it to this point, it means you’re either already running Facebook ads or planning to start. Welcome to the world of blocking, changing algorithms, and hidden traps that you can get around on your own. If your significant investment in advertising hasn’t met your expectations, welcome aboard. Today we will discuss simple actions that can save your conversions.

The wrong goal of an advertising campaign

When launching Facebook ads, you need to be clear about the goals you want to achieve. An incorrectly set goal negatively affects the effectiveness of the campaign, as the platform’s algorithms will work based on the chosen goal and select the appropriate audience for the ad. Incorrect terms of reference will lead to unsatisfactory results.

There are several categories of goals on Facebook:

  • recognition;
  • traffic;
  • engagement;
  • lead generation;
  • sales;
  • promotion of upsells.

It is quite easy to understand these types of goals, as there are short descriptions of each of them in the Facebook Ads dashboard. It is important to correlate the mechanisms of goals on the platform with the goal of your campaign. For example, if you choose the goal “traffic” with a priority on clicks, and the advertised product – gut, then as a result you will get users who will click on the link, but will not complete the checkout.

4 top mistakes that are lowering your Facebook conversions

Inaccurate portrait of the target audience

When you use narrow targeting on Facebook, there is a higher chance of lower conversion rates because Facebook may not accurately identify your target audience and work blindly. To avoid this problem, it is important to use the maximum amount of target audience data: gender, age, cities, device models, etc.

To prevent the loss of conversions, it is recommended to control the coverage and strive to achieve the optimal level of coverage. You can start with broad targeting by geographic and demographic parameters, then gradually narrow the target audience using interest settings. But the easiest way is to start with a broad audience. After you spend a certain amount of money (for the gut, this is often x1.5-2 times the cost of a confirmed lead), you should go to the analytics section and study which users leave applications. The data obtained will help to better understand the portrait of the target audience.

4 top mistakes that are lowering your Facebook conversions

You can also use the “interests” section in the campaign settings. By specifying interests, ads will be shown to a specific group of people. Keep in mind that the cost of advertising may increase.

Ignoring Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a code that allows the social network to collect data about user actions on your website and improve advertising campaigns.

It is important to correctly configure events that transmit information about conversions on the landing page. At the moment, pixelization is required for effective analysis and launch of campaigns. The training period for the algorithm is 3-4 days or until 50 conversions are reached. With the use of pixel, the results of advertising campaigns increase significantly. By training, we mean that the pixel identifies your target audience and eventually shows ads mainly to it, ignoring other user segments.

4 top mistakes that are lowering your Facebook conversions

Automatic placements

A common mistake when setting up a Facebook ad campaign is choosing automatic placements without a clear understanding of how they work. Facebook recommends this step, claiming that it will choose the best settings for the campaign, and we often try to trust it. However, this often leads to uncontrolled leakage of the budget, which is sprayed between different platforms, including the Audience Network, which provides many impressions but few conversions and inappropriate ad slots. On Facebook, you will see good statistics and cheap leads and clicks, but you won’t be able to turn it all into money with this kind of placement.

To avoid this problem, it is recommended to switch to manual settings and experiment with different placements to determine the most effective ones for your business. According to our experience, Facebook and Instagram feeds, including stories and rolls, work best: they have the most targeted and active traffic for gambling or nutra, as well as for other popular verticals.


To make your Facebook advertising campaigns unique and effective, you need to be aware of the most common mistakes. They can range from obvious ones, such as a bad choice of creative, to less noticeable ones that also affect the result. In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at the main mistakes that significantly affect your advertising campaigns from the very beginning.

The most important rule: don’t try to set up ads in a hurry, relying on the “wisdom” of Facebook, autoplays, and tips. Instead, it’s better to spend more time on deeper analysis to understand what kind of audience you need and where to place your ads.

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