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    💼 We take pride in our two leading brands, each with a long history in the industry: one has been successfully operating for 12 years, while the other for 5 years. We also have plans to launch two more brands in the near future. Our experience and unique approach to work make us leaders in the world of gambling.
    With two international offices, we have a global presence and the opportunity to interact with various cultures and markets. We are a new company, bringing together experts with unique knowledge and experience, and we are committed to further growth and success.


    • Auditing current activity on two products;
    • ROMI calculation;
    • ROI analysis and standardisation of the economic model;
    • Analysing audience interaction channels;
    • Analyse indicative metrics for upcoming campaigns;
    • Implementation of economic and numerical performance standards according to the company’s economic model;
    • Implementation of tools and metrics for data collection;
    • Interaction with CRM marketer, Retention marketing;
    • Creating and applying SQL queries, setting up trackers;
    • Working with internal and external technical services;
    • Implementation of weekly and monthly reporting on key indicators.


    • At least two years of experience as an analyst;
    • Experience as a CRM – manager with analytical workload in Gambling will be an advantage;
    • Experienced user of Google Analytics 4, MixPanel, Excel, Humbl;
    • Multi tasking;
    • Ability to work with large amounts of information and data.

    🔍Our Benefits:

    • Working with gambling industry experts;
    • Competitive salary in $, package of benefits;
    • The work is completely remote;
    • Opportunity to work in an international and multinational environment;
    • Professional training and development;
    • Opportunity to work in a team of professionals;
    • Annual leave 21 days;
    • Paid sick leave.

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