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Main functions of MASQ service

MASQ Antidetect is a browser based on the Firefox core that provides anonymous Internet browsing and anti-tracking protection.

Key features include

  • Providing anonymity when browsing the Internet.
  • Protection against tracking and disclosure of personal information.
  • Browser fingerprint management to mask activity.
  • Easy proxy management.
  • Cookie collection and the ability to upload cookies in one click.


MASQ features

  • Browser fingerprints are based on a database of 5 million real fingerprints.
  • MASQSHIELD system offers additional patterns to mask fingerprints.
  • Flexible pricing plans for personal use and teams.
  • Easy management of proxies and verification of their functionality.
  • Ability to collect cookies and their convenient uploading.

Who will benefit from MASQ service and its features?

MASQ is suitable for arbitrageurs, webmasters and anyone who needs anonymous browsing and protection of personal data on the Internet. Its features and functions provide a high level of privacy and online activity management.

MASQ service tariffs:

  • Light” tariff: $15 per month.
  • Solo” tariff: $75 per month.
  • Team” tariff: $199 per month (license for 5 people).

Other tariffs are discussed individually with a manager.


Pros of MASQ service

  • Quality subdomains for saving personal data.
  • Ease of use and customization.
  • High speed of operation even with intensive use.
  • Secure data storage and user privacy.
  • Ability to work with an unlimited number of accounts on different devices.

Minuses of MASQ service

  • No trial version to familiarize with the functions.
  • The cost can be high for some users.


MASQ Antidetect is a reliable and convenient tool to ensure anonymity and protection of personal data on the Internet. Its functionality and flexible pricing make it an attractive choice for a variety of users, from individuals to teams.

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