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Less Annoying CRM is a name that doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it gets the point across. This customer relationship management (CRM) software stands out from the competition by being an affordable, ready-to-use platform with a simple interface. It appeals to small businesses and sole proprietors who are ready to do away with spreadsheets but don’t need complex features. However, the simplicity of Less Annoying CRM may be lost on companies that need advanced reporting and more customization options.

Less Annoying CRM


Less Annoying CRM (LACRM) is known for its simplicity and efficiency, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It is praised as a very user-friendly CRM that manages to bypass the complexity often found in other CRM systems by focusing on the core functionality that small businesses need without the clutter.

Some of the key benefits of Less Annoying CRM include:

  • Affordability: At $15 per user per month, LACRM is a cost-effective option for small businesses.
  • Ease of use: The system is simple and intuitive, allowing users to adapt quickly.
  • Mobile access: The CRM offers a fully mobile-friendly design, allowing users to access their database from any device with an internet connection.
  • Customization: The system offers an unlimited number of custom fields and easy customization options.
  • Integration: LACRM integrates with a wide range of applications using Zapier, which connects to more than 5000 applications.
  • Customer support: They provide high quality customer service through various support channels including phone and email.

Less Annoying CRM


$15/user/month + tax

Free trial for 30 days

  • Unlimited number of contacts and companies
  • Unlimited number of custom fields
  • Unlimited number of pipelines
  • 25 GB of file storage per user
  • Email logging
  • Task management
  • User permissions
  • Mobile access

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