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Keepin is an innovative and purposeful company in the field of CRM systems, which allows us to quickly adapt and expand, developing exactly those solutions that meet modern requirements and offer the most effective solutions.

CRM is a set of technologies that facilitates customer interaction, organization of internal procedures, and automation of enterprises of various sizes. In today’s business, the use of CRM is critical because it quickly demonstrates high returns and significantly increases conversion.

Keepin CRM


  • Dynamic progress and innovation

We are constantly improving, so you will always get the latest and most effective features in our CRM.

  • Dedication to customer needs

Each client is important to us, we thoroughly study your business needs and adapt CRM features if necessary.

  • Prompt resolution of requests

Our team responds quickly to your requests, providing timely and effective support.

  • Focus on automation

Automation is a key element of our work, and we are constantly working to improve the functionality to increase your productivity.

  • Intuitiveness and simplicity

KeepinCRM is designed to be easy to use: features can be easily configured or disabled, and each update makes the system even more convenient and intuitive.

  • Expertise and professionalism

Our many years of experience in the field of automation and data analysis allow us to provide high-quality service and expertise in the implementation of complex business processes.

Keepin CRM


Free of charge:

  • Price: 0 UAH/month
  • For one user
  • Minimum required functionality
  • Ability to create a tariff using the “Create” button


  • Price: 299 UAH/month
  • For one additional user
  • Full functionality, no restrictions
  • Ability to create a tariff using the “Create” button
  • 10% discount** when paying for a year
  • Payment is made for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months
  • Possibility of online payment, as well as payment by invoice

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