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Hoax.Tech: High Speed and Reliable Proxy Server Solutions

Key features of Hoax.Tech service

  • High bandwidth: Hoax.Tech provides high-speed connections to ensure stable and fast data transfer.
  • Large selection of proxy servers: The service provides access to a large number of proxy servers in different countries, which provides a wide range of locations for your needs.
  • High degree of anonymity: Hoax.Tech guarantees that your IP address will be hidden and securely protected from tracking and surveillance.
  • Guaranteed security: Hoax.Tech proxy servers are protected against DDoS and other types of attacks, keeping you safe online.
  • Multiple protocol support: Hoax.Tech supports HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols for maximum flexibility.


Features of Hoax.Tech

  • Personalized approach: The service provides an opportunity to choose individual tariff plans depending on your needs and budget.
  • Fast and convenient ordering: The process of ordering proxy servers from Hoax.Tech is simple and straightforward, which allows you to get the resources you need quickly and conveniently.

Who will benefit from Hoax.Tech service

  • Internet marketers: Hoax.Tech provides an opportunity to get access to proxy servers for launching advertising campaigns and testing audiences.
  • Gamers: The service provides fast and stable access to game servers all over the world, which allows you to bypass geographical restrictions.
  • Streamers: Hoax.Tech helps to provide high-speed and stable connection for streaming on different platforms.
  • SEO specialists: Hoax.Tech proxy servers provide anonymity and security when collecting and analyzing data for SEO projects.

How to recharge on Hoax.Tech

  1. Go to the official Hoax.Tech website and register.
  2. Choose the required tariff plan and click “Top up”.
  3. Choose a convenient payment method and follow the on-screen instructions.


Hoax.Tech prices

  • Basic package: from $5 per month.
  • Advanced package: from $10 per month.
  • Professional package: from $15 per month.

Pros of Hoax.Tech

  • Uninterrupted operation: Hoax.Tech provides uninterrupted operation of proxy servers for stable Internet connection.
  • High bandwidth: The service provides high speed of page loading and data transfer.
  • Security and anonymity: Hoax.Tech guarantees anonymity of your IP address and protection from DDoS attacks.
  • User-friendly interface: Simple and intuitive interface makes the service easy to use.

Cons of Hoax.Tech

  • Limited choice of servers: The lack of a wide selection of servers can limit your options.
  • No money back guarantee: Hoax.Tech does not offer a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the service.


Hoax.Tech is a reliable and convenient solution for those looking for fast and secure internet access. The service provides a wide range of proxy servers with high bandwidth, which ensures a stable and reliable connection. It is also suitable for various categories of users including internet marketers, gamers, streamers and SEO specialists.

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