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OMNI CPA is a direct-to-consumer affiliate network that offers only exclusive products of its production that you won’t find in other CPA networks. The company has been on the market since 2014 and has extensive experience in all processes of working with gut offers: from product marketing to improving call center scripts and logistics in different GEOs.

The main feature of the OMNI affiliate program is that affiliates can choose whether to pour in CPA with a fixed rate or choose a dynamic payment. In the second option, you will be able to receive more because the affiliate pays you for each additional sale made by the call center operator. It means that you can receive an average of 20-30% more profit without making additional efforts.

Registration and terms of work with the OMNI CPA affiliate program

Anyone can register with the OMNI CPA program, regardless of experience. It is enough to fill in the basic fields with contact information and indicate the traffic sources you work with. After that, you will immediately get access to your account and can use limited functionality, except for withdrawals. To get access to withdrawals, new offers, LATAM products, and landing pages, you will need to contact your manager.

On average, managers respond within 15 minutes during business hours. Support also works on weekends, but the response time can be longer.

We conducted a stress test and registered as an OMNI CPA affiliate on Sunday at 13:51, and at 13:55 we received a message in Telegram from a personal manager congratulating us and offering to help with the launch. We are pleasantly surprised by the speed!

Tools and features of the OMNI CPA personal account

The OMNI CPA Affiliate Program has a proprietary SSP platform with an intuitive design and a lot of features that make analytics and traffic management easier.

Among the tools available to affiliates:

  • Postback / API / JS API;
  • News showcase generator;
  • domain parking;
  • UTM builder;
  • team management (the ability to make different levels of access in the personal account for teams).

In addition, partners of the OMNI CPA affiliate program receive:

  • access to listening to calls – you can listen to every conversation of the operator on your leads without additional requests and approvals right in your account;
  • access to author’s promotional materials – use a ready-made database of prelends, landing pages, and creatives
  • help with translation and adaptation – quickly and efficiently translate your promotional materials into the language of the chosen GEO;
  • access to advanced statistics – absolute transparency on the part of the affiliate on all indicators of your traffic in real-time.

Offers and payment models at OMNI CPA

Over 40 COD offers in 16+ countries are available to OMNI CPA affiliates. In your account, you will find only exclusive products, and the affiliate program does not allow resale. Therefore, you will find offers produced by OMNI only in OMNI.

You can choose whether to pour at a fixed CPA or work at a dynamic rate and get more through upsells. The basic offer card contains a dynamic payout, and if you are interested in filling in CPA without a dynamic rate, ask your manager about it.

According to the affiliate’s statements, you can receive an average of 20-30% more money with a dynamic rate. On some GEOs, the figure can be even higher.

The partnership is currently working with three areas:

  1. Europe. Germany and Spain, as well as other countries, are actively developing.
  2. Latin America. Mexico is already producing and Chile is in development.
  3. Europe (Russian-speaking traffic). For all European countries, a separate unit in the call center that processes Russian-speaking traffic is working.

According to the European Commission, the largest number of migrants in Europe are from post-Soviet countries, most of whom emigrated in search of a better life, because of war or political persecution of their citizens by the authorities of Belarus and the terrorist country. All of these people have found their home in the EU, and they all understand Russian, which is a separate audience that can be monetized.

This target audience is people aged 45, and more often 55+, and these people do not integrate into society, they continue to consume information in Russian, and native advertising does not work for them

The manager advised to fill up on the following products:

  • Mizonil – antifungal cream with a target for Russian-speaking Europe;
  • Sirt2S – a means for losing weight.

The OMNI CPA’s principled position is to treat nothing. If the callers have cardiac or diabetes, the operators emphasize that they should not stop taking the medications and therapy prescribed by the doctor. And if there are none, operators encourage them to go to the hospital for a preliminary diagnosis.

Important! Offers are relevant at the time of writing. To get current offers for your traffic, please contact the manager(s).

Benefits of the OMNI CPA affiliate program

Pros of working with OMNI CPA affiliate program:

  • 40+ exclusive products – only author’s gut offers that you will not find in other affiliate programs;
  • dynamic rate – earn more without putting in more effort with upsell payments;
  • Internal media buying – be sure that all products have been tested on live traffic and you can upload them without risks
  • author’s pre-lands and landing pages – in-house development of unique landing pages for exclusive offers
  • translations of your promotional materials in non-native languages – if you have an idea for prelending, landing page, or creatives, you can write to the manager and get high-quality translations;
  • own call centers with leads – scripts that convert and allow you to sell more without misleading the client;
  • exclusive audience – monetize not only locals but also immigrants from post-Soviet countries.

How to drive traffic to OMNI CPA: allowed and prohibited sources

The OMNI CPA affiliate program does not accept the following traffic:

  • PopUp
  • PopUnder
  • ClickUnder
  • Incent
  • Instagram
  • Cashback

Before launching, we recommend that you agree on the traffic source with your manager. Without approval of the traffic sourcing, the call center will not process your leads.

Referee program and OMNI CPA affiliate loyalty program

As of April 2024, OMNI CPA has a referral program – you can get up to $3000 from the profit of each referred referral. Links can be generated directly in your account without additional approvals from managers.

How to withdraw money from OMNI CPA: available payment methods

The minimum payout amount is $50. The hold for new partners is 5 days.

Money can be withdrawn to:

  • Visa / MasterCard;
  • Wire Transfer;
  • Crypto;
  • Capitalist.

If you have not found a convenient payment method, please contact your manager(s) to agree on individual payment solutions.

Register with OMNI CPA and monetize your traffic with professionals!

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