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LuckyFeed Service: Automated Traffic Monetization Tool

LuckyFeed – a smart showcase for traffic monetization. A smartwindow – is a news portal consisting of actual news stories and an advertising wrapper around each news story. LuckyFeed moderators update the news list daily to ensure that the smartwindow always has the most discussed content. And the monetization department tests the effectiveness of each ad around the news 24/7 to ensure the most converting ads are shown to the user.

LuckyFeed doesn’t depend on one affiliate program or one ad network, the smartwindow works with the best in the industry and gives traffic to those that show the best returns.


Main features of the LuckyFeed service

  • LuckyFeed is a convenient tool for monetizing traffic for webmasters and marketers.
  • The service automatically optimizes and adapts advertising materials to the interests of the audience, providing maximum income from the attracted traffic.

LuckyFeed features

  • Integration with a variety of traffic sources, including websites, social media, mobile apps and other channels.
  • Use artificial intelligence technology to analyze user behavior and optimize advertising campaigns.
  • Regular updating of advertising materials and adaptation to the market requirements and target audience.

Who will benefit from the LuckyFeed service

  • Webmasters and owners of online resources who want to maximize the income from their traffic without excessive efforts.
  • Marketing and advertising specialists interested in effective monetization of various traffic sources.
  • Companies and brands looking for new ways to increase online presence and conversions.

How to fund your LuckyFeed account

  • Log in to your account on the LuckyFeed platform.
  • Go to the “Fund your account” section and choose a convenient payment method.
  • Specify the deposit amount and complete the transaction.


The cost of using LuckyFeed service depends on the selected service packages and traffic volume. For detailed information on the tariffs, please contact the service representatives.


The pros of the LuckyFeed service

  • Automated and efficient management of advertising campaigns.
  • Maximum optimization of revenue from attracted traffic.
  • Flexible settings and the possibility of individual approach to each client.
  • Monetization of traffic without searching for offers and endless splits
  • Simplified moderation and less account bans
  • Wide audience and high CTR
  • Automatic push-base collection
  • +10-15% to income due to domonetization
  • RevShare earnings
  • Personal manager and support 24/7
  • LuckyPriority loyalty program

Minuses of the LuckyFeed service

  • Necessity to constantly monitor and analyze campaign results for optimal traffic monetization
  • Possible limitations on types and sources of traffic, depending on the selected tariff plan.

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