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CPA BAND – is a dynamic and forward-thinking affiliate network capable of providing an extensive repertoire of over 100 first-class offerings spanning the financial and gaming industries. Notably, geographical limitations do not affect our operations. We are firmly committed to fast and hassle-free rewards, accompanied by indispensable analytics for thorough statistical tracking. Regular software enhancements ensure that our offerings remain at the forefront of industry standards, which is the foundation for the unquestionably superior returns we consistently deliver.

CPA Band


  • Better-than-market-average rates: We offer compensation rates that consistently exceed prevailing market standards.
  • Internal Media Buying Department: Our internal media buying department provides affiliates with an increased degree of autonomy, which ensures that our entire network is well-positioned.
  • Owned and shared call centers: Our network is strengthened by both our exclusive call centers and those of strategic partners who are adept at handling leads and improving the affiliate experience.
  • Individualized Resources to Increase Creativity and Productivity: We provide a unique range of materials designed to enhance creativity, increase productivity, track profitability and thereby optimize financial returns.
  • Individualized Payment Terms: While we generally adhere to the industry standard “net7” payment cycle, we remain flexible and willing to customize payment terms by engaging in discussions to meet specific requirements.

CPA Band

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