Gambling in Spain with a flavor ROI of 132%

  • Vertical: Gambling
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Upload date: 16.02-16.03.2024
  • Budget: $4971,45
  • Received: $11803,39
  • Profit: $6831,94
  • ROI: 132,74%

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The weather in Spain is said to be fickle in February: snowfall today, sunshine tomorrow. One Partners thought of themselves as Spaniards and decided it was imperative to do something nice during this period…

For example, spin the slots at the casino RTBet. Looks like we guessed right, because the result was an ROI of 132% and a profit of over $6800!”


Case Statistics:

GEO Selection:

What to say about Spain other than that it’s Tier 1 with all the implications?

One Partners sought its audience among 48 million Spaniards. The average salary in Spain last year was 2100 euros (or 2300 dollars). By European standards, this is not very high, but in Spain you can safely target advertising to large cities – here the public is more solvent.

And this country also has excellent Internet coverage, which means your ads will be visible. Many wi-fi’s are shared, plus three out of four Spaniards use mobile internet. The most popular resources are Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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It was Facebook Apps that was chosen as the traffic source for the case study One Partners. Spaniards use FB to socialize and spend a lot of time there, so their choice was motivated.

When it comes to gambling operations, this market is regulated by the state. Casinos get licenses, players pay taxes – a boring and correct approach. 3% of the country’s GDP is gambla. No comment here.

So One Partners leads you to believe that Spain is promising if you enter here with gambling offfers. But there are nuances and you shouldn’t think that working in Spain is always super – you can take a look at this anti-case studywhich proves otherwise.

Creative selection process:

The advertiser for this offer put a number of restrictions on the creative – in particular, it was not allowed to specify the amount of the minimum deposit and use famous personalities in advertising.

One Partners said “okay” and launched a candy-colored video with an animated character and an upbeat electronic soundtrack. The animation is complemented by inserts with real-life female players rejoicing over four-figure winnings. In addition to their emotions, an important trigger element of the video is the display of replenishing the card with the won money.

Example creative:

One Partners does custom creatives, so all you have to do is sign up!

How did you customize your ad campaigns?"

In this ad campaign, the Classic team used the WWA partner program. The placeholder was Facebook on Android 12+. Paid Target: FTD

The payout for Spain was 120 EUR.

Advertising was targeting men over 25, ANDROID 12+ users.

Minimum deposit was set at 10 EUR.


As with any Tier 1 geo, working with Spain is not easy. It’s not luck that helps to achieve results, but careful analysis of the target audience and well-thought-out creos. This time One Partners bet on animated creative, and the fiery Spaniards loved it. More than $6800 in profits prove it.

Interested in Spain? Then let One Partners match you with an offer!

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