How online retail took the world by storm

How online retail took the world by storm

How online retail took over the world. And why the demand for online activities is gaining momentum so rapidly.

How online retail took the world by storm

According to the latest research, more than 22% of all commercial transactions will be conducted online next year, although three years ago this figure was half as much – 14.1%. The popularization of mobile applications is a significant reason for the success of online retail. Today, it is much more convenient and easier to meet someone through an app, buy cosmetics, or clothes, order a service, or bet on your favorite team using a smartphone than to travel, search, and pick up.

All goods and services promoted through affiliate programs will be profitable if there is demand and adequate supply.

Demand for a product or service is an indicator of how much potential customers are interested in the product/service and are ready to buy.

Demand is formed under the influence of various factors and can be the result of certain conditions, among which the basic ones are as follows:

  • Individual user preferences. Demand for products that are currently trending or relevant can be very high;
  • Demographic factors. Age, gender, marital status, and location often help predict the need for certain goods;
  • economic conditions. Inflation, unemployment, income level, and other similar parameters can affect demand, as they affect the financial condition of consumers and purchasing power;
  • The level of competition. The presence of alternative offers on the market can put pressure on prices and influence user choice.

There is also a gradation of demand by period: episodic, periodic, and every day. There are other types of demand. And you need to evaluate exactly those that are relevant to your offer.

How online retail took the world by storm

Although every year gives us a clear understanding that there is nothing stable in the crazy flow of what is happening. This has not spared traffic arbitrage, and even though it is successfully developing, it is necessary to understand which verticals have stable demand and which trends require special attention.

Let’s consider each vertical in demand.


20% of the world’s population gambles. For some, it’s a way to spend time in the evening, and for others, it’s a way to relax once a year in Las Vegas.

How online retail took the world by storm

This niche will always be profitable and in demand, despite all attempts to cover it. Online casinos and various gambling platforms skillfully circumvent legal restrictions and search engine blocking. The offer to get rich quickly will always be in demand. That is why it is profitable for both casinos and bookmakers, as well as arbitrage specialists.

Among the advantages:

  • The insane popularity of online casinos adapted for mobile versions. You can earn money on rewards for CPL registration or for the first CPA deposit
  • The audience is huge. Traffic arbitrage in this direction implies the presence of a male audience. According to statistics, the players who interact well with such ads are men aged 24 to 45. In addition, there is also a considerable number of people aged 45-65. There are both those who need an adrenaline rush and those who just want to earn money without stress.


An evergreen and trendy vertical in arbitrage, as it includes a variety of health and beauty products.

How online retail took the world by storm

Dietary supplements, calorie-burning products, creams, and ointments for skin and body – all these niche offers will always be relevant.

Among the advantages:

  • Relevance. Regardless of trends, there is always demand for offers.
  • Great coverage. Offers are aimed at women aged 25 to 55 who dream of being slim, always young and beautiful. At the same time, buyers have no time, money, or self-discipline. Their goal is to get a product that will give a visible result quickly and effortlessly.
  • Many channels for traffic: mobile advertising, ad networks, email newsletters, social networks, contextual advertising, popUp/clickUnder, doorways, apps, adult traffic, SEO, banner ads, branded content, push notifications, teaser networks, YouTube.


One of the most stable verticals in arbitrage. Dating is a topic as old as time and will be with us as long as humanity exists.

How online retail took the world by storm

It is predicted that in 2024 alone, the turnover in this niche will amount to more than three and a half billion dollars. The demand is explained by the fact that today everything goes online, including dating, relationships, and sex. People, especially those living in big cities and megacities, find it much more convenient to look for a partner or adult entertainment on the Internet. The niche is actively developing, and the demand for it will only increase over time.

Among the advantages:

  • Great coverage: According to statistics, among the audience of dating sites and apps, the core of the target audience is people aged 25-34. At the same time, men are more likely to register on dating sites, and therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to target the RC to them.
  • Many channels for traffic: Banners, native ads, teasers, click-throughs, and pop-ups. Like push networks, this source is popular due to its low entry threshold, fast moderation, and loyalty to adult topics.


A well-known online investment option and arbitrage in this vertical is also a profitable business.

How online retail took the world by storm

It’s hard to call the process simple or easy because it’s not so easy to attract leads to crypto. However, sharp jumps in rates attract hunters for easy income, which increases the demand for verticals as well. Already this year, the market in this niche is expected to reach about $7.5 trillion.

Among the benefits:

  • Target group – are men 30+, who can be divided into two categories: hunters for easy prey and people interested in modern technologies who are trying to keep up with the times. Facebook and Google’s advertising networks have successfully proven to be a source of traffic to the vertical. Besides, you can try to develop your website by optimizing it for SEO.
  • Many channels for trafficking: mobile advertising, ad networks, email newsletters, social networks, contextual advertising, doorways, apps, SEO, banner ads, brokerage traffic, branded content, push notifications, and teaser networks.

If you have ideas and a desire to start making money online. You can analyze the demand for a product or service in more detail. This can be done on services: Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Serpstat, and Google Trends. They will help you understand the relevance of a product or service, track the dynamics of demand changes, and find out what is in demand and whether it will continue in the future. The main thing is to take the first step.

In the following articles, we will analyze how advertising is the most effective – PPC, SEO, ASO, or FB. And also which one is better to choose in different niches, don’t miss it!

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