Expressions to avoid in Facebook ads

Expressions to avoid in Facebook ads

In Facebook advertising, there are prohibited words that cannot be used in ads on this platform. Facebook sets strict content guidelines and policies to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for users, seeking to avoid the dissemination of unwanted information, deception, and indecent content through ads.

Such prohibited expressions, known as stop words, can vary by country and ad category and include obscenities, insults, discrimination, medical claims, financial fraud, and more. The use of these prohibited expressions can lead to ad rejection or even blocking the advertiser’s account.

In this article, we’ll look at some examples of prohibited expressions in Facebook ads to help you avoid problems and create effective and compliant ads. Pay attention to your content and learn what words and expressions to avoid to ensure that your ad successfully passes the test and reaches your target audience.

Prohibited expressions in Facebook ads

Expressions to avoid in Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a powerful tool for increasing the efficiency of your business. However, for your ads to be effective, you should adhere to certain rules and restrictions set by this platform. It’s important to know what words and expressions are prohibited in your ads to avoid any trouble and negative consequences.

Why does Facebook ban certain expressions in ads?

Facebook adheres to a strict content policy aimed at creating a safe and comfortable environment for users. Among the prohibited expressions and words in ads are foul language, insults, discrimination, medical claims, financial fraud, and other undesirable forms of content. Facebook is committed to preventing the spread of objectionable content through ads.

Examples of prohibited language in Facebook ads

  • Obscene language and insults: The use of swear words, derogatory language, or obscene language in your ad is strictly prohibited.
  • Discrimination and hatred: expressions that promote hatred based on race, ethnicity, gender, or religion are prohibited.
  • Medical Promises: The use of expressions that guarantee an instant cure or treatment for serious illnesses is against Facebook’s policy.
  • Financial scams: expressions that offer quick and easy ways to make money or promise financial independence may be prohibited.

These are just a few examples of prohibited expressions, and the list may vary by country and ad category. Before creating an ad, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Facebook’s content policy and make sure your ad is compliant.

How can I avoid using prohibited expressions in my ads?

Expressions to avoid in Facebook ads

  1. Read Facebook’s content policy: Before creating an ad, carefully read the rules and restrictions to make sure your ad is approved.
  2. Avoid foul language and insults: Use professional and respectful language in your ads.
  3. Pay attention to context: some language may be inappropriate in certain contexts, so it’s important to analyze your ads and make sure they don’t break the rules.
  4. Use alternative wording: if you are in doubt about whether a phrase may be banned, try rephrasing it to avoid unwanted consequences.
  5. Contact Facebook Support: If you have any questions or concerns about prohibited phrases, contact Facebook Support for help.


Prohibited phrases in Facebook ads emphasize the need for careful attention to the content in ads. Adherence to Facebook’s strict rules and policies is key to preventing ad rejections and account bans. Knowing which words and expressions are prohibited will help advertisers create effective ads.

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