Ukrainians spend more on casinos than on donations

Ukrainians spend more on casinos than on donations

Ukrainians spend more on casinos than on donations!

I think almost everyone has already seen the news that last year Ukrainians spent 4 times more on online casinos than they donated to the army (source: DOU). This has sharpened the question in society as to whether the state should impose a ban on this business. So, an electronic petition to restrict the operation of casinos during martial law gained 25 thousand votes in a matter of hours – the required number for the Presidential Office to consider the relevant bill.

The petition contains the following points:

  1. Prohibition of gambling and access to online casinos for military personnel during martial law;
  2. Prohibition of gambling advertising using the symbols of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and any symbols or objects related to war and the army, such as uniforms, helmets, machines, etc.
  3. Prohibit charitable foundations from cooperating with gambling market participants;
  4. Prohibit military units from accepting property in the form of charitable aid from gambling market participants or related individuals or legal entities;
  5. Prohibition of any advertising or public mention of the facts of charitable assistance to military personnel by gambling market participants;
  6. Prohibit pawnshops from accepting drones, thermal imagers and other similar dual-use goods;
  7. Obligation of Internet providers and mobile operators to block websites of illegal casinos.

Will this come into force or will it remain only a discussion?
It is no secret that gambling business is beneficial for both “white” and “black” officials in our country.

In addition, widespread channels such as Lachen Writing have spread stories about military personnel who spent their entire allowance on gambling, or even selling critically needed army equipment, framing other colleagues.

There have also been reports of licensed bookmakers having ties to Russian companies. Among them is GGBet.

Public opinion on this issue is divided. Some people believe that if the state bans gambling, it will still operate in the shadows, and at least this business is paying taxes to the state budget. Others support the closure of casinos, as they take advantage of the psychological vulnerability of military personnel and civilians under daily shelling.

What do you think, should the state interfere in the gambling business during martial law?

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