Top-10 types of content for affiliate marketing

Top-10 types of content for affiliate marketing

Remember when salespeople went door-to-door? It was the pre-digital version of affiliate marketing. Just like today’s affiliates, salespeople back in the day received a commission for every product they sold. But unlike in the old days, affiliate marketers are much more efficient and the profit potential is unlimited thanks to all the technology they now have access to.

Want to know the 10 best types of content for affiliate marketing? Read below and start creating it!

Blog posts

As an affiliate marketer, it’s very likely that you already have an active blog. If you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, now is the time to get it up and running. Blog posts can take the form of informational or entertaining articles on topics related to your product or niche, which helps to generate engagement and interest in your offer.

Importantly, blogging increases the potential profit of an affiliate by helping you gain the trust of your audience. When people trust your experience, knowledge, and opinion, they are more likely to follow your recommendations and use your affiliate link.

Product reviews

Reviews build credibility and trust because you get first-hand information and honest opinions. Product reviews should contain a convincing analysis of features and benefits with the ultimate goal of converting readers into buyers. It’s important to be authentic, and that also means discussing the product’s shortcomings.

Product reviews are also important for SEO strategy by driving organic traffic from users searching for similar products. Be sure to strategically insert affiliate links into your product reviews to maximize the path to conversion.

Video content

With more than 2.7 billion monthly users, YouTube is not only the largest video platform but also a very lucrative channel for affiliate marketing. Similar to written content, marketers use videos to drive traffic to relevant landing pages, product pages, and merchant websites. YouTube provides the ability to create a variety of video content, such as product reviews, comparison videos, how-to videos, and video testimonials. This allows marketers to effectively demonstrate the benefits and features of products, impress their audience, and convince them to buy. Moreover, YouTube provides the ability to use various promotion tools such as targeted ads, sponsored videos, and collaboration with other channels to help increase visibility and reach your target audience.

Top-10 types of content for affiliate marketing

Social media posts

Social media posts allow affiliates to reach and engage a wide audience on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. Social media posts that highlight the benefits of a product and solution are one of the most affordable ways for affiliate marketers to engage users. Sharing personal experiences, tutorials, or reviews can create authenticity and build relationships with viewers.

Well-designed social media posts, including text, video, images, or GIFs, improve visibility, engagement, and conversions, making them indispensable for affiliate marketing campaigns. 


Creating a steady stream of quality content is hard, but it’s something affiliate marketers need to do to succeed. One way to spice things up a bit, add new flavors, and provide fresh perspectives is to conduct interviews with personalities who are somehow connected or relevant to the product or niche.

Conversations with experts or users who share their experiences with an affiliate product are not just fascinating; they also increase the credibility of the product. Discussing various pain points or issues in an industry or niche generates interest and enthusiasm among your target audience, which can lead to more clicks and conversions. Interviews can be conducted on YouTube, live on social media, or podcasts. They can also be transcribed into text format for blogs by adding affiliate links. The key to a successful interview, of course, is an interesting conversation, so choose your interviewees carefully.

Case studies

Case studies allow you to take a closer look at how a product or service solves specific problems or meets customer needs. Presenting real-life scenarios from your own experience or the experience of other companies helps the audience better understand how they can use the product or service in their own business.

In addition, case studies stimulate audience engagement through an emotional connection. When people see how other companies have solved their problems with a particular product or service, they can more easily identify with those situations and see the potential benefits for themselves.

Case studies also increase the credibility of a product or brand because they demonstrate its real-world results. This allows buyers to see that the product has already been used successfully by other companies or individuals, which increases their confidence in their own purchasing decisions.


Infographics reduce complex information to visually appealing formats. This type of content is a great attention grabber and effectively conveys key product details. By presenting relevant information concisely and engagingly, infographics help to increase the audience’s understanding and knowledge of the product, bringing them closer to making a purchase decision.

Infographics are shareable, so they are also a good way to expand your reach on social media. Smart placement of affiliate links in the design directs readers to conversion. The ability to simplify concepts and engage audiences makes infographics a powerful tool for increasing engagement and conversions in affiliate marketing campaigns.

Top-10 types of content for affiliate marketing

Instructions and guides

Instructions and guides provide the audience with practical information and step-by-step actions, demonstrating how a product or service can meet the needs of users. By demonstrating how to use and enjoy a product, affiliate marketers prove themselves to be experienced experts. And, of course, this educational content not only educates users but also seamlessly integrates affiliate links, increasing the potential for conversions by offering real value to the audience.

Instructions and guides can have different formats – instructional videos, Doc/PDF guides, step-by-step instructions, etc.


Lists of the best products in a particular niche work well in affiliate marketing. These lists can contain affiliate links for all products or they can prominently feature a particular affiliate product alongside others.

This is an effective way to grab the attention of your audience using an easily digestible and interesting format. The advantage of using list-style content is the range of affiliate products they offer, which cater to a wider range of audience preferences. Lists can also be shared, increasing reach and conversion opportunities.  

Email newsletters

Email is one of the “oldest” digital marketing channels, but it’s still profitable if you know how to do it right. By encouraging people to provide their email addresses, marketers create mailing lists that they can use for targeted campaigns. Advertising a product or service to those who have already expressed interest in similar products increases the chances of conversion via email.

For example, a user downloads an e-file titled “How to run PPC,” provides their email address, and agrees to receive emails about similar offers. The affiliate marketer can assume that the user is interested in learning about PPC advertising. This allows them to customize offers to send to that particular person in the future based on that previously expressed interest.


There is no “secret sauce” when it comes to affiliate content marketing. What works for one affiliate marketer may not work for another. Fortunately, many different types of content can be used to create successful affiliate campaigns. The two success factors that all marketers agree on are quality and frequency. If you select quality content and publish it in the right places, sales will follow.

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