Spy services for traffic arbitrage: key aspects and best tools

Spy services for traffic arbitrage: key aspects and best tools

A spy tool or spy service is a program that helps an arbitrageur stay in the loop by allowing him to keep track of what his competitors are currently running.

Each such service is a database of all ads that are in circulation in a particular traffic source such as Facebook, push notifications or pop-ups.

What functions spy services provide

For effective traffic arbitrage, you need to have access to information about your competitors’ advertising activity, their strategies and successful campaigns. ‍Spy services provide such an opportunity, allowing you to analyze advertising campaigns in detail, get information about advertising techniques and identify successful and unsuccessful strategies.

The main tools of spy services include:

  • Monitoring of advertising campaigns;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Tracking successful advertising strategies;
  • Target Audience Research;
  • Analyzing creatives and advertising materials;

Spy services for traffic arbitrage: key aspects and best tools

Top 5 SPY services in 2024

There are many spy services in the market that provide a variety of functionality for traffic arbitrage. In 2023, the following services have gained popularity:

Each of these services has its own features and advantages, so the choice depends on the individual needs of the user.

SPY services for Facebook

  • AdSpy – One of the most powerful tools for researching Facebook ads with an extensive database.
  • Social Ad Scout – Provides detailed analytical data on Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.
  • PowerAdSpy – Allows you to analyze successful Facebook ad strategies to develop your own effective campaigns.

SPY services for mobile advertising

  • AdMobSpy – Offers a wide range of mobile advertising analytics to help track competitors.
  • App Annie – A platform for analyzing the mobile app market, including monitoring ad activity.
  • Sensor Tower – Provides mobile advertising data and analytics to improve marketing strategies.

SPY services for native advertising

  • AdPlexity Native – One of the leading tools for real-time monitoring of native advertising.
  • Native Ad Buzz – A service for analyzing and tracking competitors’ native advertising campaigns.
  • WhatRunsWhere – Allows you to gain a deep understanding of native advertising and its effectiveness.
  • WhatRunsWhere – Allows you to gain a deep understanding of native advertising and its effectiveness.

SPY services for PUSH advertising

  • AdPlexity Push – Offers detailed analysis of PUSH notifications and ad campaigns.
  • RichPush – Specialized service for monitoring and optimizing PUSH ad campaigns.
  • MegaPush – The first ad network service specialized in PUSH notifications, with monitoring capabilities.

SPY services for Google Ads / Bing Ads

  • SpyFu – Ability to search and analyze competitors’ keywords and advertising strategies in Google Ads.
  • iSpionage – Service for monitoring SEM and SEO campaigns in Google and Bing with detailed analysis.
  • SEMRush – A popular tool for marketers offering features for monitoring advertising campaigns.

Top Free SPY Services

  • Moat – Offers free search for ad creatives and brand analytics.
  • Social Searcher – Free social media search engine that can be used to monitor mentions and content.
  • SimilarWeb – Allows you to analyze competitor traffic and ad sources for free.
  • BuzzSumo – Good for analyzing content and tracking the popularity of social media ad campaigns.
  • Google Trends – Free tool from Google to track trends, can be useful for planning advertising campaigns.

Additional SPY services

  • Adbeat – Provides overviews on ad campaigns across the web, including video and display ads.
  • BoxOfAds – PPC and PPV ad monitoring service offering detailed analysis.
  • Competitor Ad Watch – Allows you to monitor competitors’ online ads in real time.
  • WhatRunsWhere – Helps you identify where and how your competitors are advertising to improve your own campaigns.
  • AdEspresso – A platform for creating and optimizing Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaigns.
  • Pathmatics – Provides data on digital advertising, including social media and video.
  • Anstrex – An advertising analytics platform with a focus on native and PUSH ads.

Selecting the best spy service: tips from an expert

When choosing the best spy service for traffic arbitrage, you should be guided by the following factors:

  • Functionality of the service;
  • The size of the database and the relevance of the information;
  • Convenience of the interface;
  • Pricing policy;
  • Customer support;
  • Reputation of the service on the market.

Careful analysis of these factors will ensure that you successfully select the best spy service for your specific needs.

Analysis of spy services for advertising on push notifications

Push notification ads are a popular and effective way to capture the attention of your target audience. The way to successfully arbitrage traffic via push notifications is to ‍monitor and analyze advertising campaigns. Spy-services provide an opportunity to study advertising strategies and materials in detail, track current trends and select the most effective campaigns for arbitrage.

Spy services for traffic arbitrage: key aspects and best tools

How spy services work: basic features and tools

Spy services work by monitoring ad campaigns, collecting data and analyzing. They offer a wide range of tools for traffic arbitrage, such as:

  • Web page scanner;
  • Ad campaign monitoring;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Contextual analysis;
  • Monitoring of search advertising;
  • Analysis of creatives and advertising materials.

These tools allow users to obtain relevant and valuable information about competitors’ advertising campaigns and strategies.

Analyze creative and advertising materials.

Discover the world of ad creatives: overview of services

One of the main aspects of traffic arbitrage – is analyzing ad creatives. Spy-services allow you to perform such analysis‍ and research competitors’ advertising materials, which allows you to attract the attention of the target audience through innovative and effective solutions.

Hints from an expert: how to choose a tool

When choosing a spy service for traffic arbitrage, expert tips include:

  • Analysis of functionality;
  • Assessment of the relevance of the database;
  • Checking the interface;
  • Comparing pricing;
  • Reviewing user reviews;

These criteria will help you make an objective choice of the best spy service for your needs.

Rating tools: rating systems

There are rating systems to properly evaluate traffic arbitrage tools. They allow you to make a comparative analysis and choose the best way to get the necessary information. Ratings are based on the analysis of functionality, relevance, price and user satisfaction.

Analyzing‍ ad creatives: tools and features

Analyzing ad creatives is an important step in ‍arbitrage of traffic. Spy services provide a variety of tools for monitoring and analyzing competitors’ ad campaigns. This allows you to understand which items work best, study design and messaging trends, and get ideas for your own advertising materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spy Services for Traffic Arbitrage

What is a spy service?

A spy service is an online resource designed to track competitors’ ads on various online advertising platforms.

What kind of spay services are there?

There are both paid and free spy services. Some paid services offer free spay services with time or functionality limitations. Spay services can also vary in terms of ad format and the platforms from which they collect ad information.

Are there alternatives to spay services?

Yes, there are alternative methods of obtaining ad information. For example, you can find free creatives for arbitrage offers in Facebook’s library, but it’s important to have the skill to search effectively.

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