What is native advertising and how it affects sales

What is native advertising and how it affects sales

Since the advent of advertising in modern society, companies and marketers have been constantly finding new and creative ways to attract consumers’ attention to their products and services. Native advertising is one such approach that is becoming increasingly popular and effective. In this article, we will look at what native advertising is, how it affects consumers, and what effective strategies can be applied to implement it.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising, also known as integrated or hidden advertising, is a form of advertising where a product or brand is integrated into content or a situation in a way that is intuitively associated with the manufacturer or advertiser but does not appear to be a direct advertisement. The main idea is to have a subconscious impact on the audience, which can be more effective than outright advertising.

The impact of native advertising on consumers

  • Unconscious perception. Native advertising is embedded in the content or script so that it does not interfere or impose. This allows viewers or consumers to unconsciously perceive the advertised product or brand.
  • Building brand awareness. Integrated advertising helps to create a deeper brand image as it is associated with certain scenes, characters, or events that evoke an emotional response from the audience.
  • Brand trust. If native advertising is integrated into quality content or associated with positive emotions, it can help increase consumer trust in the brand.
  • Increase engagement. Native ads can trigger a stronger response from consumers because they allow them to interact more closely with the ad than simply viewing regular ads.

Strategies for native advertising

  • Collaborations and sponsorships. Collaboration with famous personalities, key bloggers, or large-scale events allows you to organically integrate a brand or product into situations that are perceived by the audience as natural.
  • Selection of relevant content. The ad should harmoniously complement the content without standing out from the overall context.
  • Brand integration into the script. A product or brand can be effectively implemented in a video, article, or podcast in a way that feels natural and doesn’t cause rejection from viewers.
  • Social media advertising. Integrated advertising materials on social media platforms create creative and unique messages that fit seamlessly into the news feed or user stories.
  • Emotional impact. Target the emotional component in ads to build a deep connection with your audience and evoke positive associations with your brand or product.
  • Content marketing. The use of blogs, articles, videos, or podcasts as platforms for the imperceptible implementation of advertising in high-quality content that will interest your target audience.


Native advertising is gaining importance, becoming a key tactic for marketers looking to increase the effectiveness of their promotions. This effective tool contributes to the formation of strong emotional connections with the target audience, ensuring a higher level of engagement.

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