What is a GEO in arbitration?

What is a GEO in arbitration?

Geo targeting – a key element of success in arbitrage. But how to choose the right geo for traffic arbitrage? How to find the most profitable countries? In this article, we will talk about the main nuances to consider when choosing a geo for traffic arbitrage, as well as make a list of the most suitable geolocations for starting your own business in arbitrage.

Why is it important to choose the right GEO in traffic arbitrage?

Picking the right geographical area – is key in traffic arbitrage, as different regions have unique characteristics. These differences can include economic level, culture, legislation and other differences that affect users’ needs, interests and behavior.

These differences can include economic level, culture, legislation and other things that affect users’ needs, interests and behavior.

In some regions, for example, people are more active in buying online, while in others this trend is less pronounced. It’s also important to consider local advertising restrictions, for example, gambling may be banned in some areas and allowed in others.

It’s also important to consider local advertising restrictions.

Adequate geo-fencing helps improve campaign effectiveness and conversion rates by making ads more relevant to your audience. In addition, it helps avoid violating local laws, which protects businesses from fines and other penalties.

Why it's important to choose the right GEO in traffic arbitrage

Which GEOs are best for leads

In 2023, effective geographic areas for targeting by webmasters include different regions. For example, some are focusing on the West, while others are exploring opportunities in Africa. Here are observations of successful launches in different GEOs:

  • Gambling is proving popular in the US, Canada, Australia and India;
  • Cryptocurrencies are gaining attention in UAE, USA, Singapore and Malaysia;
  • Nutritech products sell well in Thailand, Russia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Indonesia;
  • Dating tends to perform well in almost all regions except Arab and Muslim countries.

It is important to customize each advertising campaign for a specific country, taking into account the mentality, values and needs of the local population. Even neighboring countries can differ significantly in terms of target audience parameters.

And even neighboring countries can differ significantly in terms of target audience parameters.

If your affiliate program allows you to link to different landing pages and test multiple languages in one run, that’s great. But using smartlinks can be even better. “Smart” algorithms direct all traffic, including mixed traffic, to the most appropriate offer, taking into account GEO and other audience parameters.

If you prefer to work with other affiliates, it’s better to choose one region to save budget and simplify optimization. Usually the target regions are specified in the offerers, which makes it easier to choose, or you can consult with your personal manager.

How to choose a GEO for traffic arbitrage

How to choose a GEO for traffic arbitrage?

Selecting a GEO for traffic arbitrage depends on several factors, but is not the first priority. The main thing for an arbitrageur is to connect with advertisers or affiliate programs on favorable terms, develop a strategy for attracting traffic and effectively manage costs to maximize profits from attracted customers.

Don’t be limited by stereotypes about different countries; successful cases show the earning potential in countries such as India, Thailand, Brazil, Africa and Vietnam, which may seem less solvent.

It’s important to work carefully to maximize the profitability of your business.

It’s important to carefully consider test costs, advertising approaches, creatives and the choice of offerer, taking into account the specifics of the target country.

Webmasters don’t usually start by choosing a GEO, as this is an element that is closely related to the traffic source and the offerer. There are two main approaches:

  • If you already have experience with traffic across different sources and GEOs. For example, you’ve already run Facebook ads for Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and Poland and are familiar with bids, user behavior, and optimal launch times in each country.
  • If you have a promising offerer for multiple countries, but your previous traffic source is no longer working. For example, due to constant blocking on Facebook, you decide to switch to another traffic source and try your luck there.


Exploring and adapting to new geographic areas is a critical process for every traffic arbitrage specialist. Today we discussed the key points of this process. Emphasize data collection and analysis and apply our recommendations to select effective combinations that will bring you profits!

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