Can you make money on Pinterest through traffic arbitrage

Can you make money on Pinterest through traffic arbitrage

Is it possible to make money on Pinterest, a photo hosting platform that differs from similar services such as Instagram by allowing you to publish images of various kinds with a short description? These publications, or “pins”, can be either personal or promotional. Unlike Instagram, where the focus is on personal photos and selfies, Pinterest offers more opportunities for a variety of content.

  • Content Features: Pinterest posts images with descriptions, including promotional links, and strictly prohibits the publication of adult content and gambling.

Pinterest traffic arbitrage

Can you make money on Pinterest through traffic arbitrage

Pinterest arbitrage offers several strategies for attracting traffic, including the use of contextual advertising through Google and attracting users from English-language sites. The effectiveness of arbitrage depends on the choice of strategy and the ability to bypass the moderation system, despite the serious control of the platform.

  • Key methods of arbitrage: Driving traffic through contextual advertising, using effective commercial offers, and directing traffic to your online platform.
  • Risk Management: There is a risk of bans for both websites and Pinterest accounts, especially for those who link to external resources in their pin descriptions.

Increasing the effectiveness of your Pinterest account

To increase the effectiveness of your Pinterest account, it’s important to start by creating a business account and detailing your brand. Filling your account with quality pins and regularly updating content will help attract your target audience and increase engagement.

  • Account Fill Strategies: Regularly publishing new pins, including not only images but also videos and GIFs, will keep your audience interested.
  • Keeping active: It is recommended to publish a minimum of 40 posts per day to keep your account active and visible.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for arbitrageurs due to its flexibility in publishing content and the ability to attract a targeted audience through quality pins. With the right approach to traffic arbitrage and careful moderation bypassing, the platform can become a source of significant income.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest traffic arbitrage

Pros of using Pinterest for arbitrage

Pinterest offers unique opportunities for arbitrageurs due to the following benefits:

  • Ad post automation: The lack of immediate moderation allows ad campaigns to be launched quickly.
  • High-quality, low-cost traffic: Effective ad launches can lead to high performance at a relatively low cost.
  • Significant Buying Performance: Pinterest is particularly attractive for international business-to-business work due to the high buying activity of its audience.
  • Low competition: Currently, competition on Pinterest remains relatively low, which creates a favorable environment for novices and arbitrage experts.

Minuses of Pinterest arbitrage

However, despite the obvious advantages, there are also certain disadvantages:

  • Lack of communication with management: Unclear criteria for the “correctness” of advertising publications can create difficulties with moderation.
  • Limited monetization opportunities: A small list of supported payment systems can be an obstacle to effective monetization.
  • Risk of banning when promoting gray offers: Advertising gray offers will almost certainly lead to the blocking of a business account.
  • Difficulty in analyzing CPA offers: Fully analyzing CPA offers can be a difficult process.

Pinterest’s target audience

The majority of Pinterest users are girls (about 70%), which makes the platform ideal for promoting products and services in fashion, beauty, crafts, cooking, and other industries that traditionally attract a female audience.

Pinterest traffic arbitrage revenue

Revenue from arbitrage on Pinterest depends on a variety of factors, including the choice of offerer, vertical, and quality of ads. Average revenue can range from $5-6 per thousand users for general traffic to $10-15 for specialized niches.

Recommendations for beginners

To be successful on Pinterest, it is recommended that you:

  • Actively participating in group boards: This will help increase the visibility of your pins.
  • Creating trending content: Target the masses and keep an eye on trends.
  • Competitor analysis: Studying competitor strategies can offer valuable insights for your campaigns.
  • Using paid services: While investment is necessary, paid tools can greatly simplify and improve your performance on the platform.

Pinterest is a promising platform for traffic arbitrage due to its combination of high-quality traffic and relatively low competition. The right approach to the selection of offers and promotion strategy will maximize efficiency and generate significant income.

How to Make Money on Pinterest: The Complete Guide

Can you make money on Pinterest through traffic arbitrage

Creating a business account and online catalog

Pinterest offers the ability to create business accounts that give owners new perspectives to promote products or services. Using boards and pins to create an online catalog is one of the most effective ways to use this platform. It allows you to visualize your product offering and makes it easier to engage with potential customers.

Key steps:

  • Business account registration.
  • Creating and filling boards with thematic pins.

Earning on affiliate programs

Traffic arbitrage through Pinterest allows you to earn from affiliate programs, turning conditionally free traffic into profit. Having its advertising platform on Pinterest makes it an ideal tool for arbitrage, attracting traffic from both Bourgeois and CIS countries.

Methods of monetization:

  • Direct advertising in the account header.
  • Drain traffic to affiliate offers through creative pins.

Selling and reselling accounts

The market for selling Pinterest accounts can provide additional revenue, especially given the growing demand for social media accounts in light of restrictions on other platforms such as Facebook.


  • Buying out and optimizing accounts for resale.
  • Creation of custom accounts for specific target audiences.

Drive traffic to your website

Monetizing your website through traffic spillover from Pinterest is one of the most promising areas of earning. It allows you to use various methods of monetization, from contextual advertising to selling exclusive content or products.

Personal brand promotion

Being on Pinterest can help boost an expert’s brand, especially in niches such as online shopping, training courses, and consulting. Providing useful content and solutions to your target audience reinforces your expertise and attracts new customers.

How to make money through leaking traffic to an offerer

Pinterest offers ample opportunities to drive traffic to a variety of offers, including sports betting and commercial offers. With the right approach and utilizing creative pinning, you can achieve significant results.


  • Careful selection of offers with high conversion potential.
  • Creating attractive and informative pins leading to a site with useful content.

Pinterest opens wide horizons for earning and promoting various goods and services. Proper use of all the features of the platform allows you to effectively attract the target audience, increase brand awareness, and generate income.

A complete guide to making money on Pinterest: from creating an account to increasing engagement

Can you make money on Pinterest through traffic arbitrage

Step 1: Create a Pinterest account

To get started on Pinterest, you need to create a business account, which is fairly simple – all that’s required is an email and a website, which adds credibility to the profile. Setting up an account includes choosing an attractive avatar and name, as well as filling out a description that matches the subject matter of future pins.

  • Important: Pinterest limits account creation from a single IP and device to three accounts.

Step 2: Warm up your account

Before getting active, it’s important to “warm up” the account by replicating the actions of a normal user: saving pins, commenting, etc.

Step 3: Collect keywords

For successful indexing in search engines, a careful selection of keywords with the help of Google Analytics and Wordstat is necessary. It is recommended to add both medium- and low-frequency as well as high-frequency queries to the pin descriptions.

Step 4: Creating pins

An effective pin consists of a title, image, short text, tags, and a link. The picture should be eye-catching and the text should help the pin get into the search engine.

Publication features:

  • Allowed formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF (without animation).
  • Maximum file size: 32 MB.
  • Image size: up to 5000 pixels wide and 3000 high.

Step 5: Add a link

In 2024, Pinterest is actively checking where links from pins lead. Neutral pins or other social media sites like Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube are preferred.

Step 6: Boost engagement

Real user activity is important for success on Pinterest: views of pins, and time spent on the page. Pinning subscribers can increase external credibility, but it’s important not to overdo it to avoid getting blocked.


In 2024, Pinterest is a promising platform for making money, despite algorithm variability and possible unpredictability. Its growing Russian-speaking audience and relatively low competition make it an excellent alternative for attracting traffic, comparable to Facebook and Instagram. A competent approach to creating and promoting content on Pinterest can lead to significant earnings and a stronger online presence.


What is Pinterest and how is it used for traffic arbitrage?

Pinterest is a photo hosting platform that allows you to publish images with descriptions for personal and promotional purposes, including traffic arbitrage.

Is it possible to make money on Pinterest and what strategies are used for this?

Yes, you can make money through traffic arbitrage, using contextual advertising and user referrals, but it is important to be able to bypass the moderation system.

How can I increase the effectiveness of my Pinterest account?

To increase effectiveness, it is important to create a business account, update content regularly, and keep it highly active by publishing a minimum of 40 posts per day.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of traffic arbitrage through Pinterest?

Advantages include high-quality and inexpensive traffic, automation of promoted posts, and low competition. Disadvantages include the risk of banning and limited monetization options.

What is the target audience of Pinterest and how does this affect arbitrage?

The main audience is made up of women (about 70%), which makes the platform ideal for promoting products and services in the areas of fashion, beauty, etc.

What are some recommendations for aspiring arbitrageurs on Pinterest?

Recommendations include actively participating in group boards, creating trending content, analyzing competitors, and using paid services to make things easier.

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